Blind Item – September 2017 – Bollywood

We have been waiting for something similar as is written in the blind item below to come out. Why only us? We bet everyone has been waiting for details from the other side. Like we assumed when this leading actress started firing bullets vocally, this actor must be panicking like there’s no tomorrow. Sure enough, it is what this blind item is saying.

In the meantime, he’s trying to divert the attention by sharing his sister’s before and after pictures of something that took place 2 years ago. The focus should have been on fixing mental health issues and how to loose weight because not everyone can afford surgery for this purpose. People shouldn’t think that loosing weight will make them happy if they have existing mental issues. Mental health is as important, if not more important, than physical and emotional health.

Anyways, check out who Mumbai Mirror wrote about in the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – September 2017 - Bollywood


WHILE the world and its sisters are having an earful from this rather pugilistic leading lady, ours are fine-tuned to hear what her opponent has to say. We hear he has hit panic mode already, and has called his PR team and given them a mouthful. Turns out they had assured him that matters had died down, and would soon be forgotten. Until a fortnight ago, that is. Now, the ball is in the opponent’s court, and he feels that nothing he will say can control the damage.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Lady: Kangana Ranaut

Opponent: Hrithik Roshan

Blind Item – September 2017 - Bollywood

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28 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    hahahaha oneshotoneplace writing the article themselves, commenting themselves underneath as if they are the different viewers, don’t have the guts to write it point blank and making up different hoax email addresses and pretending to be diff viewers and leaving your views. mard nahi hai ? ya use kahi chod ke aagaye. i loathe people like you. Be a man, if you want more viewers. nahi to ja ke apni maa ke sari ke saaye me ja ke chup ja just like pink villa. ek hi jhund ke mooli sab.

    • Admin says:

      What in the world are you talking about? Didn’t you read the post in which we said the comments won’t be able to be approved because of server problems? Now we can do it and we are. You will see your comments soon. We don’t have much time to do what you are saying we do. We had rather post interesting things.

  2. sharuna says:

    If you are a married man ” with kids” learn to keep your tool inside your trousers. You don’t need to go around showing off your manhood just to prove to others that you are a man. And stop blaming the woman alone coz you are to be blamed equally, taali ek haath se bajti nahi hai. When women make advances at you, you should have the courage to tell them stop there i am married, i have a family. I am not interested , period, maje karo enjoy karo and when the cat is out of the bag just go and sham the woman. my foot. then go and live in lala land.

  3. ghjk says:

    I like the glee with which the admin supports Kangana and detests Hrithik (and Ranbir).

    I agree that using his sister’s ridiculous, surgery induced weight loss was a rather pathetic move. Her interview to Pinkvilla was a serious let down and showed what a bubble she lives in (and how many issues she has, god that family is not well).

    Having said all that, let’s be clear. Kangana started this idiocy, the admin here goes on to blame Hrithik or needs him to come out, but IMO there’s no need for him to. She wants to milk this rubbish for her movie, but he has marketing budget and real star power on his side. Hate it as much as you want, deny it by citing his BO collections, but Hrithik Roshan is a star.

    Lastly, after Simran flops – which, let’s be honest, we can go gung-ho about woman power till kingdom come but there’s a reason even Madhuri and Sridevi couldn’t work these – and after her recent list including Katti Batti, Rangoon and that forgotten Sunny Deol movie, looks like the three times national award winner will get her wish, “Even if my journey ends now, I have nothing to lose”, sooner than later.

    • shivanisd says:

      If Hrithik is a star then Kangana is also a small ar. Has Hrithik won 3 national awards? What has he achieved, besides doing papas movies? His father is a shameless man and so, is Hrithik. No morals, at all.

      • hrithik rocks says:

        Hrithik is a superstar while kangana is a B grade actress who need superstars to promote her movies. Hrithik has achieved stardom, billion of fans ,love and money. He has also done other banners movie and deliver hits with them. National award is a joke and can bought dont forget kangana belongs to a political family, E ven flop like Saif and Arjun have national awards. Three national awards doesnt give you a character certificate neither permission to stalk married men. Her father is shameless and so is kangana. No morals at all. i think her dad too send nudes and despo mails to married women. post it

        • Papaws says:

          You seem to be conflating box office success with deserving a National award. BTW I agree that Saif’s National award is a joke – but that’s because he won it for a ridiculously simplistic role. Kangana’s performances in the other hand, have been towering regardless of how well the films did. Did you know that even an all-time great like Meryl Streep has acted in many so-called β€œunsuccessful” films? And won numerous awards for the caliber of her acting, not for the box office of the film. However I absolutely agree with you that the National Awards need to be completely free of corruption and politics.

      • sharuna says:

        dono papa bete same same , papa dancing around with Urvashi Rautela.

      • ghjk says:

        The industry isn’t about morals. And National Awards don’t get you your next movie. Doesn’t Manoj Bajpai also have National Awards?

  4. nima says:

    what an asshole. I think in this situation,i only feel bad for Susanne and hrithik did all that drama just to clear his name in front of hiswife and kids. I sure hope kangana doesn’t fall for a married man again,

    • Shivanisd says:

      I don’t feel bad for Suzanne as she tried to destroy Arjun rampals marriage. She deserved what she got. Why didn’t she leave hrithik when he cheated on her with Kareena..bcuz at that time he was a big star?

    • goldengirl says:

      What drama? he is not saying anything. His wife and kids better than any of us. She is supporting him and call kangana liar which clears the air. i feel bad for kangana who is so desperate for married men. She is hell bent to get his EX tag .

      • shivanisd says:

        Suzanne is supporting Hrithik bciz he pays her bills. She is no angel. Her supporting Hrithik doesn’t mean hes right!

  5. Manisha says:

    Tbh I’m tired of hearing about these stars and their affairs. I don’t know all naunces of this issue and I don’t care either because right now it seems to be a ‘he said she said’ game from both sides and even others (Aditya Pancholi) who have nothing to do with KR-HR affair. This is why Bollywood sucks…of course the media fuels the fire but as they’re all mature adults making their own decisions (and not at gun point), they all need to shut up and talk about their professional work! KR may have been a jilted lover or her name dragged through the mud by others, but she should keep dignified and continue to make great movies! What is she trying to get out of this debacle? As they say the best revenge is your paper.

  6. golden girl says:

    he is a gentleman to keep quiet, He only show those mails not her nude pics to defend himself and to give evidence. Kangana is all talks but no proofs. why so called bold woman uses her PR to make false engagement claim, drag his EX and forged a pic. You need to provide proof to make your case stronger. That what he did. Lamo at he is panicking. He is enjoying vacations , attending parties and living life to the fullest. He doesn’t care about this mad woman. He always share his family pics. 1.5 yrs back he shared the same thing about his mom. Its nothing to do with kangana as she and her PR think. I bet this is written by kangana PR. Rajeev and everyone knows the truth that kangana is wrong and lying.

    • Kali says:

      Golden girl, I don’t know where you learned the definition of a gentleman, but you seemed to have missed a few crucial lessons….

      A gentleman does not threaten a woman that he will release semi-nude or nude pictures of her, no matter what the situation. This is called revenge p0rn and is a tactic employed by the lowest of the low to silence a woman.

      A gentleman does not make serious allegations of mental illness on a woman when she begins to defend herself.

      A gentleman does not pay media houses to post articles defaming a woman, nor does he pay a disgruntled ex-boyfriend and family friend to accuse a woman of conducting black magic (What are we in the medieval ages?)

      A gentleman does not throw his ex-wife and mother of his children under the bus and claim that she is the sole reason for divorce in a tweet to his fans in an attempt to garner sympathy. If he had respect for his ex-wife he would not throw her to the wolves.

      A gentleman and his father do not pay media houses and reviewers to inflate box office numbers of a movie.

      Btw, Sunaina Roshan underwent bariatric surgery 2 years ago. She gained a lot of weight due to depression and losing custody of her daughter. HR was trying to change the narrative surrounding him (Much amazement!! Much wow!! Omg. Shes an inspiration!!!) which is why he posted that image. I am expecting more in the coming days. Some kind of social service or drama. If Simran fails, and I have a feeling it will, then he will have all the ammunition he needs to pay for several articles about how Kangana is losing her nerve and responsible for the failure due to her attitude. I suppose he might be waiting for the release date.

      • Pav says:

        Can’t agree more. Just one thing. I think I have missed some parts about this pictures matter. How does he have pictures of her if he had nothing to do with her.

        • goldengirl says:

          she herself send him those to seduce her. She is desperate for him. She sent her nudes to Rk too which kat caught and threaten her to stop otherwise she will go to media. She try the same with Ajay,

          • sharuna says:

            oh yeah really and your ajay devgan is dhoodh ka dhula huwa ? and for your RK he is another play boy who cant keep his d… inside his trousers and want to bed everything and everyone on this earth.

      • Arti says:

        What should a person do if someone keeps taking digs in media and just would not stop? It is really unfair that a liar is continuously spewing venom and people support her behavior.

      • Tina says:

        Bravo Kali! Completely agree with you!

      • golengirl says:

        Can you provide the proof of him paying the media houses and her EX? Dont accuse like kangana. Media houses and journalists are paid by kangana so called feminist to defame a man. Man honour is no less than a woman.
        A woman of character will never send any nudes and dirty emails to married man no matter what neither threaten to destroy him after he REJECTED her.
        Whatever her EX said was true and is not paid but since it exposes kangana and you cant digest the truth hence accusing him of paying . Were you there when he was paying media and her EX?
        According to you every article against kangana is paid by Hrithik this implies every article against hrithik is paid by kangana.
        Who told you he and his dad pays for reviews and inflate numbers? Evidence? it was by media and rumours . oh it means it was paid by kangana for sure
        if you say means every review is paid and everyone inflate numbers.
        His Ex wife admit in an interview that she decided to part ways . He didnt blame her but defended her and always respect her. The reason she is back is he respects and love her.
        True feminists dont sleep with married men to get to the top.
        True feminists dont defame a woman to slender a man who rejected her advances. (she accuse kat to have an affair with hrithik when world knows she was Rk GF and living partner)
        True feminists never disrespect her dad nor slap them but she was so proud to admit she did.
        True feminists never spit in the plate she eats from but kangana did.
        True feminists never use men to promote their movie
        .Kangana is not saint. You dont know Hrithik in person. If you believe everything negative/rumours /people about him so do believe all the negative/rumours and people about kangana. Hypocrites trust everything bad comes about Hrithik is true but everything bad about kangana is paid by hrithik. He is not a fool to spend his hard earn money on this stalker whore.
        post please

    • nima says:

      if he truly was a gentleman he would have that millions of affairs that caused his wife to divorce him

      • goldengirl says:

        What about sati savatri kangana affairs? There were rumors of his wife having affairs too.
        No one knows the reason of his divorce There are severeal other reasons that causes divorce. if God forbid you got divorce means your husband have affairs? wowo . Provide proof of his affairs. its all allegations till its proven.

  7. Pav says:

    I think not only HR, But all other married actors (I think almost everyone of them are same). would’ve gone to panic mood . I really wish PC had courage too. But then again she doesn’t have anything to justify herself.

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