Blind Item – May 2018 3

The blind item below speaks of the reaction of this actor’s friend when she learnt that he tied the knot to his girlfriend. Not going to lie, when we first read it, the blind item sound really funny and it made us laugh. Then, we read it again and realised the girl’s situation and it again made us laugh a little. Then we read it again before posting it right now, we couldn’t help but feel sad about what this girl is going through.

Can’t really blame her though, this guy was like hot property or so it seems. He seems like a nice guy with a good-looking face and so far, there has not been any report of him being a jerk. Even in this blind item, the girl is surprised with what he did, but does not badmouth the guy in process. It seems that maybe the rumours surrounding their sudden wedding might be true since the guy didn’t even have time to inform his closed friends. His girlfriend really got lucky by marrying him and hopefully now, she can stop asking celebrities silly questions, especially questions about their $ex life.

About the girl in the blind item below, she should have claim her man. If you say you are just friends with someone, that gives other women the chance to grab him since he is not taken. She should have just gone ahead and say they are dating. Why cry now when he moved on and married someone else? Maybe the shock comes due to the fact that they were together for a longer time than his current relationship.

Anyways, too much drama. Just check out the blind item from BollywoodLife.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – May 2018 3


Hello Heart-breaker! Hot actor’s sudden wedding leaves this starlet in depression

Strange are the ways of the world. This rather sudden wedding of a Bollywood actress and her boyfriend of few months took all of us by surprise. Well, we are not the only ones wondering how and when did these two become a couple? It seems the nuptials have left a starlet rather depressed. The stunning lady was in a relationship with the actor in question. The fact that they were dating was like an open secret, though the two never said that they were in a relationship.

From dinner dates to cozy vacations, they were living it up. In fact, they also attended a high profile wedding together. Now, comes the shocker. The young woman was spotted with the guy having dinner three weeks back. She is telling friends that she cannot understand what changed so suddenly. It seems he did not mention about his plans of marrying his other flame even once. We can understand how traumatising it must have been for the young woman.

Incidentally, even this starlet would talk about the guy as a great friend’ who cared deeply for her. She never spoke of him as her lover. Last year, the guy in question was linked to another Bollywood actress who is known for her acting talent. We wonder what made the hunk choose one friend over another. It could well be the fact that the present lady is better placed career-wise and matches other parameters. Whatever be the reason, the young stud has proved to be quite a heart-breaker!


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Neha Dhupia

Boyfriend: Angad Bedi

Starlet: Nora Fatehi

Blind Item – May 2018 3

Blind Item – May 2018 3

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3 Responses

  1. GG says:

    He probably married Neha because she has connections with powercircle in Bollywood.

    • Netarious says:

      Also cos both are sardars. He probablu thought shes a better fit. No denyimg abouy her connections and career too

  2. Monalisa says:

    If this blind is true feel sorry for Nora Fatehi (and I don’t even know her). That is a very cruel way to find out that your ex, who you are on talking terms, has gotten married.

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