Blind Item – October 2018 6

There is no point for guessing who the blind item below is talking about below. It’s a little funny, but we have highlighted the parts in the blind item that gave out who this blind item is about. You will understand when you see it. So, the blind item states below that this acting pair got a little too close for comfort while shooting their film. Note that it doesn’t say they cheated, but got a little too comfortable. It was mentioned in a blind item when they started shooting this film that someone was watching out for this boy to make sure he didn’t do that. It seems that he did and the person reported that to his wife and her family and action was taken, or rather advice was given.

Nothing more to say, except that we did do a topic on him:

What is Bhai’s saala doing?

And, he went back to his hometown and had his family do a step of a song from his film in front of the media. Why was the media called? It’s so strange! He even had a press conference with his grandfather and father in front of the media. Wonder what that was about?! Like if he was a big star and needed to address the media as soon as he got to his hometown. Very strange.

Since his film flopped big time and everyone made fun of his bro-in-law for launching him, the BIL sent out a dozens of articles to let everyone know that he never had any intention of launching this boy and that he was blackmailed emotionally to launch him despite everyone around him saying how that was a bad idea.

Well, for once, he should have listened. Check out the blind item from DNA.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October 2018 6

This much married actor got ‘carried away’ while shooting with his heroine

A young actor pair, who played onscreen lovers in their movie, also got carried away with each other in real life. All the world likes a lover and many around them are encouraging their escapades. However, there is one glitch. The boy is married and when his wife learnt that he was serenading his heroine in real life too, she threw a massive fit. Her family also stepped in and told the boy to keep his hands in his pocket every time he sees his heroine in flesh and blood. As of now, things have quietened down a bit. But who knows when passion takes over!


OSOP Guesses

Young Actor Pair: Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain

Blind Item – October 2018 6

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5 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    Did this guy really think he could get away with cheating on “Bhai’s” sister? Arjun Kapoor only survived thanks to his papa.

    BTW, i feel bad for Arpita. It’s sad that those close to her (her husband, Priyanka, Katrina) are only with her because of her brother’s influence/money.

  2. sefora says:

    Why does he keep pulling her cheeks like that in every pic they pose together for? It gives off such a sibling vibe. That’s how my brothers irritate me!

  3. goldengirl says:

    Entire world is aware why Aayush married Arpita. Its just his way to get a ticket to Bollywood. His movie tanked badly with not a single good review about Aayush. This film industry where everyone is DONG everyone regardless of the fact that they are married/single/committed or divorced. So how can this guy stop and don’t flirt or hook up with his heroine when he doesn’t love his wife. Shame on him.

  4. Anon says:

    Can anyone really believe this boy married Arpita for love? I’m not trying to be Petty but I really can’t see any love. The girl is so insecure that she popped a baby as soon as she got married to keep the boy hooked.

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