Blind Item – May 2018 – Bollywood 10

The blind item below speaks of a situation that already happened. It is more or less telling you how that situation happened. What we are wondering is, does this manager have this much power in Bollywood? Does she have more power than the Ultimate Godfather? Will people listen to her or to him? It is a little strange that she went out of her way to make this happen or not happen for Godfather. It is said that when this Godfather ended his association with her, she realised that she is no longer powerful without him. So, how is this possible that people are listening to her and not him?

Sure the film looks like crap, but that’s a lot of his films. Not all are crap, but more like senseless! But, he always had people offering the highest bid for his films. It seems for this one, he is going to have to do it himself. We wonder whether he is going to come to regret sacking this female manager? Seeing his choice of films and his decisions lately, one must wonder whether it is going to end well for him or whether he is digging his own hole. Is he going to make the same mistake twice by letting his family take charge?

This is his first home deal, so let’s just see if he will come to regret the decision or be happy about it. Check out the blind item from PinkVilla.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – May 2018 - Bollywood 10


The distribution deal of this superstar’s upcoming film fell through because of his former manager

The superstar’s former manager dissuaded the distribution company to sign the deal by convincing that it was not a feasible deal as the film was not carrying positive reports post the trailer launch.

The distribution deal of a superstar’s film has fallen through. The deal between the superstar and a big distribution company was almost locked but the actor’s former manager and his one-time close associate with whom he had a fall out made sure the deal didn’t happen.

The superstar’s former manager dissuaded the distribution company to sign the deal by convincing that it was not a feasible deal as the film was not carrying positive reports post the trailer launch.

The head honcho of the company got convinced and deal fell through. Now the actor-producer has decided to distribute it on their own or may work with a company which is an arch rival of this company in the overseas market.


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Manager: Reshma Shetty

Blind Item – May 2018 - Bollywood 10


Blind Item – May 2018 - Bollywood 10

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11 Responses

  1. sweettooth01 says:

    im happy for reshma..u make so much happen for someone and when they ask u to leave instead of discussing and working it out..good for her..i think she made the best out of the whole situation..although salman khans films were bad prevly, none of his films trailers were bad..even ek tha tiger,bodygaurd and tubelight and ready trailers were quite good..race 3 trailer on the other hand ws similar to jai ho..u can see and tell its not going to click,also thrs a lot of online flak its recieving..any sensible person wudnt want to rely only on salman khan whos prev film tubelight ws a flop..
    apart from salman khan the only saving grace is its alrdy famous franchise

  2. Leaps says:

    @admin what was the reason that reshma stopped managing Salman’s career read a comment on pv saying she wanted Salman to keep his family away from handling financial matters is it true?

    • Amanda says:

      It seems Sohail was trying to get in touch with Salman for a movie but reshma kept him waiting for too long… This reached bhai’s ears and she asked her to leave… She used to make his family members to wait in queue for any movies they wanted with him…..

    • leaps says:

      @amanda well to be honest thn she was putting them in their place. I am no salman fan but even during his recent jail visit only his sis alvira i felt sorry for who was looking worried and priti who salman bailed out in once in finical trouble were there. rest of them even kat sent out pr press articles. losing her is salman’s loss his family is useless

  3. Melvin says:

    Is it wrong of me to actually enjoy the thought of the Ultimate Godfather of Bollywood being thwarted? I mean this is a guy who has literally gotten away with murder… and his family give a new meaning to the word ‘leeches’. Besides, it’s the least that he deserves for trying to foist his talentless family and ‘friends’ on us.

    Not to mention being the reason for a whole new wave of senseless, crap, masala movies in Bollywood.

  4. Samantha says:

    Hats off to Reshma! I LOVE the ladies who have guts to take on these bollywood mafia HEAD ON!

    She ll be forever in bad books of Salman though!

    PS: the movie looks absolute crap; but ‘bhai’s’ target audience is rickshawallahs; so it can be a super hit also! lol!

  5. Pooja says:

    Lallu so proudly say thank god ppl say my 100cr film is flop now when he himself sit at distribution chair then he get knowledge of how 100cr film make profit for distribution when they buy film as 300cr n budget of film is 140-150 he is very arrogant n proudly about himself n look at attitude of flop shah those who work with this lallu they too start behaving like him.this film cast remind me jaiho all toli of flop ppl will end like jaiho 2.

  6. Amanda says:

    Admin, this blind from PV –

  7. Amanda says:

    Reshma is smart.. She knows the movie is crap and the trailer received a lot of criticism.. She may not be that powerful anymore,but her argument might have made sense to Aditya Chopra who made good decision of not distributing the movie …
    Salman has given reins of his career to his father.. With too many beneficiaries(side kicks) in the movie,it’s unlikely the movie will become hit…
    No one has interest in Daisy Shah,Saqib,Bobby Deol.. Jacky can add glamour and that’s all…. Remo is not the right person to direct action movies… All those anti-gravitational action scenes look fake…Movie is solely lying on Salman’s shoulder… He is looking aged and is unable to bend any of his joints… Action and Dance movies are the genre Salman should not attempt…. Too much arrogance and hasty decisions from Salman can bring down his career…. All the best to his distribution attempt…

  8. Raj says:

    the film actually looks crap and ultimate godfather is clearly showing signs of ageing. All these action films that too this kind do not suit him at all. it is more of Khan clan get together than a movie.

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