Bollywood Blind Item 2 – December 2017

Today’s blind item comes from Mid Day. We don’t know whether you are a sports fan because to understand the enormity of the blind item below, you need to be a big sports fan specifically cricket. We are not fans of cricket, but we do know about things here and there, such as players and all that.

Speaking of cricket players, we found out that Virat Kohli has booked a day in court to register his marriage with Anushka Sharma next week. The blind item below is about another cricketer and his marriage. If you are going to invite a legendary cricketer to your wedding, you better make sure that there are arrangements to welcome him at the wedding, especially security arrangements. What happened in this case at this wedding is just a little funny and scary at the same time.

Check it out below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – December 2017


Star struck

The thing about the star craze syndrome is that it cuts both ways. From stars who make outrageous demands, to organisers who are so star-struck, that they compromise or deliberately avoid necessary security measures to get maximum publicity out of the stars, there is much to be desired on both sides. For instance, word comes in that at a recent high-profile wedding celebration at a five-star venue in Mumbai, the organisers of the event were so star-struck by the guest of honour, a national treasure, that they are said to have not followed the due security SOPs that had been set up to ensure the eminent personality’s smooth and safe entry and exit, and it ended with the guest of honour having to politely excuse himself early and leave.

“A welcoming delegation was positioned outside the venue to greet and receive the celebrity guest, who had arrived just before the scheduled time. Out of safety considerations, and to avoid hysteria, a back entrance had been earlier assigned for him and his security detail,” says a source. “But though the all other high-profile guests used this channel, the welcoming committee ‘forgot’ to inform the star guest about this and he was made to walk a sizeable distance to reach the venue through hysterical crowds, and seemed obviously uncomfortable before making his departure,” informs our source. And the best bit is that when questions were asked why the vital and agreed upon SOPs weren’t followed for the star, a relative responded saying, “Main toh sab bhool gaya usko dekhke!” Shocking!


OSOP Guesses

Guest of Honour: Sachin Tendulkar

High-Profile Wedding: Zaheer Khan – Sagarika Ghatge Wedding

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – December 2017

Bollywood Blind Item 2 – December 2017

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