Blind Item – May 2018 4

There is nothing wrong with the blind item below. From PinkVilla, it seems that perhaps this might be a blind item sent to them by this actor’s PR people. We are just saying because of the way they described this actor in the blind item. There is nothing wrong if the actor is taking things slow. Was he expected to sign every film that came his way? After being on sabbatical for so long, maybe he does want to be more careful in what he will be seen next.

Speaking of making his comeback, you all know how his colleagues clapped and cheered loudly when he announced that he will be back on the sets of a movie soon. This makes us think that maybe there was something going on with him that prevented him from working.

Just saying, because he wasn’t really working and all he was doing was getting busy with his sports team. If that wasn’t the case then, maybe they were feeling sorry for his state and were just happy that he was finally getting to do a good film. Who knows, really?!

Check out the blind item from PV below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – May 2018 4


This actor keeps Director on hold, demands a meatier role

This actor’s professional life has been a topic of concern for many in the industry. It’s been a while that the actor has given a good film that would get both the audience and the B-town people talking. Guess, it was because of these expectations from people that this star seems to have experienced a cold feet when it comes to movies.

After giving not so great movies in the past few years, the actor gathered some courage and stepped into the Movie business with an unconventional movie with a director, known for giving us hatke films. With the help of his new manager, this star has been trying hard to make the right choices and get his life back on track.

We hear, that after completing the shooting of his film, which is a comeback of sorts, the actor is being flooded with more offers from the tinsel town. Clearly, the new manager is doing a fab job. Despite this, there is no new project announcement from the actor’s side. Well, this is because, just after doing this one Movie, the handsome lad is back to his old self of being choosy!

The latest we got to know is that this gentleman has been approached for a Movie opposite an A-list actress by a critically acclaimed director. While the media reports are flooded with the news of the actor being signed by the Director for the Movie, sources in the know have rubbished this update. Instead, a little birdie told us that β€˜negotiations’ between the actor and the director are still on and the dotted line is yet to be signed. Apparently, the actor is unhappy with the role that this film has for him. It’s a small part and he isn’t interested. He has demanded a slightly meatier role from the captain of the ship, who has agreed to do so. The meeting with the revised scripts is scheduled for sometime next week and only if the young star is satisfied with it, he shall give the nod.

And if there is anyone who is sulking over this entire issue then it isn’t the Director, but the actor’s manager, who is finding it tough to deal with him and his tantrums. Guess, some habits die hard!


OSOP Guess

Actor: Abhishek Bachchan

Blind Item – May 2018 4


Blind Item – May 2018 4

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9 Responses

  1. goldengirl says:

    First, sick of this word PR. Everything is NOT PR . If Abhishek using his PR so I don’t thing its wrong at all. He is not using it against anyone. Everyone has a right to choose and select good script and movies which uplift their career graph. But Abhishek lacks that x factor that connect that’s why he couldn’t become a superstar till date. But I find him handsome and decent guy by his public persona. Behind the doors , no idea.

  2. Rahul says:

    I think this blind item could well be pointing to Hrithik Roshan !!

    “this star has been trying hard to make the right choices and get his life back on track” – This suites HR more given his awefull choice of movies in the recent past besides the chaos in his personal life.

    “stepped into the Movie business with an unconventional movie with a director, known for giving us hatke films.” – unconventional movie could be Super 30.

    “the handsome lad is back to his old self of being choosy!” – The choosy tag suites HR more than Abhishek, given he has 1 movie release every 2 years. Abhishek, on the other hand, am not sure if he could be choosy enough given the dearth of offers for him to choose from !!

    • Venus says:

      Agree.I have never heard of Abhishek being described as “handsome lad” by anyone. Though i do find him good looking, most people dont. Plus i dont think he was ever choosy. His movie choices were wrong though

    • Rashmi says:

      I always thought Abhishek was more interesting than Hrithik. never understood why Hrithik is handsome…. Too many steroids, too empty are not smart eyes, too unnatural. my opinion. Abhishek is also not handsome, but he is charming

    • goldengirl says:

      @rashmi lol you are way too obsessed with HR and cant stop thinking and taking about him on every post no matter if its related to him or not just like your IDOL . HR is handsome. with beautiful deep eyes, he is charming and more natural and decent. The reason you are trying to bring HR down is that you know he is above you and is known for his Greek God looks world wide. Having said that, Abhishek is handsome and decent but not charming and lacks x factor and charm. Now get over with your obsession with HR.

  3. Leaps says:

    If I am not wrong reshma is managing ab in that case given her track record with Salman she will revive aB’s too. I have a feeling that this blind is to make the director increase his scenes which initially the director may have refused.

    Also what a wonderful life these star kids have flop ho bhi hai to re launch pay relaunch I mean he singed one film whose bo fate yet unknown but he is flooded with offers. On the other hand rajkumar lost out for being over exposed.

    Outsider better take note and hire PR before stepping foot in bw from now on.

    Irony is Bollywood star kids had to hire an outsider to resurrect their careers and diminish chances for outsiders to make it Bollywood even further

  4. Monalisa says:

    Priyanka is a bigger star than Abhishek. Heck, even Zaira is currently more popular than him. Why is he acting like a superstar and throwing tantrums to get a meatier role? Only a star kid will have such audacity and directors/producers will indulge them because of their surnames. Abhi seem to have developed an ego after his sabbatical. First lobbied to get Dulquer Salman thrown out of that Anurag Kashyap movie now this. Or maybe it is all Reshma’s doing.

    On another note, looking forward to watching a hindi movie of Priyanka. I thought after all her social media plugging of Ranveer and talking about him on American talk show and print interviews her first hindi movie would be with him. PC should sign something with him next.

  5. Amanda says:

    I think Abhishek gets this luxury to demand changes in the script because he is a bachchan…. No other actor with those many flops such as his, can afford to be picky…. He should be grateful that reshma is personally managing his career since she manages only 1 super star’s profile at a given time…

    Even if the role is small and if it very important to the story, he should accept it…. Audience are smart enough to notice small but impactful performances…. With PC and Acclaimed director Sonali bose being part of the film, the film will certainly be talked about…

    • Amanda says:

      one more thing,how can abhi be described as “only if the young star is satisfied with it”. He is already 42yrs. He can’t be called young… Then what should the stars in their 20s and 30s should be called? Babies?

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