Bollywood Blind Item 1 – March 2013

I have recently come across these small, but interesting blind items from Telegraph India. I don’t care if it’s true or not, but it’s always nice to play the guessing game. And you are in luck as here not only put play the guessing game, we also provide the rumoured answers to these guesses. Read on to find out more.

Bollywood Blind Item 1 - March 2013

Daddy rules

This actress from the south who is trying to make a comeback in Bollywood has been handed a list of dos and don’ts by her superstar father. It’s actually more a list of β€˜don’ts’ and includes no kissing or intimate scenes of any kind on screen. Her father has also forbidden her from wearing bikinis or anything that could be called skimpy on screen. Most would think that the superstar is just being a normal Indian father who is very protective of his daughter. Clearly he has different rules for his daughter and his own career because the actor has been known for the intimate scenes in his films. In the past, he has gone to the extent of not casting actresses who refused to get intimate with him on screen. Talk about double standards.



Actress From The South: Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan Kamal

Superstar Father: Kamal Haasan

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