Bollywood Blind Item 2 โ€“ March 2017

Today’s blind item is a recent one by Rajeev Masand. As everyone can guess when they read Rajeev’s blind item, it’s not as honest and truthful as it once was. Here’s the thing, we don’t believe the blind item below. Well, not the whole thing, but the part where Rajeev writes that these two were never involved. As irony as it is, he accompanied her and her family to a wedding in Abu Dhabi. They were spotted at the wedding very comfortable with each other by not shying away from the guests about their relationship. That was early last month. Later on, there was another blind item that said he had to chase her to Europe when she decided to break it off with him because of his ex-wife. Then, another blind item that said he was mad at his ex-wife for spreading the news that they are getting back together. After posting all these blind items regarding them since 2015, Rajeev wants us to just think it was all fake? If this actor cared so much about his friend, he wouldn’t have agreed to kiss his supposedly best-friend’s then girlfriend in this film they did together, considering how much uproar the kiss caused! You think about it! Why is Rajeev calling them best friends now? They never were. So now, it can be said that he broke it off with this married lady, but who wants this relationship to have never existed? His side or hers?


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 2 โ€“ March 2017

Bollywoodโ€™s Bro Code

Itโ€™s no coincidence that weโ€™re suddenly seeing so many pictures of a top male star and his ex-wife spending time togetherโ€”going to the movies with their kids, or hanging out with common friends. According to the industry grapevine, the ex-wife is keen to get back with her husband, and it looks like things are moving towards a happy ending after all.

But it begs the question: what happened to the relationship that the male star was said to be in with a childhood friend of his, herself a mother of two? The tabloids had insisted there was a romance brewing there.

Inside sources close to the actor and the lady in question insist that those were nothing but rumours, or wishful thinking on the part of some. Turns out that a top producerโ€” who is thick with both people in the equationโ€”was trying to set up the recently single actor and the lady in question, but absolutely nothing happened because thereโ€™s an unwritten โ€˜bro codeโ€™ in Bollywood that says you donโ€™t get into casual relationships with one of your best friendโ€™s sisters. The actor, reportedly, had no intention of breaking that pledge.


OSOP Guesses

Top Male Star: Hrithik Roshan

Ex-Wife: Sussanne Khan

Childhood Friend: Shweta Bachchan

Producer: Karan Johar

Best Friend: Abhishek Bachchan

Bollywood Blind Item 2 โ€“ March 2017

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  1. Smitha says:

    Now I get it. These lovers might have gotten together when they talked about their hard and breaking love lives . It does make sense now childhood friends becoming lovers. Awwww.

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