Blind Item – May 2018 5

The blind item below is the second one of its kind to be released since these two got married. It seems that everyone is shocked by the wedding, which is why blind items are still coming out regarding their situation. Mumbai Mirror’s blind item for today is pretty much the same as the other blind item except this one includes the long term girlfriend in it. Not even ex, long term girlfriend. So, which is it? Because the girl was in the other blind item lamenting how her friend didn’t inform her that he was tying the knot to this actress. Is she the long term girlfriend that they are talking about or is there another one? As for the actress, she was really trolled on Twitter for marrying a guy younger than her. This makes us think what would have happened had Ashton Kutcher married Demi Moore in today’s times and in India? The Horror!

Anyways, who really cares? These two are married and if they are in the family way soon, good for them. Double congratulations! Take a look at the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – May 2018 5


THERE’S nothing we love more than surprise weddings. Not only are they utterly romantic, they are often shotgun because of a rather naughty reason β€” the bride is knocked up. We hear this is the case of a newly married Bolly couple, too. Our ears were cocked especially since there was barely any news of them as a couple (they obviously spent many surreptitious nights together, as he did have a long-term girlfriend, but these are just minor technicalities). The announcement will come all in good time, just as soon as they are done pacifying his papaji who had to cancel a major event, thanks sonny’s overnight nuptials.


OSOP Guesses

Bolly Couple: Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia

Blind Item – May 2018 5

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