Blind Item – November – Bollywood – 2017 3

Apparently, this director is not only in love with launching star kids, but also taking his seniors’ jobs. Maybe he just likes the limelight so much that he can’t give up or is it the money that he desperately needs to make to keep his dharma from going bankrupt? Either way, it’s very disrespectful to do what the blind item is suggesting he did.

Why? Is he that insecure of this senior lady host? He should be! You know why? Because that female host is a million times better than him and he knows it! She is more poised and respectful of her guests compared to his starstruck pervert behind. To be fair, we are not talking about her last show, but the one before that; the evergreen chat show.

Her chat show was epic in so many ways. She had the Bachchans come on to deny the Rekha affair and then, she had Rekha come on to announce that she was in love with Bachchan senior. Then there was Sanjay Khan and his wife, who blasted Zeenat Aman, and Zeenat, who came on, but was very poised and graceful unlike these gangsters.

Anyways, if she wants to make a show, she should do one like her evergreen show not like her last show, which had some very weird format and almost looked like the kind of hippie show you get at the circus. Check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in its blind item for today.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017 3


WE hear a famous talk-show host is trying very hard to launch her show with any channel that will take her. With television content bordering on reality TV (often unintentionally), the host’s gentle grace would be welcome relief. But alas, a spoke in her wheel is none other than a rival male talkshow host. We hear he has been using his filmi clout to keep her show from airing. When one major channel did evince interest in the lady’s chat-fest, the rival host threatened to pull his show out, taking with him a bevy of stars who show up for the channel’s awards shows. And here we thought celebrities liked a little healthy competition to keep them from getting dull.


OSOP Guesses

Talk Show Host: Simi Garewal

Male Host: Karan Johar

Blind Item – November - Bollywood - 2017 3

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37 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    As much as I agree with you on Rendevouz being the classier show, I don’t have that high an opinion of Simi. Believe me she’s as bad an elitist as Karan, in some ways worse. A bit of a pretentious social climber too.

    Long ago in an interview she categorically refused to have any person from a humble background but high achievement on her show because they just weren’t good/interesting enough for her. She will only invite those she wants to fawn over to her shows.

    Worse, she has a chip on her shoulder about educated, highly accomplished women. If you don’t believe me watch the episode with Vinod Khanna and his wife. When she tells Simi of her qualifications (Vinod Khanna’s wife is very well educated and from a family with accomplished women) Simi practically rolls her eyes makes a face. Ironically in her interviews Simi always likes to point out that Bollywood was not educated enough during her time.

    She’s a good interviewer but not necessarily a nice person.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Theres also a rumor that simi and her sister offered to move into a prime ministers home after his wife passed away!! She also had affairs with pataudi and a Pakistani politician. But thats her life and her wish. I admire her a lot for making a show like rendezvous and its a women’s world before that. Every episode of rendezvous is, worth watching. Heck there are some episodes like hema rekha Amitabh rani madhuri kamal sarika which ive seen more than 20 times each!! Its phenomenal.

  2. Sara says:

    I loved her show “Rendezvous”, wasnt a fan of her show “India’s most desirable”. Having said that i think her show gives an insight into Bollywood celebs like no other show. I think we got to see the real personalities of many celebrities through her shows i still like watching the show on Youtube.

    Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan used to be good too but with time it is getting annoying.

  3. anu says:

    Hey admin .Is it true that Kjo is actually bi and swings both ways .Can’t remember but I did read it somewhere .

    • Admin says:

      Bullcrap….he ain’t no bi..if he was, he would have been sued because Anushka Sharma was on TV telling the world how he was touching her in places he shouldn’t.

      • Tanuja says:

        Hi admin,speaking of anushka,is it true she’s only using virat for publicity?He’s in love with her but she can’t handle his tantrums?

      • Ananya says:

        Ok Admin, I am getting a little confused here… Why would he touch Anushka in such places to begin with? Doesn’t that imply some sort of interest in those body regions? Not that you can read his mind LOL… it’s just a thought. I would assume most adults regardless of orientation are aware of the concept of inappropriate touching.

        • Admin says:

          How would we know why some men do the things they do? When Barfi was being made, the men on the sets including Ranbir and Anurag were going around and rubbing other men’s bellies and moobs (man-boobs). Maybe KJo was confused or something.

        • Deepak says:

          hi Ananya, some gay men are very pally with their girl friends and don’t think twice before touching them anywhere.. and even the friends don’t mind it….

        • Pepeas says:

          I actually think Anushka was being jokey. In any case many of my gay male friends and straight female friends get quite touchy-feely with each other. It’s a safe and non-sexual expression of affection and both sides know that there won’t be any misunderstandings or expectations.

      • anu says:

        Oh ok thanks ..Unrelated to this but would you have any idea about why there is soooo much negativity about kangana in Pinkvilla .Any article about Kangana and there are dozens of horrible ,insulting remarks below .Is it Hrithik’s PR or other actresses PR as well ?

        • Admin says:

          You can see whose PR it is when posts about them get so many good comments, such as praises of how he’s such a good father, family man and all that crap.

          • Deepak says:

            hey admin, a humble request.. Please don’t let OSOP turn into another Pinkvilla…..I stopped visiting it… has been overtaken by the PR-industry…..

          • Admin says:

            That would be impossible, they all hate us and we are on their blacklist. No, just kidding. Well, just like in life, when you take something you are expected to give something in return. Many sites become big and want to expand by doing interviews and getting straight from the horse’s mouth gossips and in return, they are expected to publish what these stars and their PR want. That’s why these sites start looking like one another, like if they all have the same cosmetic surgeon!

          • Shivanisd says:

            Admin ur site is a 1000 times better than those sold out commercialized sites.!!

      • nush says:

        hey i am anushka and i would like to categorically state kjo never did any such thing to me. he always kept his distance with me. I did see him getting cushy with RK on the sets. thought i would let you guys know the truth

  4. Nimi says:

    Ugh Aunty Kjo strikes again!! Sorry but he does behave like spoilt Lokhandwala Sindhi aunty! What values will he give his children when they grow up.
    I loved RV with Simi Garewal, it was so sophisticated and classy. This Kjo Acid aunty (not aunty acid) has everyone taking stupid shots and asking if they have said someone else’s name while having sex with their current BF. UGH!!!

  5. Sara says:

    Why would KJO go Bankrupt? Did he not make tons of money with bahubali. He did distribute it .

    • ghjk says:

      He’s mad loaded, the admin is just shooting in the dark.

      • Admin says:

        No, Dharma has not been doing well. A lot of their films flopped hence the joint productions with other movie companies. KJo himself said that he cannot afford to make a movie on his own. He still has people working on the payroll at Dharma and it’s pretty much why he takes any hosting opportunities he get to make money.

        • Pepeas says:

          Yup. The corporatization of filmmaking in India, and the entry of huge multinational studios has led to filmmaking as a business model, by the numbers. And expanding budgets and obsessions with the xyz-crore” club. If they went back to strong, tight scripts and mid-budget compelling dramas/smart, non-crass comedies, they’d make money again. But why does a KANK or ADHM or WHMS need vast budgets and lavish locales? They’re not organically epic stories to begin with!

        • ghjk says:

          Which Dharma film flopped recently?

  6. naughtytrini says:

    KJO is a personality that is in all of us. He is petty just as us, that is why we all can relate to him. You people know you like the bachannal he dishes out, if he was ordinary and boring, than gossip and bachannal sites wouldnt have much material to keep them relevant. All those who dislike this comment is living in a make believe bubble.

    • Admin says:

      Honestly, does anyone want to know when was the last time Ranbir Kapoor masturbated? We don’t and with this whole pervert attitude, KJo has lost his senior audience because old people, as in your dads, mums, uncles and aunties can’t understand why the talkshow is so disgusting and dirty (their words, not ours). Also, we think of those little kids who idolise these actors and watch this show because of them only to learn about masterbation, sex in the shower or other kinky weird stuffs. The fact that KJo is the one asking them makes it all worst, it’s like your busybody uncle asking you these things.

      • Ananya says:

        I completely agree! KJo is just plain annoying with all of his sexual references. I am from the current generation (early twenties), and I find it disgusting. I can only imagine what older people think… Additionally, there is no need to constantly promote his sexuality either. Be it through the questions he asks his guests or his perverse innuendos. Whatever your orientation is, we get it. Now, move on and save such discussions for an appropriate platform.

        • Pepeas says:

          My family and I just found the relentless “nudge nudge, wink wink” stuff boring. My mum would start yelling at the TV to “grow up and stop sniggering about sex like a schoolboy!” I thought his question to male celebs about “if forced at gunpoint, which man would you have sex with” to be very homophobic. IMO KJo definitely has internalized homophobia. And while I’m not a fan of Aamir’s “intellectual” persona of the last few years, I loved his answer: “If forced at gunpoint, I’d obviously have sex with anyone!”

          • Admin says:

            In the real world, “if forced at gunpoint, which man would you have sex with” is literally rape. Don’t know what the hell is wrong with KJo to think that it’s alright to ask such questions when there are situations like these happening around the world.

    • bucketbot says:

      There’s petty gossip and then there’s power used inappropriately. This is the latter. Investing in Pinkvilla is to further control what is being said behind the scenes and about whom.

      • Nar <3 Kangana says:

        Well he went mad in the arse after Kangana said what she did on the “frivolous” show – KJO y so serious? LOL

  7. sefora says:

    If this is true, and I think it is because Simi has hinted at this many times, then KJo is far pettier a person than we thought he is. He’s your typical high school snob, who will never grow up. I pity his babies!

  8. shivanisd says:

    Kjo is so vicious. As the most famous gay person in india he should behave better. Hes spoiling the, name of that community.

    • Deepak says:

      ehh.. please…. I am gay and I don’t think we should look up to such idiots like KJo….. I dislike pretentious shits like him, whether gay or not….. sexuality has nothing to do with the kind of person one is…….

      • Shivanisd says:

        I know ur orientation has nothing to, do with the kind of person ur. But many indians still dont understand the concept of homosexuality. For then kjo might be the only gay person they ever know and hence my comment that he should behave better in order to avoid spoiling the communitys name.

  9. Shivanisd says:

    I asked simi on YouTube to return to tv. Everybody comments that rendezvous was better tgan karans show. She said star World doesn’t want rendezvous kind of show. Ur right that her recent show was really bad. Did sanjay and wife really talk abt zeenat? I must watch that episode.

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