Blind Item – October 2018 – Bollywood

Some of you might be a little surprised with today’s blind item. Some of you might even be shocked. Though it is not confirmed news, there is a huge possibility that it did happen. Sure, it can be a blind item that was created by those jealous of this outsider’s recent success. It might be. There is a 50% chance it might be true and the reason why we are saying so is because how close these two seemed during promotions. It is strange, but we have thought about this before. Not their apparent closeness, but how long it would be for this guy to start cheating on his significant other. They have been together for years and while he has somehow made it, she is still very much struggling.

Some time back, there was an article on how he said they were happy to be living in and are not thinking about getting married. They have been together for five year, don’t you think the girl is thinking of marriage? For some reason, these two sound so much like the situation John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were in. John said the same thing while Bips sat for years waiting for the official ring. Then suddenly, John went out and bought a house for himself with no space for Bips in it. That was the sign she was looking, he wasn’t going to settle down with her.

Back to the blind item below. If you have seen these two during the promotions of this film, you will notice the chemistry between them. Something that looked similar to when she was promoting her other film with the newly-separated actor back then, who she ended up having an affair with for some time. This ‘Hahihi’ thing from her, remember how we mentioned that once, makes the men go crazy! She was promoting two films at the same time, but it looked like she had a great time promoting this one, especially if the co-star was around.

Anyways, only time will tell whether this is something that really happened or made-up. In the meantime, check out the blind item from Rajeev Masand.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October 2018 - Bollywood


Good Guy Gone Bad?

Say it isn’t true! The big rumour doing the rounds involves one of the most loved young actors, whose performances have been the stuff of dreams lately. He’s always come across as a grounded, ‘head-screwed-tightly-on’ kind of guy, committed to his girlfriend of some years and focused on all the right things.

Insiders say something’s brewing between him and the petite young actress he starred with recently in what has become his biggest hit yet. The two are said to be secretly involved, though both have significant partners. Ah, what a cliché he’d turn out to be if it were true. Can we just say we hope it’s a case of smoke without fire?


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Rajkummar Rao

Actress: Shraddha Kapoor

Film: Stree

Blind Item – October 2018 - Bollywood

Blind Item – October 2018 - Bollywood

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21 Responses

  1. Ananya says:

    Guess what, Rajkumar and Shraddha are coming together on Koffee, if reports are to be believed. Lol, can Karan stop exposing him and his scheming ways like this 😂😂😂

    • Lucy says:

      It will be very evident,if there is something.real attraction is hard to hide,same as how it’s hard to convince people when there is no attraction like matter what they do,they don’t seem convincing enough,not even when karan releases their mms.i hope I don’t give him ideas,but it will really be a test of character for rajkumar,does he change after success like many others,or he marries the woman who was with him when he was a nobody.

    • leaps says:

      @Ananya LOLZ now we know what kjo will ask them
      –” so what is the secret of your chemistry” fallowed by hmmm when they reply
      —” shardha do you share the same friendly equation that you share with aditya post rock one failure”
      –“Shardha you finally have a biggest blockbuster were you worried by the success that your contemporary say alia was having with movies like raazi”
      -” Raj so you are an unconventional looking hero for Bw how does it feel to be this sucessful”
      — rapid fire rate this couple alia/rk

      ROFL god kjo is predictable

  2. Lucy says:

    Rajkumar rao could really be the next Sharukh khan perhaps,if he gave a little more attention to his looks.if he puts a little more weight he will actually look quite srk looked like an ugly duckling in 1993 and look hot as hell by 2000.same as ranveer Singh,every one called him not so good looking but he was so so sexy as khilji,also in befikre.
    Also he is good in revere role he does,comedy,drama,negative role.if he continues to do commercial roles like barely ki Barfi and stree,maybe he and Vicky kaushal could be the next big thing.i. Also don’t think ranbir Kapoor will last that long,he looked awful in Sanju,and with the rise of these actors who look good,act well,are non nepo kids,have a clean personal life he will have. A tough time maintaining his position.i feel the audience nowadays doesn’t worship assholes,salman is the last man who could get away being the man is.the public will not be so forgiving to others,especially in this era where there is no more hero worshipping,sui dhaga couldn’t even make 100 cr,shows that audience is moving away from masala non actor stars.

  3. Ananya says:

    This looks more like Kjo work. Why suddenly a blind when Stree became 100 c and beat Raazi. C’mon Kjo at least don’t make it so easy for us to guess your hand.

  4. Observer says:

    I don’t believe it.

    But then, i remember SRK. He started like Rajkumar. Look at the person he is today.

    It would be sad if it were true.

  5. LondonThumakda says:

    Who cares about his personal life? He’s brilliant and he’s been in some of the most interesting, unusual and entertaining films of recent years – Shahid, Trapped, Newton, Stree. I cant wait to see what he does next! Both Mental Hai Kya and Made in China sound great.

    He also comes across as far more intelligent, self-aware and grounded than the nepo brigade – ranbir, alia, varun, sonakshi, sonam blah blah who lets face it seem super self-absorbed and say the dumbest things sometimes…

    Shraddha is a mystery to me she is so low-key for an industry kid. I feel a bit sorry for her it cant be easy being shakti kapoor’s daughter that excerpt of his interview in @Admin’s Tanushree-Nana article was so so awful he sounds like such a misygynist creep!!

  6. Monalisa says:

    Admin, you wondered about why Rajkumar Rao is not regularly featured in blinds like SSR and voila we got one about him. Maybr Masand read this blog. Lol..
    I think this is fake. “Ah, what a cliché he’d turn out to be if it were true”–> even Masand seem unsure of this. Masand has been acting like nepo kids and Kjo pr for past couple of months, alway writing positive (pr) articles about them in his column and bland blinds. I actually stopped believing his blinds about link-ups because of how hard he tried to make us believe Athiya and Arjun are infact dating and that RK and Alia relationship piece he wrote.

    Just because someone is close or acting friendly with a co-star during promotion it does not mean they are having an affair. Mostly they act this way to hype chemistry and get people interested in the movie.

    • Admin says:

      True. Now things will get interesting. Who knew Kebab Jo had a genie?!

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa kjo underestimated that ranveer would make it this big because he didn’t fit his standards of vanity . Now given that he and Alia are trying to make rk/Alia into the next dilip/ Saira and trying to save rk’s career. The last thing kjo would want is an actor like rajkumar making it big in bw. Pretty sure both Alia / kjo are not happy these two had such a big hit and the movie which they claimed as Alia’s claim to superstardom bo numbers were beaten by this movie.
      Infact a lot of star kid parents would like to keep him out to make way and secure their kids place in be.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap More than vanity Kjo is attracted to successful people and nepo/star kids. When Anu and Ranveer (two actors he thought would not make it big because of their looks) became a hit after BBB, he started chasing them and praising them. That is how he operates. SSR, Vicky, Karthik, Kriti got invites to his parties after their success.

      People like SSR, Karthik, Vicky and Rajkumar should learn something from Ranveer. Ranveer is way smarter and shrewd than what people actually think. If he was not he would not have come this far. Kjo or RK pr used to put out really negative articles about him after BBB’s success. He gets article after article written about him not even blinds. But because he act like a hyper bunny and a fool people really underestimated how smart, talented, well-educated, articulate he is in reality. He played everyone in bollywood like a fiddle and when they finally realized what he actually is he already become a star. . He may act friendly and close with everyone who used to put him down (like RK and Kjo) but he know they are not his well-wishers. It is is all for professional benefits. I mean according to Kjo he rejected two movies offered to him by Dharma. He knew Ko’s modus operandi is to use rising star to further his favs so he waited and accepted Kjo’s offer only when he would not need Kjo but when Kjo would need him and his stardom. SSR jumped at the first offer from Kjo and Karthik hung out with him to get an offer.

      Alia and Kjo must be shook by Stree’s success. I hope RKR is smart and not fall in to KJO’s methods.

    • Lucy says:

      Although shraddha and rajkumar look really good together,it will be clear if they are having an affair when they shoot stree 2

    • Lucy says:

      Admin,are you expecting a blind soon on Vicky kaushal?sushant Singh rajput worked with him,attended his parties,blinds started coming out.tiger shorff worked with him,blinds about breaking up with disha and hooking with tara came out,rajkumar had a success breakup with patralekha and hookup with shraddha,I am sure Vicky is the next…but with whom will he be linked is the question.maybe Jhanvi kapoor

    • guest says:

      @lucy jhanvi is part of kjo star pariwar minions club they get to linked with either a star kid or going by kjo’s vanity beautiful ppl.

    • Lucy, says:

      True,I forgot about that,but he did link a star kid tiger shroud with an outsider Tara Sutaria,but for now it’s ishan and jhanvi,I am sure he in onlookout for someone to link with Sara,although bebo and saif,and especially Amrita Singh would chew him up for playing with Sara’s reputation if he is even thinking of it

    • Ms says:

      Can’t agree more with Monalisa. Ranveer earned it.

      @Lucy: There are blinds already about Vicky having affair with Tapsee. KJo and Ranbir do not spare any successful outsider.

    • leaps says:

      @lucy kjo is most predictable person when it comes to pr.. KJO LLLOOVVVEESS the idea of bw as an orgy, triangles in relationships is what his pr is e.g. varun,sid, alia –dp/rs/rk,–dp/fk/rk- dp/alia/jacy, etc etc he cant even resist this nonsense in his movies kkhh,KANK, soty ,I hate love sories.

      sara is the child of a nawab and bebo she isnt getting anyone less than nawabi blood from kjo unless hes pissed at her . Amrita lost the battle to have a say in sara career as of now after her first movie got delayed and eventually kjo took sara under his minions school

      Tiger is not part of kjo minions yet and is a competition to his fav varun so who do you think kjo will support and sent negative blinds about . Tiger has a pretty clean professional image . the first blinds of him acting out and cheating on disha came from sets of ” surprise surprise” soty 2. eye roll at kjo predictability . Also kjo is rumored to mad at tiger for saying no to his film.

      Kjo likes to use the rising sun of bw ppl to hype his fav, shahid in shandar, pari in htp, akshay in brothers, rs with simba, tiger in soty. the only reason he is working with rs and tiger is their latest bw sucess .

    • Lucy says:

      @ms, haven’t seen any blinds linking tapsee to Vicky.only keno’s he was dating Harleen Sethi ans tapsee dating that badminton player Matthias boe.where did you see a blind about Vicky and tapsee

  7. Letstry says:

    Kjo stop spreadibg fake news

  8. guest says:

    well there were articles how kjo wanted the distributes of stree to report low number so as not to beat razi bo. if it is planted it is kjo for sure. Rajkumar has a clean image up-till now and kjo/ alia will their ranbir imagine cleanse and career uplifting would not want an outsider climbing up the success ladder and compete with ranbir . Also isnt shradha dating the photographer there are BTS videos of these guys infact the entire cast having fun.

    not surprised she didnt have fun with shahid considering how annoying he is.

  9. Amanda says:

    Stree is Rajkummar rao’s solo biggest hit. It’s also significant for shraddha after so many flop movies. They both must be excited about the film’s success but that doesn’t mean they are having an affair. Bollywood folks should stop spreading fake news to bring someone down.

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