Blind Item – October 2017 2

These two have been very open with their relationship from the beginning. As always, it’s expected that marriage is around the corner and it does seem that way with these two. But there seems to be a problem, as it is usually the case in Hindi films. The boy’s family want her to stop working in films because you know, which family would want a daughter-in-law who is a successful actress?

The boy is right though in saying that his parents are regressive in their way of thinking. And good thing that he’s sticking to the girl because we are sure it’s all part of what got him attracted to her, as in her self-made woman tag or status. And also good for him to wait for his parents approval, that’s the way to go. Let’s wait and see what happens, he’s been with her through thin and thick lips so they are going to last! Check out the blind item from



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – October 2017 2

Films Or Love: What Will This Bollywood Actress Choose?

One of the most loved young celebrity couples right now, this duo has been keeping media and fans waiting for an official announcement about their D-day. From what we hear, while both the young celebs are ready to say the I Do’, the groom’s parents have been playing the villain by laying down some unacceptable conditions for their would-be bahu.

The actress, who won over hearts with her very first film, and has gone on to prove her mettle with some interesting roles since then, is expected to quit acting in films if she wants to marry their young gun, celeb son. The actress has also ventured into a few new projects apart from acting and the to-be in-laws are okay with her pursing those, but not acting.

Discussions, debates, disagreements and arguments have ensued between the two parties over the issue and the actress has not relented so far. Thankfully, amid all this, her beau has been supporting her stand and taking on his own parents for their regressive thinking and archaic values. But he is clear about not going ahead with the alliance till the parents don’t give their nod. The couple was to get married by the end of this year and also had a date in mind but failing to convince the parents forced them to push it indefinitely.

Meanwhile, the actress, who is busy working on her future films for another banner and also her own, has been making frequent trips to New Delhi where her in-laws stay with her beau and even sans him trying to convince and get them on her side. We just hope that the adamant attitude from the parents doesn’t spell doom for the couple.


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Celebrity Couples: Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

Blind Item – October 2017 2

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8 Responses

  1. ghjk says:

    He doesn’t have parents, though. He has a parent.

    I don’t blame them, given the way actresses are. Who’d like to share their partner with other people?

    • Shivanisd says:

      U think ur mom in law has the right to decide whether you should work or not?? Clap clap clap. Many cricketers like azhar, manoj prabhakar etc cheated on their wives so why didnt they stop virat from being a cricketer?? Regressive comment.

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Lol typical regressive Punjabi attitude like the deols and kapoors. Our son will kiss on screen and bang every girl he can but our daughters and bahu will stay at home and leave her successful acting career. Effing Hypocrites. Hope anushka leaves him and finds a common man who gives her her independence. But money hungry actresses will never do that!

  3. Pav says:

    I really wish they make it. They look good together

  4. Rtm says:

    I thought it was deepveer…

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