Blind Item – May 2014

This week’s blind item comes from Rajeev Masand. It’s about the recent IIFA awards that took place last weekend in Tampa, Florida. The blind speaks of a young actor, who has a very strict eating habit. All Bollywood actors have strict diets, but this actor has an even stricter one. Let’s see if you can guess who Rajeev is talking about.

Our Man of Fuss

Blind Item - May 2014

And now for the bit where we take no names… The head chef at the host hotel in Tampa was heard complaining bitterly to a group of filmwalas who’d befriended him about one particular young star who’d been giving his staff a hard time over the past five days. The notoriously difficult actor ordered room service throughout the day but wanted all his meals customised to his diet, often demanding food items that weren’t on the menu. The chef explained that the kitchen had been expecting unusual star demands, and had tried to meet most of the actor’s specific food requests, but was very disappointed in his lack of courtesy.

According to the chef, the actor never once uttered the words ‘Thank You’ or ‘Please’ while insisting that he be served what he wanted when he wanted it, and never once tipped the staff during his stay. He did, however, make it a point to specifically call the kitchen back and complain each time a meal didn’t meet his standards.

The actor flew in to Tampa two days before the rest of the contingent and demanded “the best room in the house” while checking into the hotel, justifying his demand with the explanation that he was staying longer than the others, and that he was going to be performing at the show, thereby somehow making himself sound more important than the rest.

OSOP Guess

Notoriously Difficult Actor: Shahid Kapoor


Blind Item – May 2014

This month’s second blind item comes from the blind item king in Bollywood, Rajeev Masand. Rajeev’s blind this week wouldn’t have been relevant had the son of the person in the blind been debuting later this year or month. But since he is, this blind would be of interest to the fans of the son. Check it out below.

A Take Too Late

Blind Item - May 2014

Once a prominent star, this stylish Bollywood actor continues to land supporting parts thanks mostly to the goodwill he has acquired over the years. Consistently non-controversial, cucumber cool, and not in the least bit competitive even at his prime, he counts most of his co-stars and contemporaries as friends because they never saw him as a threat.

Not long ago, the producers of a small-budget spiritual movie had a brainwave to cast the former A-lister in the titular role of a revered saint. Turns out it was a genius idea. The actor certainly bore a passing resemblance to the spiritual guru, and the casting announcement itself made headlines. But the shoot was no smooth sailing… The makers complained that the moody star usually turned up on time but didn’t leave his make-up room for hours, locking himself in and smoking up till he was high.

The significance of playing a character as iconic as this had hit the actor late in the day, and he was working himself to a sweat getting into character, his staff would inform the impatient crew that was growing increasingly restless. Each time the director urged the actor to get into costume and come to shoot his scenes as the entire unit was on standby, he’d politely but firmly insist: “Abhi andar se aa nahi raha, bhidu. Thoda time de.” (I’m not feeling inspired yet, brother. Give me a little time.)

Somehow the makers managed to complete the shoot, they say, but the film didn’t exactly make a splash the way they’d hoped. Although devotees of the saint were curious about the film, they didn’t throng cinema halls the way they had years ago when an earlier incarnation of the story had been produced for the big screen. The actor, while accepting responsibility for the poor audience turnout, then asked the makers if they’d give him another chance to play the same part… in a second movie, if they might. Naturally, they didn’t return his calls.

OSOP Guess

Stylish Bollywood Actor: Jackie Shroff

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