Blind Item – September 2017 2

There was another blind item before that was published by Mumbai Mirror about this young actress’ current situation. Now Mid Day has an update on what happened to that situation. It turns out that situation is now a thing of the past and the young actress is just waiting for the next bus or should we say, private jet, to hop on. We have to ask though, does this make her a high-priced escort? Or is she a sugar-baby? Because from what we are understanding, she gets money to shop and a private jet to fly her to places these men want her to be in. They also put her in nice hotel rooms. So, what is this all about? Is this the only thing she has going on for her to help her survive financially? As far we know, if a man pays you to go out with him, it’s literally escorting. Speaking of escorting, an escort model recently outed Lindsay Lohan as an escort to Arab men. She gets paid to go to Dubai or the other places just to be in the company of these men. It seems that these ladies only know this way to make money.




Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – September 2017 2


This young Bollywood starlet has been dumped by a billionaire

A few weeks ago we had written about this attractive young Bolly starlet who’d been making news not only for the sassy and revealing pictures of herself that she’d been posting, but also for the much-smitten scion of a billion-dollar fortune in the Middle East who had been flying her to various European hotspots in his PJ.

Well, as expected, Smitten Scion’s parents were not too thrilled about their son’s latest arm candy, and the attractive lady, we learn, had been subsequently ‘de-planed’ from his life. Not that she’s too upset about the sudden ejection either. According to sources, a young (loaded) city-based real estate type has been showing some interest in her and she is seemingly reciprocating. It’s easy come, easy go with her, obviously as long as the air miles (and sundry other perks) are forthcoming.


OSOP Guess

Young Bolly Starlet: Esha Gupta

Blind Item – September 2017 2

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