Blind Items – November – Hollywood – 2017

The first Hollywood blind item for today is the second part of THIS blind item and a prequel to THIS big news. So, it happened already, which is nice because now we can confirm what happened behind the scenes. Despite what they both said, his family wasn’t that welcoming at all regarding his other half.

Why would they? They are not blindly in love as he is. For those who are saying that she is playing and that he is a fool, what’s wrong with that? He is not some poor innocent boy, who got trapped. He has done his fair share of wild and dirty things, so to think that he ended up with this one is quite something.

If anything, this girl is the one who knows what hard work and struggle is. He grew up in a secure household and didn’t even have to think about how he’s going to be making money. He’s literally living off other people’s money. It’s not surprising at all that she was ready to settle down with him even before he finished popping the question. She has tried to have a great career and unfortunately, things didn’t pan out the way she wanted them to. At her age, this boy is like her lottery ticket to a better life. Well, to her, it’s a better life.

As for all that crap on how they didn’t know each other beforehand, it was all lies. She was living-in with her boyfriend when she met the new guy. She knew who the new guy was because, let’s be honest, he’s quite famous for who he is. So yes, like any woman would do, she dumped the boyfriend the minute the new guy showed any interest in her. As for the new guy, it’s not like he was that innocent either. At the beginning, he too was going around the bloke before finally making his choice.

The blind items from Blind Gossip and CDAN below are about them and their relationship. Take a look.


Hollywood Blind Item 1

Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017

Our ginger royal is getting ticked off that his girlfriend is tipping off paps where they are headed when they go out. She is all about the publicity and can’t wait for that new contract negotiation.


Hollywood Blind Item 2

Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017

This B list mostly television actress on a hit cable show now has much higher name recognition than she probably thought she would get. Apparently she doesn’t want to endanger her new status and paid her ex $50K to stay quiet about dates and timelines. Her friends are all selling some very damaging information about her to tabloids.

Hollywood Blind Item 3

Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017

Family In A Tizzy

One American actress is sending an entire foreign family into a tizzy!

This very famous and very rich foreign man is talking about proposing marriage to his girlfriend.

No, he has not purchased a ring yet. Right now he is just floating the idea to his family. The only problem? They are uniformly pushing back on his choice of a bride!

He fancies her quite a bit. Unfortunately, there is not a single member of the family who is encouraging the match!

His father is warning him that β€œa woman who is dramatic will be a problem.” [His brother] is telling him that he β€œis still young and has scads of time” to settle down.

Surprisingly, [his brother’s wife] has abstained from critiquing [the actress] directly. However, she has cautioned [her husband] that she thinks that [the actress] is β€œan opportunist” who β€œwill do or say or be anything she has to” in order to make the marriage happen. She also thinks that he is β€œtoo smitten to be making good decisions right now.”

The biggest influence on everyone, though, will be [his grandmother]. She has seen how one bad apple can place the entire family and their legacy in turmoil. She is encouraging both [father] and [brother] to β€œdiscourage” his choice as β€œunsuitable.”

The relationship is not a long one, so it will be interesting to see if the man will give it some time before making such a life-altering (and history-altering?) decision.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Meghan Markle

Man: Prince Harry

Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017


Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017


Blind Items – November - Hollywood - 2017

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