Blind Item – November – Bollywood – 2017

It seems that blind items and gossip items like the one below are not going to stop anytime soon until this film releases. This must be the third or fourth blind item about these two and their so-called love for each other. The blind item is from PinkVilla and what’s ironic is that they put up this blind item while simultaneously putting up another post about this superstar and his girlfriend (allegedly).

Whatever it is with this leading lady, she’s going to owe this superstar big time for the rest of her life. See, when you make a deal with the devil, he’s going to come calling when you least expect it. Well, what else could this leading lady have done? It’s not like she has other steady friends in Bollywood that can help her get films or try to make it into Hollywood. He’s doing both for her and as long as they are cool with each other, as in she doesn’t piss him off by dating someone he doesn’t like, everything will be fine for her. Check out the blind item below. By the way, the trailer for their upcoming film will be launched tomorrow.

Are you excited to see a bloated being human (human being) and a plastic doll? Bad joke, we know!

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017


Guess Who? This superstar and his ex-girlfriend cocoon each other in the cold

Breakups and patch-ups are quite common in Bollywood. While incidences of ex-flames getting back together or spending some ‘close time’ together have been reported in the past, we got some juicy gossip for you involving a superstar and his certain ex.

The superstar who is known to share a close relationship with his certain ‘ex’ and is also doing an action movie with her, was seen getting too cosy with his co-star during an international schedule of their upcoming movie.

An insider informs us that the A-list actor was all over his leading lady, covering her with a blanket while they cocooned each other in the cold. Shoot or no shoot, the two shared an equation which was too good to be just ‘close friends’.

The buzz around this superstar and his now ex-girlfriend refuses to die down. It was also reported that it was because of this actor that the leading lady has been signed for other big budget movies involving superstars as well.

Even after their breakup, the leading lady shared a close relationship with his family and was often seen hanging out with them. Not only that, the superstar himself has been very protective of her, who recently split with her last boyfriend, who is also a movie star.

The superstar was apparently very angry when the leading lady promoted her last movie alongside her ex-boyfriend.

With her next movie expected to resurrect her career, we wonder what will happen when the duo will begin promoting the said movie together.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Ex-Girlfriend: Katrina Kaif

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017


Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017

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60 Responses

  1. Hun says:

    Admin, can you tell us about Katrina’s overactive PR and how they operate?

  2. Bollyfangurl says:

    wow! Loved reading all the comments here. Kali and Nimi way to go!! Looking forward to reading more from you both. And while we are on the topic of bi, here’s a blind from Mid-day. Its SSR I think

  3. Lovelylibran says:

    I’m loving this conversation! Tiger Zombie hai 2020!!🀣🀣ROFL comment! Kali and nimi, hats off to you for such detailed info..
    They all use extensions and fake hair to make their mane look perfect.. I once had a long talk with a salon owner who said the same thing.. She said she gets so exasperated when young girls come in demanding a hairstyle like PC,aish etc.. Coz most of it is fake!!
    She also said most of the actresses get a lot of work done on their body and faces.. in fact one actress has also had a part of a rib bone removed in order to maintain the hourglass figure..

    • Jyoti says:

      Can u pls name her I m very curious to know in this humanly possible to do

    • Admin says:

      Zeenat Aman, Dimple Kapadia and Jaya Bachchan have really beautiful hair. Then again, beautiful hair is something that changes from every person’s perspective of it. These days, most ladies’ hair get messed up due to the number of things that they put on it for filming purposes. Just like the amount of makeup damages their face, their hair too suffer.

      • Lovelylibran says:

        The actresses mentioned above never had any work done to keep it hidden with their hair. Dimple still has gorgeous mane. I agree with Kali.. Check out ash’s pics with ab jr, kjo and Manish malhotra today.. whoever keeps their hair styled like this in this humid and hot weather. πŸ€”

  4. Sara says:

    HI Admin. I am really curious about what happened to honey yo-yo. Why has he disappeared and not making music anymore.? Anybody with info?

  5. namdeo says:

    wasnt SK said to be playing for the other team?? I thought there rumors of him being cosy with his bodyguard… i read that on PV also

    • Nimi says:

      Bi. As 90% of them are including rumours of RS, RK, obv Sid, AK, SRK, SK. Only ARK, Amir and Varun seem to be not in that rumour clan.

    • Admin says:

      Hahah..Shera might be in love with SK not the other way around…

    • Pepeas says:

      One gay friend told me that a young SK used to openly pick up guys in Bandra – what was contemptuously referred to by my friend as β€œcloseted bi misogynistic asshole who likes rough trade”. (My friend has openly been with his partner for 18 years, is very faithful, and hates this sleeping around culture regardless of sexual preferences). SK probably became much more discreet as his stardom grew

  6. Kali says:

    Salman will not be married as long as Salim Khan and his brothers are alive. They know better than to let any firangi wrap their beloved Beta/Bhai around their finger. After all he is the one who is single-handedly bearing the weight on his back. If the man is married and has a family to support who is going to be dancing at DABANG 2027, making hits like TIGER ZOMBIE HAI 2020 and launching Arpita’s husband’s second cousin?

    Iulia can visit as many astrologists and do as much jadu-tona as she wants, it’s not going to happen.

    The opportunity to be married came and left long ago. Salman himself said that the cards for his marriage to Sangeeta had been distributed before they broke up. 27 May 1994 was to be their wedding date, but Sangeeta called it off after discovering Salman was cheating on her with an 18 year old.

    After pouring a coke on Somy Ali, he was passionately/obsessively in love with Aish, and I think there can be no other. I haven’t forgotten his wet dream that was the ‘Lucky’ movie starring her lookalife, Sneha Ullal. I think he is doing every woman a favor by not being married to them. I mean, what kind of woman wants a man who is going to shove her around on film sets, show up at her doorstep and abuse her family late at the night, destroy the career of anyone who told the truth about him.

    As for the blind, it’s probably planted to spur interest in the movie and the leading pair. Like Admin said, Katrina has to appease to stay afloat. This is her last lifeline since her dream of marrying into the Kapoor Klan ended. Katrina lost her looks after 2012 during the first breakup with Ranbo. Katrina used to be beautiful. even with the lip fillers and then she ruined her look with the chipmunk cheek implants. Despite everything, after reading into her family history, I feel bad for her.

    People, have you noticed how Aishwarya Rai and Katrina always have the same boring hair on the sides of their face, covering their ears hairstyle when they’re not shooting? Nearly instagram picture of Katrina has her with hair on 3/4 of her face like some chudail.. It’s most definitely because of surgical scars behind/in front of the ears from surgical facelifts and plastic surgery.

    • bucketbot says:

      Nah about the last part. Some people have really good hair (and Kat has really good hair) and like to keep it open. Cause they can work it. Not everybody can. Ill be dripping in sweat in 10. Not disputing whether they have had work done in the past or recent past as you seem to be insinuating. Just that people who like to leave their hair open pretty much all the time are not necessarily hiding away surgical scars, even if it is Katrina or Aishwariya. Some people are boring and for their everyday like simple (and straightened!) hairstyle.

      • Kali says:

        Don’t be fooled by the luscious locks in the movie industry. It is all hair extensions. Even (I think it was) Bebola said so in Koffee with Karan. It’s an open secret. Nargis Fakri openly spoke about it and so did Piggy.

        Nobody who spends hours getting their hair straightened/blow-dried, heat curled, chemically dyed, etc. can have perfect pristine hair. If you are black-haired and have ever lightened your hair you would know that it is impossible to get color without bleach, and it causes enormous damage on your hair and that too after using Olaplex.

        • Nimi says:

          I totally agree about everything you said. Everyone knows that Salman pays for all the brothers and their ex wives and their affairs too like Huma. How did Sohail buy her a flat? What does he exactly do? It wasn’t ever going to happen. Even Katrina herself said that Salman didn’t want to marry and she did. So she moved on to RK.
          Now every girl that dates RK ends up so low in self esteem. I don’t know what sort of emotional trauma he puts them through. DP ended up with depression, Kat with implants and botox, poor Mahira with all the severe back lash. I have never really disliked anyone as much as RK. He might be a good actor but off screen he is so intensely manipulative, and scheming. At least Kat distances herself from RK, but DP can’t seem to. Sometimes you just can’t let go.
          Ash is definitely rumoured to have had plastic surgery and she’s rumoured to wear a wig like PC.
          Kat is definitely on botox and has had plastic surgery. DP wears hair extensions too. They all do and then they talk about woman empowerment. I mean they are fake from head to toe and here I am, wearing some powder and a mascara still looking more real than they are.
          I pity young girls who idolize these careful PR crafted imagery of these celebs. None of them are real. I want young girls to idolize real women. Like those that are in the military, those that work as doctors, nurses, scientists, economists, etc. Women like Marie Curie who is the first female to win Nobel Prize and the only one to win twice in two seperate fields of study, Physics and Chemistry. And the same woman was once denied admission to University because of being a woman. The story gives me goosebumps, not these celebs saying it was so hard to work on their films. Yeah sure!

        • bucketbot says:

          I know guys and girls of BW do a lot of shit. But I actually have seen Katrina multiple times at different places and up close at a restaurant once about 2-3 years ago. Her hair didn’t look like wax work. It was left loose . She didnt seem to have much makeup on either, atleast not the usual 1/2 kg cake she prefers. Her hair looked healthy, a little on the dry side. It was Winter then, so hair gets that way at times. Didnt seem unnecessarily heavy or extra luscious and shiny, so it was her real hair. It was pretty good imo.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Really dont think ash has got work done….she looks bad anyways. katrina has never dyed her hair except for one time in fitoor. Her hair is gorgeous, natural and dark black. Her face though…

        • Nar <3 Kangana says:

          Even Kangana mentions the wigs & hair extensions

    • Paris says:

      Aishwarya has had work done on her face???

    • Manisha says:

      Just curious because you touched on it a bit…what exactly is Katrina’s history? There are rumors of her escort past but what’s with her family? I really don’t think she has any Indian in her. All I really know is that her last name is made up to be more suitable for Indian audiences.

      • Nimi says:

        Katrina is for her family as to what Salman is for his. A cash cow. Although some of Kat’s sisters are quite smart. One of them is a Maths professor. Only Katrina is the prettiest out of the lot, the second one is Isabelle so they both are pushed at a young age into modelling. Katrina got lucky and made it big. Isabelle is still struggling.
        Now Katrina in her early films, still had some Middle eastern flavour to her so I think her dad was definitely Turkish/Lebanese/Armenian. Not Indian definitely. Ayesha Shroff has bagged her out. Nothing kashmiri about her at all. Its all to make her connect to the Indian audiences. She was photographed with Terry White and all but I don’t think it was all that. They did move around a lot. Apprently Neetu singh found out about that and called RK to cancel the relationship plans. How much of a hypocrite that woman can get? She herself was no less in her younger days and RK can philander as much as he wants but got forbid Katrina does the same. Same thing happened to Karishma. Jaya found out that she was an escort for all the Sheikhs in the Gulf and cancelled the wedding with Abhishekh. Poor Karishma!

        • Nam3less says:

          Wow thats quite a revelation. So much has been said abt Kat in her previous modelling days but woah what you said about Karishma was not known. Is this true or it was rumours which made Jaya called the wedding off. Have to say most actresses sleep around. Jacky does a lot for money and makes frequent trips to Dubai for that reason.

          • Nimi says:

            Most? All of them do lol. To get roles, sustain themselves in the industry, financial favours etc. Ever wondered how Neha Dhupia, Sophie Chowdry etc maintain their lifestyle?
            Even A List actresses are known to exchange sexual favours for roles etc.
            I have read on several accounts that was the reason for Abhi-Karishma marriage cancellation. Karishma struggled a lot in her initial days because she was the first female from the patriarchal Kapoor khandaan to work. Women in that family were not allowed to work and Babita was estranged from Randhir so she had to sustain her and two girls. Kareena always said that she had it easy because of Lolo. And she has also mentioned that she’s fullly aware of Lolo’s struggles. No wonder she latched on to Saif when the opportunity came about. She has her share of affairs but now she’s in a stable relationship and now blessed with a lovely boy.
            Babita after Jaya refused got Lolo married to Sanjay, a know philanderer just so she can show off that Lolo is marrying a richer guy. Messed up. But I am sure Admin can confirm the Lolo and Sheikhs rumour.
            The less said about jacky the better. I have never seen such a cheap and tacky woman in my life. Sorry not a fan and I apologise if I offend anyone.

          • lightsaber says:

            I’d add Kanika Kapoor to this list of Neha Dhupia, Sophie Chowdhry, Malaika Arora and Jacky. Kanika Kapoor struck gold by hooking onto SRK and the Morani network; she is great at that and now does not have to work any more because she has a sugardaddy. One thing they all have in common is that they are all first generation entrants in Bollywood and do not enjoy acting/singing. They are here only for the lifestyle. Jacky is hard working though.

            The Bachchans are loathsome though, and with Shweta being here full time in Mumbai now, the blinds keep writing themselves about HR and rifts with Aishwarya.

            BTW, is it really true that the Bachchans and the Roshans live within a block of each other in Mumbai? I may have seen it somewhere but makes me wonder if what I saw was correct?

          • lightsaber says:

            I’d add Kanika Kapoor to this list of Neha Dhupia, Sophie Chowdhry, Malaika Arora and Jacky. Kanika Kapoor struck gold by hooking onto SRK and the Morani network; she is great at that and now does not have to work any more because she has a sugardaddy. One thing they all have in common is that they are all first generation entrants in Bollywood and do not enjoy acting/singing. They are here only for the lifestyle. Jacky is hard working though.

            The Bachchans are loathsome though, and with Shweta being here full time in Mumbai now, the blinds keep writing themselves about HR and rifts with Aishwarya.

            BTW, is it really true that the Bachchans and the Roshans live within a block of each other in Mumbai? I may have seen it somewhere but makes me wonder if what I saw was correct?

          • Admin says:

            Nobody lives near each other in Mumbai unless they live in the same building…even if they do, they don’t get to see each other at all like you would think.

          • naughtytrini says:

            I was reading blinds and posts back in the days of Karishma and Abhishek and it was the other way around, it was that Babita who broke up the relationship, She thought Karishma was getting to the peak in her career and was Abhishek was not worth her.

          • Anisha says:

            Hiya, Katrina belonged to a sex cult called Children of God and hence all the moving and secrecy about her past. Just Google Children of God or The Family and your mind will be blown.

          • Pav says:

            I just googled it.. WTH..!!

          • Nimi says:

            Yep just googled it. Flirty Fishing! WOWOW!!!! No wonder Kat is one of 7 or 8. Holy Smokes!!! Jesus Babies, Hooleydooley!!!! The Phoenix brothers were a part of this too. :O

          • Kali says:

            If I remember properly, the reason was Karisma and Beta B’s engagement breaking was not the escort issue.. I doubt Karisma ever was an escort. Most Yacht girls these days are.

            The real reason was her past involvement with an Industrialist. Like every family, even the Bachchan’s hired a private investigator to dig dirt on their future family member. Don’t ask me which one, I don’t know. Babita might have been interfering, but I think the industrialist issue is the #1 reason why it happened.

          • Lovelylibran says:

            Yes even I have heard the same. Not only kk, many other Indian actresses do the same. A very reliable person who use to work for an industrialist has personally paid a yesteryear-made a comeback south Indian actress a decade ago..
            Also Babita was insecure about her daughter’s future as AB jr. was jobless while they were engaged.. Apparently she asked the parents for her daughter’s security which further pissed them off.

      • Kali says:

        I think a lot of people here have touched base on the Katrina issue. Anyway, here you go..

        PART 1: Her surname.
        A lot of people really know that Katrina’s last name is really Turquotte. I will still go into it since some people might not know. Ayesha Shroff and Kaizad wanted her to appeal to the Indian audience and so gave her a Indian/Pakistani background. At first they thought Katrina Kazi, but it sounded too religious. In fact some of the early press releases had her name as Katrina Kazi. Mohammed Kaif was popular then, so they made her Katrina Kaif. Katrina says these comments are ‘hurtful’ and now Ayesha says that she doesn’t want to talk more about it because she doesn’t want to destroy anyone’s livelihood.

        Ayesha refuses to say. “I can’t talk about it. What’s the point? What she has achieved is admirable and it’s not easy for a woman to pull herself out of nothing and make such a huge name for herself.”

        It’s still sort of mysterious how they managed to get her from the UK. Kaizad apparently saw her in London and decided to cast her. They say Katrina was a model in the UK, but I have not found her to be associated with any modelling agencies or any photo shoots. Deepika, Nargis Fakhri were models too, and there is plenty of documentation about them or pics from their shoots before Bollywood. Why not Katrina? If anyone find out, let me know because I would love to see them.

      • Kali says:

        PART 2: Rumoured history as a Pornstar with Porn Director/Producer Terry Stephens

        This is the most dramatic side of her if it is true. It was briefly reported on Pinkvilla and even heavily discussed on India Forums. Apparently, a website even posted that Katrina’s sister Christine is pornstar Christine/Cindy Turner. There are pictures of Katrina and her sister with him too, with his arms around her.

        And then last year there was that Blind which was supposedly about Neetu and Rishi hiring a private investigator who dug dirt about Katty’s past as an escort and sent it to Ranbo as a christmas present. If you remember, they broke up not too long after that. Through, I find it hard to believe that Ranbo, gossip Queen of B-town as he is didn’t know this about a girl he was dating for 5+ years.

        It’s my own opinion but I have a sort of neutral stance on legal pr0stituation/p0rnography. It’s the world’s oldest profession and sometimes there are people like amputees/disabled people/widows, etc. who need to feel ‘loved’ or want to feel like they are normal again. I think it is a personal decision, what people do in their bedroom. —– Whatever, this is just my own opinion, so don’t post 1000 comments saying that my neutral stance is against Indian culture, blah blah, etc.

        I think it’s only wrong when one is forced into it, human trafficking, pr0stitution for drugs or one sleeps their way up their career or engages in casting couch, etc. for favours. I think that is very wrong and disgusting. A woman’s talent, etc. should speak more than her body or how far she is willing to ‘adjust’ for a producer. I don’t know where Katrina stands on this issue.

        Sunny Leone has managed to do what Katrina hasn’t been able to do in her 13 year long career – admit to being a part of the sex industry and yet manage to remain being a popular/mainstream performer. I think this has a lot to do with Sunny’s outright honesty. She doesn’t deny it, and fully admits that she did it for the money, unlike Katrina who is secretive and tries to portray an the image of of innocent/virginal damsel.

        • Rashmi says:

          Ranbir knew the past of Katrina very well. He himself is not a saint and has not seen a problem in this. He was flattered that he met with the most popular actress (actress?) Bollywood that wanted to have almost everything. But Neither and Rishi did not know this. they are too obsessed with their public reputation, although in fact dirty people.

      • Kali says:

        Part 3: Family Involvement with Sex Cult known as ‘The Family’ or ‘Children of God’ or Family International

        Now this is the one I find the most disturbing. Katrina’s mother, Suzanne is a known member of the ‘The Family’. Seriously even her IMDB lists her and her family as being part of it, though it says formerly:

        However, there are multiple people who say that her mother is still part of this organization. 100% .You only need to read up on their organization to know how scary they are. The founder of the church would ask women of his congretation to have s3xual relations with as many men as possible and bring as many children into the world as possible to raise under the cult. Katrina has 9 siblings, and if you see she looks like none of them. In fact, some of them even don’t look like each other. They are likely multiple fathers. In support of their mother, Suzanne’s children are unanimously vague about their different fathers. They all have Canadian accents and lived there for some time, but birthplaces also include Japan and France.

        People are brainwashed into following this religious cult, and if some sane person tries to stop them, The Family tells them to break ties with the person as they are influenced by the devil, etc. etc.

        These days, they operate under various NGO’s within Asia and parts of India and try to get people to convert. Of course, who is going to blame or remove a NGO that provides medicines, financial, aid, etc. right? They are seen as saviors.

        Katrina’s mom spent much of her life bouncing from nation to nation with these kids working for Charities. Katrina to this day continues to donate large amounts of money to these NGO’s her mother works with. Katrina even auctions her belongings to raise awareness for these organizations. Why auction instead of donate? This is from an article..

        “Because it will create awareness and motivate people to come forward, which will further help the cause,” said Katrina. Katrina’s mother, who is associated with the social organisation Hope Reach, is also fighting against female foeticide.

        Kat’s mother now works in South India, Chennai, Madhurai, etc. as volunteer.

        Please read these links..

        Admin, I hope I don;t get your site shut down…!

        • Pav says:

          Damn Kali , this is too much information. I knew only about escort part. Actually I started feeling bad about her after reading all these. I can not even imagine how difficult her younger age would have been. That’s why she’s trying to survive by hook or crook.
          Now we have to hope and pray this site won’t be down.

        • Nimi says:

          Yep yep yep to all three parts, you did it Kali. I was too preoccupied with a 2 year old pulling me around to type all this but yes I agree.
          Please I hope the site doesn’t come down. I feel bad for Katrina knowing all about her past, she tried so hard and I feel that all she ever wanted was to settle down and raise a family but alas it continues to elude her.

          • Admin says:

            You all have to remember that this whole cult thing is something that is messed up and Katrina and her siblings didn’t ask to be put in it, they grew up in it without their will. They did get out though as soon as they could and it’s why they came back to London after all these years. Whatever she and her sister did to make a living while there seemed to be the only way they knew how since they had no formal education to speak of. It’s why Katrina worked extremely hard to take care of her siblings education and support them. We are sure this is no longer in play as they have all grown up.

            She must have thought that Ranbir would marry her which is why she put her career on hold then. Hopefully, things end well for her.

        • sharuna says:

          Good lord what an info,

          • Kali says:

            That’s the thing about the internet. Once you put a picture up, its going to be there forever!
            Warning: NSFW!!

        • Hun says:

          The links on dont work. katrina got them all removed with the help of salman

      • Pepeas says:

        I don’t know if this is a Fake rumour, but I’ve heard from 2-3 people that Katrina was brought up for some time in the Children of God cult. This cult was horrific, lots of child abuse etc, just google it. It’s the same one as Joachim and River Phoenix and their siblings- they are/were very damaged as a result. If this is true I feel very sorry for Katrina and sort of understand her subsequent choices…

    • anon says:

      u remind me of bollywood basket blog

  7. Pav says:

    I don’t think SK is so in love with anyone. Either this is a fake blind or just they are serving eachother for their own benefit. Kat gets movies and SK is too greedy to say no to the free plate in his hand.

    • kickass says:

      he’s definitely not in love with anyone. but like all the stars he just can’t keep it in pants. he enjoys free milk , one on his farmhouse waiting n why waste time he enjoys even on sets. still I found way better than others at least he’s not married

      • Pav says:

        True that. Unlike getting married and making their lives miserable and finally they end up getting stoned, this is way better. Actresses aren’t babies too.

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