Blind Item – October – Bollywood – 2017 3

The blind item below is by BollywoodLife, but it looks like it was written by Ileana. Don’t believe us? Just read on below and you will see what we mean. This blind item is about what this lead actor thinks about the box office outcome of his last release. We don’t know much about this film and based on the posters itself, it didn’t look that interesting. Still, it came and went without much notice.

This is exactly what this actor thinks caused the film to not make that much money. He also seems to think that the director for no reason added this item song that was shot 2 years ago in the film. Check out the blind item below to know more.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October - Bollywood - 2017 3


This A -lister thinks his film flopped because of his co-star's item number

Can you guess who is this A-list actor and which film are we talking about?

Blame games in Bollywood are an old fad. Actors and actresses often are caught pointing fingers at each other for any goof up that happens with respect to their films. This A-list actor is no different. His last outing, touted to be the film for both the masses and the classes, did not perform according to the expectations at the box office. While some critics found the movie’s script weak, others weren’t happy with the story.

Interestingly, when the actor was asked about the failure of the movie, he shrugged off his responsibility and put the blame on the director and the producers. He was heard speaking to a few people, who complained about the way the film was treated by the audience. Blaming the production house, the actor said that his film didn’t perform well because it wasn’t marketed well. It was being touted as just another masala potboiler, which obviously the masses lapped up. The actor argued that his film’s first trailer and one of the songs was appreciated by all universally and hence initially there wasn’t any reason for the aam junta to not like his film.

He also went on to add, that an item number in the film which was performed by the A-list actor’s co-star, was one of the reasons for the movie to not do well. The song, which was shot almost two years before the movie released, gave out the wrong vibe, taking away the universal appeal that the trailer created on the audience, felt the handsome star. Ofcourse, with him talking in hushed tones about the entire incident did raise quite a few eyebrows!

Well, we wonder what the director, the producer and the actor’s co-star have to say about this reasoning. Wethinks, the movie didn’t have anything new to offer and thus met with its fate.

Meanwhile, let us know if you have guessed the film and the A-list actor that we are talking about!


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ajay Devgan

Film: Baadshaho

Blind Item – October - Bollywood - 2017 3


Blind Item – October - Bollywood - 2017 3

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  1. Jack says:

    In the promotion for Mubarakan, Ileana and Athiya did a video for pinkvilla called “What’s in my bag (swapped) with Ileana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty _ S02E04” . In the episode, it is revealed that Ileana’s bag has two big packets of mint and a mouth freshner. I think that is clinching evidence!!

  2. Rashmi says:

    my blind is still not published (((thanks admin

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