Blind Item – September 2017

The blind item below comes from Mid Day in Malavika Sangghvi’s column. It’s about this actor, who has been known to be a quiet and silent womaniser. Everyone knows that his usually-outspoken wife turns a blind eye to his affairs. It’s been a long time since he made news on this topic. We almost thought that perhaps he matured and is no longer interested in his young heroines, especially when he himself has a young teenage daughter. It seems that is not the case based on what this blind item is saying. To be honest, we don’t mean to be mean, but the thought of him hooking up with anyone is nauseating! He smokes and drinks, can you imagine the foul smell coming out of his mouth alone? Maybe these girls have no problem, just ask Kangana Ranaut. Anyways, check out this blind item below that shared with us by a kind OSOP reader. By the way, it was not easy to figure out who this actress was, but after some digging, we think we might have gotten the right one. Funnily enough, this so-called outspoken actress likes this actor a lot and has had nice things to say about him in past interviews.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – September 2017


The casting ouch

OK so here’s some garam gyan from our filmy insider about the industry’s legendary casting couch. According to him, time was when it was the producers and directors who conducted the (ahem) casting couch, which required wannabe actresses to audition for them in ways that would make you blush. Not so any more. “These days the casting couch is wholly and solely the purview of a handful of top male actors. If they ‘approve’ of a girl, then they recommend her for a role in their next film. That’s how it works,” he said.

And the front-runners in this regressive and abhorrent practice? According to our source, it’s a handful of hunks who are known for the practice. “Only recently, a leading actress, someone easily ranked among the industry’s top 10, was seen to be summoned to an actor’s room for a ‘script discussion’ at 2 am while they were abroad on a show. What’s even more shocking is that the actor is celebrated for his rugged action man and doting husband image, being as he is, married to an actress known as Bollywood‘s sweetheart. Ouch!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ajay Devgan

Wife: Kajol

Possible Actress: Ileana

Blind Item – September 2017

Could also be:

Actor: Akshay Kumar

Wife: Twinkle Khanna

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18 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    I thought you were different but you are the same like pink villa deleting everything i write ja doob ke mar ab.i have yet to come across a site which can sheena thokh ke allow their viewers to write whats in their mind. same like the media journos and producers who are scared to let it be, thinking what if? tomorrow i might not get a byte or an interview from the said hero or the producer thinking what if tomorrow the actor does not sign on the dotted line for my next production.

  2. sharuna says:

    AD also has a history with KR in the past. Kajol is a doormat she will soon learn. If you forgive once it becomes a habit. Men can be men, they will do it again. Ghar ke biryaani se achi bahaar ki chaawal jyaada pasand mardon ko.

  3. sharuna says:

    Be careful with what you wish for Ileana, remember what happened to Kangana, They will never accept you as their gf in public.

  4. nima says:

    oh no!poor illeana, I hope they speak out about it

    • ghjk says:

      Yeah, I’m sure she’ll say “that bad man! He called me to his room at 2 am, I went there without coercion or duress. He told me to have fun with him and I’ll get more movies, which I said yes to. And then we had consensual sex and he got me another movie! I’m so mad, he’s such a perv!” Lol

  5. Deepak says:

    OSOP, for which show was AJay Devgan abroad?? I am getting a feeling that this is the Canadian kumar who is shoving his lovey-dovey image via twitter all the time.. Ajay seldom or never talks about his wife….but I might be wrong….but this blind has Akki written all over it…

  6. Nishu says:

    Writer has tried hard to create a controversial news. But when ileana was in top 10 or when Ajay was overseas to attend a show. Just to create a news they should avoid such articles. Ileana rejected a big movie to do a movie with Ajay. That only tells that Ajay is gentleman and she has said this in her interview also. Ileana today has good offers today and she also has boyfriend.

  7. Pav says:

    Description matches to Ajay for sure. But can Ileana be among the top 10? Also, very recently I read an article about how she’s living a dignified life and gave clear indications on how she lost a movie for not saying yes to Akshay.
    Anyway, after reading all these blinds I really don’t / can’t be any of their fan. Acting is just fine, but off screen they try to create a different image so hard, it’s such a turn off. Only KR admits atleast somethings she has done. Also, Ranveer seems not so psycho. He must be having affairs but doesn’t seem like totally out.

    • Nam3less says:

      Completely agree. Somehow while reading the blind i knew the male star was AD but i was thinking the lady could be Ilena. But strange is that she keeps saying in all her interviews that she lost some movies as she didnt want to do something. I thought she was talking about Salman. Also watching Rustome couple of days back 2nd time i was wondering that AK is known to sleep with all his heroine and whether he had also slept with Ileana or not given her uptight interviews. So seems even she does all this but says something different in interviews. Wonder what the boyfriend thinks which now i think could be all fake too.

      • sharuna says:

        I am wondering though, which movie must it be? toilet, padman, gold or robot or crack.

      • sharuna says:

        But if it was gold, god save mouni roy and Mohit Raina, and i want to see if Mohit Raina will still accept her back her not. Its all bout principles and ethics.Its all about morale, that you want your girl to walk the ladder up with her own determination, merit grit perseverance or you want her to compromise.

  8. Tina says:

    Creeps! Both wife and husband – they support Women’s empowerment and Girl Child education events and organizations in public. How low can you fall?

  9. kats says:

    How is this possible? She has a bf.

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