Bollywood Blind Item 10 – February 2018

Today’s first blind item comes from Mumbai Mirror. It might look similar to you and that’s because you have read the prequels of this blind item. You know, prequel as in the thing that happened before this blind item took place. As per our understanding, the wife of this director tried everything to make sure the husband doesn’t stray. As someone once said, you can try to stop a man from cheating, but you still won’t have control over his heart. Wait, does lust come from the heart or mind?

So what happens with this director/producer, he still went ahead. Maybe the fact that his wife stopped him, that prompted him to be curious about it. You know how some people have that thing where you tell them not to do something and they WANT to do that very same thing. Speaking of this director, he was recently ousted from the inner circle of this superstar, all because their third film together was a big flop and severely panned by critics. Since he lost his golden goose, this director has gotten into the business of making online series. The blind item below is what happened on the sets of this series. Check it out below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 10 – February 2018

THIS producer, director and screen-writer may have a pretty wife and family back home and a great professional reputation, but we hear he has been playing the field lately. He probably didn’t even need to shoot on locationβ€” that involves travelling for long stays in distant citiesβ€”but he’s found quick love right here in Mumbai. We hear he’s been canoodling with a writer on the sets of his upcoming film, a televised series. No one seems surprised, though. Several of his colleagues have found themselves in love triangles lately.


OSOP Guess

Producer/Director: Kabir Khan

Bollywood Blind Item 10 – February 2018

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14 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    I really wonder Is it just Bollywood or Even In Real Life Everyone is cheating ?? I mean how to control these men. Shame .
    It better to be alone or SIngle. Sirr dardi hai yeh sabbb…

  2. WellMeaningFan says:

    Salman was the first, and the only, one to mention Kabir during the TZH post release interviews and praised him immensely for creating the ‘world of Tiger’.

    Infact, whilst Kabir almost disappeared from the social media post TL debacle, Salman stood by the film and publicly accepted that the story/treatment didn’t command/deserve a festive release.

    Shirish was still his first choice for KICK despite JAAN-E-MANN vanishing off the theatres with no trace. Egoistic he may be, but Salman’s not the kind to drop people from his social circle just because of professional failures.

    • kiran101 says:

      Salman’s one redeeming quality…he is not the one to abandon someone because of failure.

    • Amanda says:

      But Salman disses people if they don’t agree with him or have an opinion..

    • sweettooth01 says:

      but thr wr reports during tubelight making tht the crew would often come to sets in high spirits n would waste time not doing work n indulging in more alcohol n kabir reprimanded them..the crew complained to salman abt the harsh n strict behaviour in a film hes producing n this angered salman n he turned against kabir..
      if this is true then its sad bcos kabir ws only trying to help salman..

      although salman helps ppl out its importnt to understnd he ONLY helps yes-men/women in his life n doesnt let ppl who disagree with him to live n earn peacefully..

  3. Amanda says:

    Ali Abbas Zafar now has taken the place of Kabir Khan…. And Kat who had refused to work with Ali in Gunday,gets her first hit film from him after her breakup with RK…Now she is set to work with him in another film………….. Kat cant be trusted as a friend…

  4. Goldengirl says:

    Well every man is a cheat in BW so does every woman
    Kabir is not a successful director. Its salman who make him successful. No one knows him till ETT. Surprisingly kabir good friend kat left him as soon as he becomes a flop and issues with Salman. This shows Kat is a user and a good weather friend. Mini should teach him a lesson.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      kabir got salman to act in bajrangi bhaijaan..
      thats smthng evn james cameron or speilberg cant do..
      an achievemnt beyond
      #notabhaifan :p

      now if a movie is a hit the actor (unless its aamir) cant tk the whole credit..the director is afteralll the captain of the ship..
      evryone starts at the bottom n rises..just bcos hes unknown bfr tiger zinda hai..u cannot ignore the beautiful movie tht he made tht is bajrangi bhaijaan..he is a successfull director n has an intrstng movie with ranveer singh lined up abt the 1983 world cup..he just mixed 2 things indians r obsessed about-cricket and bollywood..intelligent move..smthng to watch out for πŸ˜€

      • Goldengirl says:

        I m not doubting his talent . But he has hits with Salman. He got fame due to Salman. Majority hardly notice kabir. Now same is happening with Ali zafar. He has hits with him. That’s why repeating
        Salman so he can get a successful director tag. There is no doubt actor is nothing without good script and direction. But then something is call super stardom. Same directors fail to give hits with other stars. Let see how 83 shape up. Coz rs is good with SLB only. But I hope 83 to be a hit.

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