Blind Item – November 2017 2

It seems that Mumbai Mirror has found itself a source close to this actor. Just yesterday, there was a blind item about him and now today, there’s another one. This time, it’s about director and how deeply concerned he is for this actor. To be honest, we don’t think this actor is unlucky, it’s just that he really doesn’t have anything new and different to offer.

He reinvents himself in the same coming of age type of films. He took a safe bet by working with only directors that he’s comfortable with and it seriously backfired. The only out of the norm role that he wanted and did gave him the biggest flop of his career. It’s not that surprising considering how that role was not written with him in mind, but with a more suitable actor who could have played that character better.

To make things worst, he doesn’t look like his young-self anymore. He looks tired, haggard and seems to be in need of a good scrub to clean off all that from his face. He’s lucky he has his friends invested in him and his career or he would have ended up like Imran Khan. See, even when it comes to nepotism, Bollywood people has their limit.

Check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – November 2017 2

THIS mega producer and director seems rather concerned about the flailing career of this talented but unlucky actor. The filmmaker believes the magic wand of a talent management company will change the actor’s luck and revive his fortune. After all, this very same agency, under the aegis of its bright and low-profile owner, has rewritten the destiny of a superstar previously. But oh, the filmmaker’s wards are also clients of this agency. So who said everyone in Bollywood has a herd mentality? Erm, we just did.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Ranbir Kapoor

Director: Karan Johar

Blind Item – November 2017 2


Agency: Reshma Shetty’s Matrix

Superstar: Salman Khan

Blind Item – November 2017 2

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108 Responses

  1. steffi says:

    seems like this thread has a life of its own now….thanks all for responding to my initial question to Admin. I am an RK fan but I like RS as well, especially since BM…but I do feel that RK does not have a PR atleast not a good one. Yes he may be dating a lot of girls ,…but so are so many married/ unmarried men in this industry, he may even be into substance abuse but so are many…but it seems he is always targeted for it. Two evils don’t make it right…but this is a fact…I don’t buy Akshay’s/ Ajay/ Ranveer’s devotion to their Wives/ GF’s …this is a PR made image

  2. nefarious says:

    Anisha, can you tell us about DP-Ranbir? Is it Ranbirs PR that portrays DP as desperate for him ( maybe as some kind of revenge to the damage she caused to his image?) or is she still into him?
    I think someone asked you before, but you havent shared your thoughts on this. Would really like to know.

    • Anisha says:

      Hi nefarious, Ranbir doesn’t have a PR — I checked with him once again today. If you’re referring to this article, I’m afraid there was no involvement of any PR, not even the brands he’s sporting here — it was just this Delhi kid going in for clickbait gold:

      Say, Ranbir had a PR and that PR had asked this kid to write an article by giving him the outlines. But, if you notice, in these set of pics Ranbir is wearing the Off-White x Champion hoodie and the ‘Presto’ sneakers from the Nike x Virgil Abloh collab — two items that are hypebeasts’ wet dream. Wouldn’t it be wise of his PR to highlight this for a piece on menswear portal to further his fashion cred? This article, shamefully, does not even mention it. What happened was this kid was mailed a set of photos by Viral Bhayani and he had to write an article on them. He thought he will have the clicks guaranteed by dropping Deepika’s name in a Ranbir post. There’s nothing more to do this.

      I really don’t know if Deepika is still crazy about Ranbir, but she sure loves to take his name at every chance she gets as she knows that will get her the most ratings. Make what you will out of it.

      • Ananya says:

        I rreally don’t buy that last line. I’m no die hard fan but I think it’s the other way round tbh. Rk these days is in news only for the girls name linked to him.

        While Dp Pr makes sure she’s talked about for her affairs but also her work. Rk work life is down the drill and these days I see his name either with Mahira or some mystery woman or Deepika. And right now Deepika doesn’t need Rk to get most rating, it’s obviously the other way round. RK IS a big name only for Kapoors and Kjo. Not in general public as of now. HeI has a lot of reinventing to do. He might emerge again. But I’m talking about current scenario.

        I don’t know his Pr name. But any actor has a Pr or at least a talent team managing them. It’s obvious. In Rs case also there is a lady manager name, I’ve heard. If Rk manager cannot be considered Pr then so can’t his. I think Anushka, Ranveer, Arjun an all are managed by Yrf talent team. Not any proper talent agency outside. And with kjo around I don’t think Alia and Rk need a PR lol. Nothing against them but only against Kjo.

        And I don’t get one argument of yours Anisha. I mean why do you think Rk is singled out and also uunfairly. As far as I know, general public do know each one’s real character to an extent. No one buys Srk or Akshay or Aamir family image, Hrithik or Kangana iinnocent image, Sid Alia couple image, nothing. Everything is transparent these days.

        RK is blamed mostly for casanova image and some say weed also. I haven’t heard another issue of him, even the egoistic part apart from toiffa incident. But people know most artists are vain. So what is there for which he is evened out for?

        And with Rs too, I don’t think he has clean image. There’s always break up link up rumours about him too. Recently surgery, drug everything. His energy and character is often questioned. Sometimes even mercilessly, but right now yes itsI a bit less and he is praised bz of his success. That’s the same with anyone. WhenI you are successful even your flaws become gold. Plus Deepika and him give out a strong image which helps.

        So tbhI I don’t see any bias. All see what they want to see. IfI you like Rk you see the good in him and if you like Rs you see the good in him. And vice versa. only fans argue over who is good or. Bad. That’s it.

        Plus even if his outsider image is crelated by Pr like you said do you know why it gets weightage? Bz insiders treat him so. Deepika Priyanka Vidya are outsiders who made it big. But why do you think Kangana stands out? Same reason – because of the way insiders treat her.

        • Admin says:

          RK might not have a PR, per say, he does have people in the right places. Just one phone call and whatever he wants happens. Take that time he was stopped with weed or drugs in his car, just one phone call and he was let go. He knows people and knows how to make them do his dirty job. He doesn’t need to pay for a PR company for that.

      • Tanuja says:

        Hi Anisha,do you know anything about this virat-anushka relationship?Would like to know your opinion.

  3. sharuna says:

    My god they all sound so shallow. How do they even sleep at night with a clean conscience. I think they are all insecure and always with lots of tensions and full of stress all the time. It’s like the grass always looks greener from the other side. Having said that, lage raho bollyood but entertain us with good movies while you remain forever tensed and stressed out lol.

  4. kiran101 says:

    Seriously anyone here actually thinks RANBIR does not have a PR. who approves all the blinds and gossip-rumors spread by KJO then ? Everyone claims they know stars but can someone provide some serious inside information than broad character that is quite known. Katrina not being a nice women is known to entire world …read quora answers. at the end of the day they all maybe fake but here is the difference between Ranveer arrogance and Ranbir ….in my opinion….for one it maybe a defence mechanism for other it stems from entitlement.Generous use of word MAYBE.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Usually the majority claims are most accurate, for instance, majority rules that Ranbir has the biggest ego ever, he thinks just because he is a star kid and his daddy is so well known, people will flock to see his movie. Oh look! Rishi Kapoor son acting in that movie, lets go see him! I think he cant come to grips that being a star kid aint gonna cut it in the long run. And to top it off, his parents cant seem to fathom why their son aint a success, Rishi throws tantrums at directors and producers when his son’s films flops and I bet his mom try to cacoon him, mother’s boy. Between Ranbir and Ranveer, Ranveer is more mature. Ranveer is goofy and it works in his favour. I dont know either of them but as I said, majority rules.

      • kiran101 says:

        i agree. Also, gone are those days when people are star struck as before. There was a time when bollywood used to sell dreams…now even teenagers are aware and well traveled and hell some of them are even foreign born and want different kind of movies. Everyone these days have watched hollywood movies and tv sereis much before these actors and directors even do.
        Dont make INCEPTIOn when you dont understand the movie in bollywood. Guess what…people who can actually watch inception why will they see horrible version of bollywood movie ? So RANBIR making JAGGA Jassos is such a joke …i would rather watch TINTIN than jagga jassos. But these people are so far from reality …they never understand. That is the biggest disadvantage of being star kid…lack of awareness, Baahubali is such a bit HIT because its a super HERO-VILLAIN movie in Indian context….not a pale imitation of hollywood movies like RA ONE and KRISHH . Ranveer is not just more mature he is truly Thankful for what he achieved…while RANBIR wonders why is he not superstar yet…since he decided when debuting that he is going to be a superstar.

        • Nimi says:

          Hmmm Is Ayaan leaking those pics of Ranbir and his girl friends after taking them? Its a well known fact that Ranbir’s exes always end of low on self esteem.
          RS was also found with a box of condoms in Paris while Dp was in Toronto 😛 but I feel like they have an open relationship anyway. Much rather that than a cheating partner right?

  5. naughtytrini says:

    Hahahaha I just want to vote down all Anisha comments lol Kali have owned her so much times. Is it me or is Anisha coming across as a liar? Oh I know them all but I dont want to say too much because then I will lose my job, yet you are saying so much already, dont stop lol Some people on here sure does lives in gigantic size pink bubbles. Honestly, she is sounding like unfunny bones Twinkle…

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      well she says nothing at all about Akshay. Like y?

      • naughtytrini says:

        exactly my point Nar. She compares Akshay to the three Khans lol saying like them he have earned it lol people doesnt realize that we are not dumbos, we read between the lines and most people sell themselves out big time without even realizing it.

      • Anisha says:

        Hi Nar <3 Kangana, I’ve said too many things about Akshay’s ways on OSOP. For instance, if you go back to that post the Admin did on Akshay, the one that is replete with GIFs, you’ll find my thoughts on him. Akshay is just not worth typing all those words all over again. In short, he shags more background people than the ones in front of the camera — both male and female.

        • Rashmi says:

          especially male. so he is called Casanova and a womanizer. a million stories about his affairs with women, but you certainly know a lot more than the rest of the people from the industry. there are a lot of stories about SRK, but here you prefer to keep silent.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Akshay very boldly said he wasn’t gay on his first episode of KWK, He doesn’t see him as bi. Otherwise Kjo would’ve cast him a million years ago. Actually KKHH wouldnt been his movie. LOL

            & u sure ur not Ranbir’s PR? Cause Ranbir seems so BI

          • Anisha says:

            Nar <3 Kangana, Akshay was not sophisticated enough for K.Jo back then. But, he shags more men than women and this is the fact of the matter.

            Hahaha… I’m not Ranbir’s PR. I’m not even fond of the guy! You know, in the middle of the night he goes round his neighbourhood blasting music at full volume. I’ve heard Bachna Ae Haseeno blaring out of his car at 3 in the morning at Pali Hill one too many times. That’s how big of a jerk he is. Despite that, I do feel he’s singled out, and, for the most part, unfairly.

            This is how the Bollywood PR machinery works: someone sends you an email every morning and within seconds of hitting send the person would send you a text: ‘Pls chk email’. Then 30 secs later he/she would ring you to make sure you’ve received the email. Then after 5 mins that person would text on WhatsApp to ask when the article is going live. This is an example of the end product of this exercise.

            Then there’s the digital PR team, who masquerade as fans mostly on Twitter. That team’s sole job is to troll the internet for what’s being said about the client and post comments/tweets.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            So he shags the guys who do background work? dancers and the like? not actors?

    • kiran101 says:

      I know right…i actually posted a general comment on how everyone claims to know stars but wont reveal their profession since it will give away who they are ?? what is such a unique profession (like CEO of Facebook ) instantly gives away as Zuckerberg.

      • Kali says:

        Haha. I was silently watching but just wanted to say that I also take these claims of ‘connections’ on forums, etc. with a pinch of salt. Stars have a big team and from time to time there really are people selling stories or people with behind the scenes information on stars. But we can’t go believing everyone unless the information is in context… It amuses me greatly to know that SAK ‘might’ have someone arranging his underwear drawer, but I’m not sure since its not in context.

        Most of the other things said here are well known.. Everyone knows that Ranbir likes to Blaze It, Kangana is tempermental, Hrihik loves looking at the mirror in between shots, and that stars don’t pay for their things… You can tell that Parineeti is boorish and unsophisticated just by watching her interviews.

        I am more interested in knowing (if Anisha really is in the inner circle) if Hrithik and Kangana really did have a thing. Is Siddharth really gay, and Alia-Sid a PR couple as was reported? I’m sure half of Bollywood actually knows this, so nobody is going to lose their job by saying that.

        Anisha, if you are reading can you give your thoughts about the same?

        And no disrespect to Anisha, but I find it odd that someone with literary/journalistic connections in Bollywood would not know Sonam Kapoor and Ranveer’s family connections (Second cousin, not first cousin), ‘just learned’ of Ranveer’s grandmother’s career graph in Bollywood and calls Ram Leela a period movie (as someone else pointed out).

        It’s this grey area between believing and not believing, but I’d still like to know her take on the same.

        • kiran101 says:

          If she is a Journalist as she claims….then she has no more info than what is all over the Web since it would be spread by now. Only a true insider can give some real scoop…be it from past or present. Sometimes juciest scoop comes from old generation since they are not in limelight now and with no social media then and no one’s interested in them…real insiders have that info. My sister’s friend is a small time actor in the south …and my aunt’s neighbor in their flats is a south serial actor with some minor role in movies occasionally in the past…he is an old man. My sis’ s friend has no Info other than who wears wigs. Nor the old man from serials apart from the obvious general fakeness of filmdom. Bollywood is like a secret society LOL . I think spotboys and other workers also know who goes into who’s vanity van so do the hawking reporters. Can this woman Anisha give info what KJO has ? My bet is she is a regular fan.

          • kiran101 says:

            Correction – my sister’s friend’s father is a small time actor.

          • Anisha says:

            kiran101, what do you want to know about K.Jo?

          • kiran101 says:

            your a journalist….please read again. I want to know what he knows about people in Bollywood.

          • kiran101 says:

            my questions:
            1. What all rumors did KJO – AYAN-Ranbir spread so far ?
            2. What are major gossips of karan-ranbir-kareena whatsaap group.
            3. IS ranbir BI?
            4. deepika still holding on to Ranbir rumor if its true or Ranbir PR to make him desirable ?

            for starters these are my questions.

          • Anisha says:

            kiran101, K.Jo knows everything that goes on in Bollywood. He randomly calls up Bollywood journos with scoops and most of them run with it without even verifying, like his word is gospel. He plays the media like a fiddle. And another thing about K.Jo, he is such a sadist, in every sense of the word.

            Ranbir is not bi and most of his dalliances are not even reported in the media. This one time he walked into Aer with Ayan — both were high AF — and Ranbir randomly started grabbing girls there and giving them slobbering kisses. He had no idea who he was kissing, just any girl would do, any pair of lips would do. Guess what? He left with a couple of the girls. Now, whether he took them back to his flat or he checked into the Four Seasons, that I don’t know. This was while he was living with Katrina.

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            I want to beleive everything u say just because u called KJO a sadist, for this reason I cannot love Alia. Like what is up with her? She afraid to be on her own? no crazy Kjo to haunt her every decision?

          • Rhea says:

            Hi Anisha, I can’t resist but ask you few questions about bollywood. Mostly its about relationships
            1. Is Karan Johar dating Sidharth, and his and Alia’s relationship is just a cover up for that?
            2. Why did Ranbir and Katrina break up?
            3. Are Katrina and Salman back together? And is Ranbir really dating Mahira?
            4. Are Ranveer Deepika really a couple or just friends with benefits?
            5. Does Karan Johar have any friends or people are just faking their friendship with him as he is a top producer in bollywood. Considering how he spreads rumours about these actors, many might actually be mad at him but are keeping quiet.

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Rhea, to be honest, Karan has no friends other than Manish — it’s hard to genuinely care for a person when he/she is always engaging in some sort of power play with you. That’s why I call him a sadist. Everything in his life is superficial. K.Jo recently made a grand gesture to me but I was anything but impressed; in fact, I was disgusted. It just came across as showing off his reach so that I stay in line. So, instead of an ebullient thank you, all he got from me was something along the lines of, “Yeah, whatever, thanks.”

            Ranbir and Katrina had a very toxic relationship, so it was for the best that he ended it with her. Ranbir continued to play the field and so did Katrina. I know I will come across as a Ranbir apologist yet again but what broke this relationship was Katrina’s attention-seeking ways. If his film isn’t up for release he’d like to fly under the radar and this was becoming impossible with Katrina around. There were other issues, but primarily this was the reason. Believe it or not, the guy just wants to act and wants to be written about just for his work. And I once again checked with him today to see if he has enlisted the services of a PR firm that I’ve not been informed of and his reply was in the negative. And that thing with Mahira, it fizzled out way before those pics came into public’s consciousness. Actually, those pics were floating on the internet as soon as they were taken in July but Mahira was tagged as ‘Bharti Malhotra’. For instance, see here: Also this tweet: Please tell me why it “broke the internet” in September when they were already out in July 🤔

            As for Katrina, she wishes she was back with Salman but that is not happening.

            Ranveer and Deepika are just friends with benefits, while Sidharth and Alia’s relationship is just showmance.

          • Rhea says:

            Thank you for replying Anisha😊

            Karan seems like a person who isn’t loyal to anyone. Bitches about everyone and their clothes. The guy should first look at his dressing sense as he only wears one color – Black. Not shocking that he does not have friends.

            If Ranbir doesn’t like staying in the news other than for his work, then why leak pictures with Mahira. Nobody knew about their fling until those pictures were out. Why all the blind items about him and Mahira still going strong? Why leak pictures with Katrina in Ibiza in 2013 and that kiss video with Deepika at Bangkok airport in 2008. Katrina and him are not together, yet he is still in the news more for his personal life than his work.

            Sid and Alia are trying way too hard to convince people that they are a couple. And are failing miserably in doing so. Sid-Jacky was still believable than Sid-Alia. Seems like Alia is in love with Varun.

          • Nikita says:

            So according to you it is not rk’s philandering ways but Kat’s attention seeking ways that lead to the break up because he likes to be in news only for his work. Let me remind you that now they have broken up and rk is still in news for his link ups and not movies,from Delhi gf to arrange marriage to some NRI girl to now mahira and some mystery girl. It has always been his modus operandi, to use his gf to stay in news be it DP or Kat. It was him who had arranged for a family dinner in a popular restaurant where he brought Katrina with him just few days before BV released, if Kat has used rk to stay in news so has rk.
            And what makes you think she wants to get back with salman? Her IG posts? She is just promoting her movie like she did during jj. It is salman who said she’s always welcome in his house, his family’s house door is always open for her,arpita called her family and Kat and salman her favorite Jodi and so did sohail.

          • Pooja says:

            Hi anisha can you talk about what’s up with Rs-Dp ??? Are they in a relationship or it’s only friends with benifits??? If it’s only a showmance who is Dp and Rs dating in real life….It’ll be interesting to know….

        • Anisha says:

          Hi Kali, it was my bad that I wrote that Ranveer is Sonam’s first cousin — it was always mentioned that they are second cousins. I always knew they were second cousins, but the part about his grandmother, I really didn’t know from before.

          I really shouldn’t have let out the bit about Saif Ali Khan. Since I’ve already done it, here’s more: the person who is tasked with looking after his underwear gets to travel everywhere with him for — guess what! — look after his underwear. London, Gstaad, New York, Amalfi Coast, everywhere. And he always advertises that post as “wardrobe consultant”.

          Yes, Hrithik and Kangana DID date. Alia-Sidharth is a showmance. Sidharth’s team wanted to move on to Jacqueline but that story didn’t get much traction, so it’s back to Alia for now.

        • kiran101 says:

          @Kali – I am inclined to think something happened between hrithik and kangana but why did Kangana have to disclose him as his ex without his permission. Nawaz is fighting a case with other women for exact same reason roles reversed. 2 consenting adults have a steamy affair behind closed doors when not resulted in child or pregnancy I see no reason to disclose it in public and not face law suit. People here saying she is a role model is cringe worthy. How is any woman who is hell bent on proving she slept with someone when the other party avoids her like plague is empowering women ? Also, I am conditioned to agree on any one alleging an affair in bollywood , I think its more believable that an affair happened than not.

          • Rashmi says:

            it sounds funny. Kangana called Hrithik his ex without his permission. she had to ask permission? Priyanka talks about sexual harassment without any permission from the filmmakers, and what? It was Hrithik who admitted that he was an ex-Kangan but still playing children’s games

          • kiran101 says:

            wow ! Guess what I dont see your point in Legal sense…how was Kangana sexually harassed is beyond me. Priyanka did not take names you know why ? She will face law suit.
            Kangana – ” What happened to Ashiqui 3 with Hrtihk” . Ex’s do silly things” …there is something called context and alluding”. Kangana alluded Hrithik is her ex.

            I dont indulge in fan wars. I have very strong opinions on consent and dont think much of people who violate them. It is defamation/Libel per se. Period.

        • sharuna says:

          Maybe he is RS or RK in Anisha’s disguise hehehe

      • Anisha says:

        kiran101, do you expect me to give specific instances of my interactions with you here? Like I said, I work in publishing, so I need to deal with all these people’s PR at least four hours every day. And these people every other day.

        • kiran101 says:

          @Anisha…do you expect me to just take your word . But you said RANBIR does not have a PR and only RANVEER has …. but somehow Ranveer managed to be a douche-bag to you who handles his PR . if or not you share your instances here…the common opinion (not just me) you shared no real scoop so far except mud slinging on Ranveer. Ofcourse you had to say Ranbir has superiority complex ….since everyone here knows about the entire kapoor clan. The minute you said Ranbir has no PR every claim became questionable…Ranbir PR machinery is the strongest and the most effective one along with Karan -Ayan brains behind it. Please tell me I am wrong.

        • kiran101 says:

          oh btw Ram leela was not a period movie. Everyone knew sonam and Ranveer are 2nd cousins …i knew it soon after Baand baja Baraat. We also know karan johar and Ranbir kapoor spread “Gareebon ka Ranbir kapoor” for Ranveer when he started being successful. Whatever you say Ranveer is not such a high functioning douche bag as Ranbir .

          • Maji says:

            Kiran101, if you don’t believe what Anisha says, fine, don’t read her comments or then take it with a pinch of salt. Do you have any better/’authentic’ facts to provide about stars? Doesn’t seem like you do. I don’t like it people just put down others for the sake of it…heck, we are all reading gossip, some are facts, some are ‘facts’ from Quora…it’s entertainment/escapism. None of us is proclaiming to use the material here to write a book so let’s not go into ‘how can you aunthenticate this, are you RS/RK, blah blah’. Read, have a few laughts, tch, tch about the stars and forget about it…

          • kiran101 says:

            Thanks for the advice ! but you should take your own advice….and also i remember discussing with Kali in general about this topic. But the OP was putting down RS over RK and claimed to have authentic info contrary to what ur typing. I already told i dont know famous people…If I knew why would I be here. You dont really think that i take this all personally and go home fight with my family over these stars ?? Thanks for the advice aneways – Unsolicited

  6. ghjk says:

    “The only out of the norm role that he wanted and did gave him the biggest flop of his career.”

    I agree that his Wake Up Sid period was boring and repetitive, but this is stretching it, don’t you think? Rocket Singh, Raajneeti, Besharam, Rockstar (elements of growing up, true, but a true blue Majnu in the second half), Barfi!, BV, ADHM.

    As for KJo having his back, that’s cool. I’m glad there are loyalties and friendships in this industry, even if fleeting. Not quite sure how useful Reshma will be for him, Bhai was Bhai after all, but if she’s had it down to a science then I’m sure he’ll do well as well.

    And that guy is right, you guys have deep-set biases against some people, and me and you usually fall on opposite ends, but you publish my comments and I keep reading your website (with ad blocker turned off).

    • prvilla says:

      honestly no use beating on a dead horse here,,cuz clearly audience is king and sorry to say these internet(pr bought)warriors or any kind of nepo antics cannot turn the tide unless ranbir himself becomes less arrogant and more approachable and stops making a public tamasha of his private affairs..also less gossip antics and playing games and more actual work.otherwise the proof is in the pudding and obviously the general public is irked by him in some way shape or form to not want to go watch his films or support him.As simple as that.Numbers speak yaar..just saying

    • Admin says:

      Haha..Thanks…Well, this is what the world is made of, what else can we expect? We can’t always be right, you can’t always be right. What we have as ours and you have as yours are our opinions and your opinions hence this open commenting platform. It’s cool to not like everything we write. The fact that you take the time out to read is enough and we thank you for that.

  7. steffi says:

    sir…. I have started vising this site for the past few weeks and can see that there is a distinct negativity towards RK…so anything that he does is bad…not new….looks haggard blah blah & anything RS does is great, noble,differnt etc…no bias towards RS but you deffo are biased…..think you will not publish my comment…but its OK..

    • kiran101 says:

      Because people like RS more than RK.Bias ? this kapoor lad a gossipmonger with his entitlement and misogynistic ways does not harbor any good will from audience.Its not bias…I guess ADMIn knows inside story of these pretentious stars and it shows how they are written about. Did you know his current mentor and savior spread the word about Ranveer as ‘Gareebon ka Ranbir Kapoor’? such is their arrogance. Forgive us for our opinion of such low lives.

    • Kali says:

      When Ranbo first came in the industry, audiences saw him as a blue-blooded scion of a famous film family, handsome, fresh with chocolate hero looks. The audience were forgiving about the nepotism angle since he was seen as the future next generation superstar after his grand-father and (to some extent) his uncles and his parents had been. He was pulling the legacy of the Kapoor family forward. He also had a bit of puppy-dog sweetness to him and this aura around him that said ‘the era of the ageing Khans’ is over. I like to think of him as the Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson of that time.

      The biggest thing in his favour was that was launched at an opportune time, when the ‘superstar’ of the early 2000’s Hrithik Roshan was slowly declining and before Varun Dhawan, Siddharth, Ranveer, etc. came on the scene, I’m talking about before Nawaz and Irrfan Khan were accepted for their unconventional looks. AK, Ajay, were mostly stagnant. Saif reached the peak of his career in 2006 and never achieved more after Omkara. All three Khans were constant, SRK and Aamir individually building six packs for OSO and Ghajini. Reshma busy making a human out of Sallu.

      His only direct youth competitor of that era was Imran Khan (who rapidly fizzled out). Ranbo was the flavor of the season.

      What happened then? Even though Saawariya was a flop, he was in the public eye. He followed it up with a couple films that did okey-dokey. 2009 was his best year with APKGK, WUS, Rocket.

      After that he became damn repetitive. How many times is the audience going to see the same coming of age type of movie? This is what his last few movies have been about.

      Anjaana Anjaani – Angry Depressed guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Finds himself.
      Rockstar – Angry Depressed/Disillusioned Musician guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Girl Dies. Finds himself.
      YJHD – Disillusioned guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Finds himself.
      Tamasha – Depressed guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Finds himself.
      Bombay Velvet – Rockstar – Angry /Disillusioned Musician guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Girl Dies.
      ADHM – Depressed/Disillusioned Musician guy meets girl and eventually falls in love. Girl Dies.

      While Ranbo was making the same kind of movie including one for years, everyone else was re-inventing. Saif started to become a pseudo-intellectual. Nawaz and Irrfan began to be critically acclaimed, AK became a desh bhakt, Aamir began to make social dramas and Salman began to be more human, making Dabang and movies that appealed to his Bhai-tards.

      Younger heroes like Tiger, Sid and Varun came into the fray. Tiger is 8 years younger than Ranbo.

      Ranveer Singh might be a coke-head, annoyingly hyper and also from the filmy family, but at least he is trying a variety of roles? Besides have you ever heard of his ex-girlfriends going into depression because of him? I’ve also never seen Ranveer mansplain any of his female costars. This puts him a notch over Ranbo in my book.

    • Hmmm says:

      Admin just calls a spade a spade. To me , RK comes across as super fake where as RS ( who has his faults) appears to be more genuine. Also RK is a totally over rated actor, mostly known for his affairs,who does various shades of wake up Sid for example Rockstar Sid, Barfi Sid, Adhm Sid, yeh Jawani hai Deewani Sid and Tamasha Sid. If we are curious to know how Sanjay dutt would be as Sid or superhero Sid we can wait till Dutt and Dragon release! RS atleast attempts different genres and is improving over time. The cherry on top is RK’s poor treatment of Deepika and Katrina. Neither girl deserved that and the end result is while these two ladies hate each other and this guy just moves on to some other poor gal.

      • Anisha says:

        How is starring in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama three times (Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani and Padmavati), Dilli ka launda twice (Band Baaja Baaraat, Befikre) and hamming drama of the 80s twice (Kill Dill, Sunday) in a ten-film career trying out different genres?

        If you think Ranbir is super fake, then you’d be shattered to meet Ranveer. He’s as fake as it comes and what’s worse, manipulative to the core. Ranveer is only nice to his fans when there’s a camera around or else he acts like a pompous twat. He’s Sonam’s first cousin, went to Learners Academy, where all the Bollywood kids go to, grew up in Bandra and yet pretends he has zero connections with Bollywood and bills himself as a complete outsider. He knew Shanoo Sharma and Zoya Akhtar since the age of 16 — which outsider has that privilege? Years later, it’s this Shanoo Sharma, who became the casting director of YRF, gave him his big break. Every actor he meets is his favourite and the reason why he got into acting, every cricketer he meets is his favourite and the reason why he watches the game, every footballer he meets is the reason why he follows the game, blah blah blah.

        Take it from someone who has interacted with both Ranbir and Ranveer (more with him), the former is the lesser of the evil and is into his craft with all his heart but doesn’t blow one’s trumpet about it like the latter. And really, after Jagga Jasoos, his offence of playing coming-of-age over and over again has been wiped clean.

        • Anisha says:

          And oh, just learnt that Ranveer’s grandmother Chand Burke was an actress who has worked with Manoj Kumar in a film called Pehchan. Again, so much for being an outsider with zero connections.

          • Kali says:

            Anisha, if you see my post, I acknowledged that Ranveer is also from the filmy family. Its not something that either family is trying to cover up. He has never tried to portray himself as a rag-to-riches story. If you find even one article where he says that he made it completely without family connections, I will eat my socks.

            He is not Sonam’s first cousin! They are second cousins.
            Sunita Kapoor’s uncle’s wife is his grandmother, Chand Burke.


            Btw, we cannot compare Ranbir’s family connections to Ranveer. Raj Kapoor was a superstar. He was one of the greatest and most influential actors and filmmakers in the history of Indian cinema. Chand Burke did not initially work in Bollywood. She was an actress who worked in Lahore before the Partition and was widely known as “the Dancing Lily of the Punjab.

            Do you know Raj Kapoor gave Chand Burke her big break after the Partition, and nearly faded into oblivion? Quote IMDB: Raj Kapoor who selected her for that important role as children’s tormentor in “Boot Polish,” over 200 other contestants, her screen-test convincing Raj Kapoor that she was a talented actress.

            Btw, despite this according to him, even he was not immune to the casting couch.

            My post never said that he was a non-privileged man who made it on his own. My post was about how and why I think Ranbir is not an inventive actor and Ranbir’s poor film choices.

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Kali, my bad that I didn’t specify whose comment I was replying to; my comment was more in connection to ‘Hmmm’ than you.

            I used the ‘outsider’ reference to give an example of his manipulative nature. I went to the same school as Ranveer, so when he says stuff like ‘I wasn’t raised around anyone who is famous, I didn’t know who to be or what to say’, it really gets my goat.

            His PR has been bleating on and on about him being an outsider who got a “million-to-one” shot at Bollywood thanks to YRF. He actually never mentioned that he’s related to Anil Kapoor until Sonam and Anil Kapoor said it themselves. Then Ranveer downplayed the relation only for photos to emerge of him being in Sonam/Rhea/Harsh’s birthday parties along with the rest of Bollywood kids, including Ranbir.

            Here’s one instance of an article that has been approved by his team:

            “In 2010, if someone told you that a not-so-good-looking boy with no filmi connections would be the next big thing in Bollywood, you’d have laughed.”

          • kiran101 says:

            Ranveer is not good looking but Ranbir is ??? seriously…money and family name can make people see things that aint there.No wonder women from filmdom are sleeping around with Ranbir even if its high risk std’s … all hail the kapoor tag.

        • Hmmm says:

          I have zero interest in meeting RS or RK as neither come across as intelligent, so no I won’t be shattered to find out if RS is a douche because I’m not his fan. From what I read and see I just prefer him to RK and find him more personable. RS may be industry blood but he won’t give the finger sign to paps nor does he mansplain his heroines/ girlfriends or spread gossip. If you prefer RK and think he is better fair call and you are totally entitled to that view point.

          • Anisha says:

            RS has made a bunch of chauvinist remarks that are far worse than Ranbir’s mansplaining. Like, Ranveer said he is yet to meet a woman who is more intelligent than him. And then his equivalence of feminism to ‘menism’, which undermined what the former stands for.


          • Kali says:

            What started as discussion of a blind item is now this is getting unnecessarily political.

            I think what Ranveer is trying to say that both genders should be treated equally.

            Personally, I believe that feminism should be about having equal rights and opportunities about men. Women leads should be paid as much as male leads. Thanks to the suffragettes, women can vote (in most countries) and be elected to Parliament. Thanks to women campaigning, most women in developed and some developing countries get maternity leave and pay. Those women are the real heroes.

            I don’t want to be paid more than a man and have special rules for me just because I have a vagina.

            I personally don’t agree with the ideal of Feminazism or militant feminism. The kind of women that say you are a bad woman because you make a cup of tea for your husband when he comes home. I believe in equality between sexes which means that women shouldn’t expect men to pay the bill for a date or hold doors open for her.


          • Hmmm says:

            I never made any comment about RS being an outsider or RK an insider. I said why I prefer RS to RK. If you diasagree that’s fine and god bless you for being a loyal RK fan. However, writing a quote in all caps won’t change what I think just like me replying won’t change what you think!

          • Anisha says:

            Hey, my comment was in response to your saying that Ranveer comes across as genuine when in reality he’s super fake like Ranbir. That’s why I brought up “his USP”: outsider with no filmy connections who made it in Bollywood.

            I’m not a Ranbir fan; if you scroll down you’ll see that in another comment I called him a ‘twat with a superiority complex’. I think the bad rap he has is unfair when the rest of them are as bad, if not worse, than him — I guess he doesn’t have a digital PR team masquerading as fans to defend him.

          • Hmmm says:

            Just saw your comment. I’m guessing you have some inside knowledge. BTW I’m not on anyone’s PR team far far from that in fact 😬 Peace

          • kiran101 says:

            Ranbir has no PR is such a bullshit you are willing to buy but Ranveer is genuine is something you dont buy ?? BTW who is leaking all those pics on RANBIR then ? he is besties with KJO and he is in KJo’s and Bebo’s own words biggest gossipmonger who has no PR….yeah right !

          • kiran101 says:

            you guess ? I thought you knew them very well. I wonder who leaks Ranbir pics…his conquests with women ? Also he is family with karishma and mentor KJO who revealed his gossip nature. But does not have a PR ….such a bunny…he has the biggest PR in bollywood – KARAN JOHAR.

          • Anisha says:

            “If you believe that men and women have equal rights, if someone asks if you’re feminist, you have to say yes because that is how words work. You can’t be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m a doctor that primarily does diseases of the skin.’ Oh, so you’re a dermatologist? ‘Oh no, that’s way too aggressive of a word! No no not at all not at all.’” – Aziz Ansari

          • Kali says:

            Anisha, I don’t you are being fair with putting down only half a quote. Aziz Ansari also said that “If you look up feminist in the dictionary, it just means someone who believes men and women have equal rights,

            This is exactly what I believe Ranveer is trying to saying, and this is something I personally endorse thoroughly. Speaking of personal bias, you are writing this as if Ranveer is a masochist pig who says that women shouldn’t drive or vote.


          • Anisha says:

            If not a pig, he’s at least borderline sexist. And this isn’t the first time he has been caught on the wrong side of this debate.

            His team signed it off, so his excuse that he didn’t know it would be used in this context is just BS. I once wrote an article on a particular sneaker brand that is favoured by the likes of SRK, Sidharth Malhotra, Katrina, Aditya Roy Kapur, Kareena Kapoor. Guess what his team did? Within ten minutes of that article going live, his team hounded by editor and beyond to take down the article entirely. Because, Ranveer is the brand ambassador of Adidas Originals in India and he doesn’t want to be identified as wearing as other brand’s sneakers. The article was taken down. I’ve many more examples of his team being hands-on about what his being written about him. So that excuse he gave after the backlash on the billboard is just 🙄

          • Admin says:

            Listen, Anisha. Since you have mentioned that you have met these Bollywood stars, why not give your views about them? We are sure the readers will appreciate that. Thanks.

          • Anisha says:

            I don’t want to give too much away or else I’ll blow my cover and I don’t want to be jobless 😂 But, none of these celebs are personable except Anil Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Arjun Kapoor (I’ve heard horror stories about him, but all my interactions with him were nice, so I’m not going to paint him with the same brush as the rest).

            Ranbir – Twat with a superiority complex
            Ranveer – Fake to the core and arrogant AF
            Sidharth – Thinks he’s a massive star
            Shahid – Impossible to deal with. Thinks he’s the biggest star in this planet, galaxy, universe, Asgard.
            Sushant – Deeply, deeply insecure. Rubs people the wrong way all the time and hence the blinds. Can’t handle his drink. Not even half a pint.
            Imran Khan – Same as Ranbir. In his head, he’s as big a star as Ranbir.
            Aditya – Insecure and would you believe, difficult to deal with!
            Riteish – Same as above
            Varun – Narcissistic, so you’re in a constant state of 🙄
            Tiger – Is he even a human being? Think he’s manufactured in some lab in Japan. Proud of his massive backside.
            Harshvardhan – Same as Aditya
            Hrithik – has he not blown up his facade already?

            That’s off the top of my head. If there are specific ones you’d like to know, please feel free to ask.

          • Hmmm says:

            What about the top Actresess?

          • Anisha says:

            Just as bad. All of them.

            Deepika – Just so full of attitude. Lonely soul, has no friends in Mumbai other than Shaleena Nathani.
            Katrina – The. Worst. This woman doesn’t have a single nice bone in her body.
            Anushka – Insecure AF. Ice Queen.
            Shraddha – Just blah!
            Sonam – Katrina narrowly beats her. The ultimate gossip queen.
            Kareena – If anything, she’s transparent.
            Parineeti – She must’ve been raised in the mountains by goats! Just. So Uncouth.
            Aishwarya – Is she even a human being with any feelings and a beating heart?
            Alia – Slightly better than the rest.
            Sonakshi – Unctuous.
            Jacqueline – Like Aishwarya. She can’t be for real.

          • Rashmi says:

            Miss Ranaut? for sure she is very modest in her interviews. I know people who know her, they say she is very smart and shy

          • sharuna says:

            Though i do believe what you say bout Deepika in general , the saying goes that its always lonely at the top, when you are at the top of your game you are always alone.

          • sharuna says:

            Sahana Goshwami maybe.

          • Rashmi says:

            interesting opinion. did you communicate with all of them? You say Anil is normal, but Anil always had a massive ego and wanted to lead in every film. Even when I worked with Jackie. Jackie on the contrary was a calm and safe person and did not require increased attention to himself. Yes, I’m interested in details about the personality and character of Hrithik

          • Anisha says:

            Yes, Rashmi, I communicate with all of them 😒 You know, Anil Kapoor might have an ego but every time I’ve met him he greets me warmly and treats me with respect, unlike the others who think you’re at their service and that you should be grateful that you’re standing within five feet of them. My bar is so low with these Bollywood people that if anyone minds their Ps and Qs I’m impressed. But yes, you’re right, Jackie Shroff is another one who is nice with people in general — shame that his kids didn’t take after him. Actually, Anil’s kids are the exact opposite to him in their dispositions.

            Hrithik is just so unimpressive in real life. He lets it be known that he’s a star, that his time is valuable — never mind that he’s sitting at home most of the time — that he’s doing you a favour by letting you in to his house. Conversing with him is like watching a paint dry, that’s how boring he is. Afterwards, his team will hound you to make him seem more impressive than he is, they will use the excuse that he’s working hard and late into the night, so was very exhausted but still made time for you. You get the drift?

          • Rashmi says:

            you write very interesting. I believe you. I think Hrithik is still very dumb, he can not even connect a few words. what do you think about the Khans and Akshay? still of course interested in the actresses whom you interviewed

          • Anisha says:

            Hey Rashmi, at this point, does it even matter how the three Khans and Akshay are? They have earned it. That being said, it’s not possible to not be disarmed by SRK, who I think is a lost soul. Aamir is nice too but I’m always left scratching my head afterwards. Salman is just Salman. So comparatively I’d say they have way less attitude than the generations after them.

            And a few more titbits:

            – Ranbir is a functional druggie. And a neighbour from hell.
            – Saif Ali Khan thinks everyone is beyond him. He has someone just to manage his underwear drawer, for crying out loud.
            – All these actors and actresses are cheap AF, tacky AF. When they go to any restaurant, they don’t expect to pay for the bill. When they walk into a boutique, they don’t expect to pay for the clothes, shoes, bags. They just want freebies. They wouldn’t even pay Rs 990 for a T-shirt.
            – Kriti Sanon is a class-A bitch. So is Arpita Khan Sharma and Fatima Sana Sheikh.
            – Kangana is very temperamental. If she’s in the mood, she’ll divulge a lot, is very chatty and personable. If she’s not, she can be an ice queen.
            – Tapsee Pannu thinks she’s a big star like Priyanka.

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            – The comment on Saif Ali – OMG! That is hilarious.
            – I dont like Tapsee Pannu, she is fake as hell and frankly cannot act, she was the weakest link in Pink.
            – Kangana says this about herself, she blames it on too much acting and artificial stimulation of emotions but I hope she isnt borderline bipolar or something, even though that usually manifest itself in the late teens and early 20s
            – Sorry to hear Fatima is a class A bitch, she seems cool AF, I love her on instagram (but now a days Aamir is abusing her with the excessive gyming for that dumb ToH movie – blah!)

            I have heard many times before the actresses are cheap AF, my sis spotted Jacqueline in a shopping mall in London and couldn’t believe she was watching the prices of all the items & then didnt buy a damn thing (in her defense we should all try to be shopping conscious).
            I’ve watched an interview where Kangana says that all the bollywood actresses are cheap AF and they dont buy things for themselves but then again we’ve read blinds about her getting freebies from her last London, Filmfare photo-shoot.

            Admin, is it true these actresses arent paid for magazine photot-shoots?

          • Nars <3 Kangana says:

            So Hrithik has insecurity issues, he is dull and pathological? LOL! What is wrong with Kangana? Is she really that damaged growing up in the misogynistic home she describes? or was it the struggle she went through after she ran away? She has the absolute worst choice in men, from bad to worst. I think Hrithik is by far worst that Aditya Pancholi. I wouldnt even mention Adhyahan, Oh does anyone know if the Sumans got paid, or threatened to give those interviews defending Hrithik?

          • Pooja says:

            Hey anisha !!! Why don’t you give us your opinion on top actresses …..It’ll be interesting to know.

          • sharuna says:

            Anisha has already given too much away describing bout the particular sneaker brand.

        • prvilla says:

          ranbir ki pr pinkvilla se yahan bhi tapak pari?!so annoying

        • Admin says:

          Anisha, in Bollywood, no one is down-to-earth. Hell, we doubt they even know what down to earth is. Everything is planned and they are programmed to behave a certain way. It wasn’t like this before. Now, it’s the same routine. Take Selfies with fans and be nice to fans. Visit sick children on birthdays or for film screenings. Hang out on Koffee with Pervert to talk about their sex lives. Pretend to be nice or big fans of the most happening stars or stars of the moment. Pretend to have tremendous respect and love for senior stars. During promotions, pretend that your co-star is your best friend. And the list goes on. The minute they step into that world, they are no longer commoners.

          • Rashmi says:

            beautiful and very correct comment. I will keep it in my mind, because I agree with every word. pretense, everywhere pretense, everyone plays the best friend of someone and necessarily admires older colleagues. this is your 2 best comment for the whole time, the first one was “Bebo can be dumb, but she is very devoted to those whom she loves” (when Bebo or Shahid was the question, who betrayed whom), I was simply delighted. this is completely my thoughts. I’m a great fan of bebo and I also think it’s dumb, but devoted admin please post the blind, the link to which gave the guys. I’m still guessing who it is, Jackie or Katrina. (more inclined to Jacqueline)

          • Admin says:

            Still researching on that. It will be posted as soon as we know who it is…

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Admin, I’m not saying Ranbir is down-to-earth — in fact, he’s a twat with a superiority complex. But it’s this image that Ranveer’s PR has crafted of him being his down-to-earth, genuine person that gets my goat. He’s always held up as a foil to Ranbir and this, does my head in.

            Tell me about people in Bollywood not being down-to-earth! Even the Z-listers and TV stars show so much attitude 🙄

          • Priya says:

            @Anisha- Interesting posts by you. How about Ayushmann khurrana? I feel like he is down to earth.

          • Ananya says:

            Wow this is one hell of an interesting discussion going on. So according to Anisha, anyone who breathes in bollywood is worst! I mean she maybe right, it’s a glamour world and you can be swayed by it. But at the end of the day, not just in bollywood, in entire world no one is completely black or white. There are shades of grey in all, only the ratio differs. So writing off actors as vain and bad just bz of the technical aspects of their career seems far fetched to me.

            I mean unless they’re not harming another soul, but just trying to develop their career, I don’t feel it’s wrong. Tell me how many of us are our true selves at work place? You try to be your beat version when out in public, so how can we judge actors for doing the same when the whole point of their career depends on it?!

            And at the end of they day like Vidya said, everything is someone’s perception or imagination, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire truth or bottom line about that individual. Like for instance, someone pointed out about Anil and Anisha herself said he might be egoistic but he treated me well. So it depends on each one experience. Plus be it Rk or Rs or Dp or Alia all have their bad days and someone who meets them that day is going to have a negative opinion and vice versa.

            Tbh I like both Rs and Rk as actors and that’s all that matters to me. What they’re in real life is their family headache. Unless they’re doing harm for me or my loved ones or the society I’m ok.

            But yes can’t help but say this, I don’t like Rs hyper energy but I find him genuine in some senses. Of course there might be a pr generated image but he seems to be doing it on his own capacity unlike nepo kids who we feel like are keyed by ppl like kjo. I didn’t follow him before BM, but now when I see his old interviews and present ones I see a genuine evolution, the actual kind of self discovery that Rk goes through films. He has changed or at least become a better version of his own self; ,from being an uncouth self centered person to sensible self centered person. I don’t know if this makes sense but this is my perception of him.

            And then I see people accusing Dp, PC etc for the social work they do. Some call them pretentious as well. Okay let’s assume they’re pretending but at least they’re using their position and standing to do something good thereby increasing their market value. If it was such a good strategy then why not khans and other actors and actresses taking up the strategy like them. Even if they’re PR queens or whatever, at least one person is getting a help because of them. And it IS a big deal in today’s world where we try not to mud our hands.

            Because I see Kangana who actually is gutsy and can actually do something good enough like them wasting her energy only on the men she dated and debates with them. She talked about nepotism, very valid point but what is she doing about it? Trust me Dp could have similarly just talked about her depression and gone on with glass life. Why isn’t Kangana or Anushka two women I find more gutsy and intelligent than Dp and PC, not doing any service despite constantly portraying themselves as ‘feminist’. I don’t hate these actresses, but just trying to show the foil to the other two.

            I’m not a fan of a particular celebrity. I love anyone who gives out a wonderful performance.

            But yes the ones I like for their talent and at least the projected image in BW are – Vidya, Deepika, Priyanka, Irrfan, Ranveer, Rajkumar Rao.

            The ones for talent alone and not personality – Rk, Kangana, Alia

            And correcting some misinformed facts I saw here:
            1. Rk does have a PR or a team of his own. Evidence – ,the clash that happened between his team and Pinkvilla.

            2. I feel Rk, Dp, Kareena alone have sincere friends in bollywood. Number might be less but the friendships these have are quite firm for a bollywood setup.
            Evidence – Rk (Ayan), dp ( cocktail gang, Shaleena), Kareena (Amrita)

          • Rashmi says:

            you are very wrong about Kanganа. you can not know her as a person. Even Deep with her talk about depression tries to play the victim and beats it as a profit. but even Deep with her talk about depression does not have as much influence as Kanganа. all the words of Kangan are quoted, discussed. She is an example of an independent woman and now the perception of Indian women is gradually changing. they become more frank, open to struggle. Also, Kangana helps outsiders to get some roles. for example, personally wrote several scenes for Lisa in the Queen. She also proposed the candidacy of the former bride of Sushant for Manikarnika. there is still a lot about her that we do not know, but she slowly and confidently goes to her goal

            By the way Bebo is friendly with Amrita only because Amrita looks into her mouth and does not try to become a competitor

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            Ur perspective is very interesting, but Like Rashmi I got to disagree with ur thoughts on Kangana. Her debate on nepotism alone shock the industry, better yet Indians discussed nepotism outside the industry, related to what was happening locally & in politics. She is vocal and smart, she was always gutsy and always talked about women’s rights, against fairness creams etc. I dont know what social work or charities she is involved in, but pretending to be socially involved in my opinion is worst than doing nothing.
            I, however dont judge the likes of DP, Aish, Priyanka and their social campaigns or their intentions, Priyanka ran from bollywood and the superstar wife gang, Aish married Ahbi and the Bachans protect her and well DP is diplomatic queen, but she refuse to act along side Salman, so i give her credit.

            Talking about Deepika, this brings me to her depression over a 6 months old relationship with RK. If our opinions on RK is as they are it has plenty to do with Deepika. It is funny as hell how Ranveer was the one to pick up the condom brand.

          • Ananya says:

            I understand your point Rashmi and Nar. Like I said I don’t have anything against Kangana but just feel that she could do much more. Save the energy on Hrithik and do something productive. Yes people talked about nepotism, but no change came about. Still star kids launched and even 3 year old babies of stars discussed in daily tabloid.

            So my wish is she does some constructive work. If she gave work for outsiders then I applaud her. Even that is huge. But is she involved in casting? It’s almost like Aamir and can be interpreted wrong. But if she doing it then I applaud it.

            Rashmi you’re wrong there. No work is small when it comes from a celebrity in India. One of my friend parents were okay with their daughter taking help for depression bz it became a “pricely” disease. Srk, kjo many powerful ppl have gone through depression. And srk could impact much more than Dp. He himself told He can never do what Dp did. To come out and put your vulnerable self our there to be judged and doubted.

            No Nar, I don’t think Rk was the reason for depression. Bz itI happened with her in 2014. You don’t really need a reason for this. Even if you have world at your feet you still can feel empty. She herself admitted that she was on top of all the awards and praise when this happened to her.

          • Anisha says:

            Hi Ananya, I’d love to know which PR agency Ranbir is signed on to. AFAIK, his manager Nandita badgers publications if there is something she doesn’t like. So that publicist or whatever the Pinkvilla article refers to was most definitely Nandita. Ranbir, like K.Jo, is easily accessible to media though.

        • Admin says:

          To be fair, RL, BM and Padmavati are three different characters that RS is playing. The fact that he gets engrossed in playing these characters and when he is being watched on screen, Ranveer Singh is not visible. It’s his characters that we see. Padmavati will be interesting to watch, just to see what he brings to the table as a villain and a psycho. If an actor keeps playing the same character over and over again, the audience has difficulty identifying with him when he tries something different. Like SRK and SK did in their careers.

        • Nars <3 Kangana says:

          I believe you on the Ranveer thing, the boy is just to hype, loves everyone a lil bit too much and is dating Deepika the Diplomatic PR Queen. Ranbir does appear to be the more honest one when it comes to his craft, unlucky really. I think what went wrong for Ranbir was his break-up with Katrina. Once the rumors got hold of the reason he dumped her, it was enough for many fans (like us) to judge Ranbir and drop him like a sack of potatoes.

        • Nancy says:

          Yeah & then he cleverly blamed Anurag Basu for the failure of the film. I wish he had said that while jj failed & he was proud of his work because honestly Jj was the only interesting movie he did in recent times. Ranbir is just a product of nepotism. Nowhere shows the caliber of raj, shammi or Sashi. Ranveer meanwhile has an irritating persona but as an actor has shown more variety. His 3 roles in SLB are very different & he ain’t playing the same role. Time will tell who is better but based on what I have seen it’s Ranveer.

        • Pepeas says:

          Most Bollywood kids went to Jamnabai Narsee School (Hrithik was one of the rare ones that went to Bombay Scottish instead), then once it opened, to Dhirubhai Ambani.

        • kiran101 says:

          Since when Ram Leela is period movie ? Everyone had smart phones and taking selfies there. Just because it is not in Urban setting with skimpy clothes its a period film ???

          • Nimi says:

            Bloody hell, I get bed ridden with gastro for three days and miss the best convo of my life.
            I do love RS over RK though. He’s way hotter for me than RK 😉
            Saif’s underwear drawer stuff is hilarious.
            Hate Taapsee, Kriti, Disha with fake collapsable boobs, neutral with DP, KAt, Anushka, but love kangana!!!

            I think Kiran101 and I can agree that we love RS over RK and for us he’s a better actor! Also thanks Anisha for revealing such interesting info.

            I have met DP though and she was quite lovely but that was during Bachna Ae Haseeno time while she was dining with Sid Anand and Ranbir at a restaurant.

  8. anu says:

    Admin can you please tell us whats the deal with Ameesha Patel and Kunal ghoomer .Are they really dating or are they just good friends as she claims .Kunal ,Ameesha and his wife look so cosy togather ,its creepy and wierd ..!

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