Bollywood Blind Item 10 – April 2018

The blind item below comes from PinkVilla and it’s about director and the new film he signed, which is going to be co-produced by nepotism ka Godfather. It seems that this Godfather thought he could inspire or instruct the famous director on how to do his job. He forgot that this director knows what he is doing and has never had to need help from others when it comes to the making of his films. He doesn’t even need physics books!

So yes, the director told nepotism ka Godfather to shut it and let him do his job peacefully. We wonder who leaked this blind item since there was another one regarding this movie earlier this week. But this time, it makes fun of this director so wonder if it’s really him with a sense of humour about the whole thing! Speaking of leaks, isn’t it strange how both of them were judges on this new reality show? It’s like they were working hard to make that buck before jumping in and producing this movie.

Anyways, check out the blind item from PV below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item 10 – April 2018


Two FAMOUS filmmakers have a TIFF over their upcoming film which they are co-producing

Ego clashes between two filmmakers are extremely common in the tinsel town and when it comes to the top filmmakers of the country, it’s a different ballroom altogether.

This time around a top filmmaker reportedly kept another filmmaker waiting for almost 30 minutes before they finally met to discuss a film they are co-producing. The movie which was recently announced stars a young gen actor who recently received a lot of acclaim for playing an antagonist.

A little birdie informs us that this particular filmmaker who made the other one waiting had signed him for a project which did not see the light. However, when the action-comedy filmmaker decided to make a film with one of the most sought actors of today’s time, the other filmmaker who had signed him in jumped in to make the film.

Not just that, the filmmaker also reportedly started planning the positioning of the movie but the other filmmaker put him in place by saying that it was going to his film and not the way the publicity-hungry maker wants it to be. The other filmmaker had no choice but to bow down and seethe as he was getting an actor who could bring in huge numbers at the box office.


OSOP Guesses

Two Filmmakers: Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar

Movie: Simmba

Bollywood Blind Item 10 – April 2018

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5 Responses

  1. Mo.nalisa says:

    This blind is definitely not written by Kjo because RS is described in a positive light. If it was written/leaked by Kjo he would have described RS as an ‘enthusiastic actor with bubbling energy’ like he did in the previous Sara bagging Simmba blind. RS is described as the most sought after, got crtiical acclaim..etc.. must be a blind from Rohit’s side.And calling Kjo pubkicity hungry director-priceless.. Also Rohit Shetty debunked that elobarate blind (by kjo) about how Sara bagged Simmba by revealing that Sara approached him not Kjo or Amrita.
    Kjo must have tried to get Ranveer and Rohit onboard his favourite pr game, link-up between co-stars. Rohit must have refused or else we would have been got blinds about Ranveer and Sara.

    • Leaps says:

      @mo.nalisa if kjo paid this much attention to scripts that he gives to creating a bw orge he might actually end up producing a watchable movie. I still think it’s kjo all he wants is to talked about doesnt matter good or bad . why wouldn’t he hype rs he’s producing the movie with him as the lead kjo needs rs’s success for Sarah last thing he would now do is undermine that. Rohit has not used blinds before why would he start now.rohit is giving out articles not blinds also it’s pv kjo fav blinds place.

  2. Leaps says:

    What if these cat fight between them blinds area kjo ideas of getting attention . He’s is attention seeker anyway. Rohit has probably learned from dilwale to trust his instinct rather thn others

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      He must have tried to get Rohit onboard his favourite way to promote movies, link-up between co-stars. Rohit must have said no or else we would have got some RS-Sara link-up blind already. Or else he is waiting for the shooting to start to release it. Maybe that is why he wrote the Fawad-DP blind. To make way for RS-Sara linkup.. lol.. This Kjo will not spare anybody from his disgusting pr games and disgusting made-up blinds.

  3. Pooja says:

    Kjo n lallu are curse for Bollywood.

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