Blind Item – March – Bollywood – 2018

The blind item below is by SuperCinema. We are sure some of you will think that we got the guesses wrong. We don’t think so, but still if you have someone else in mind, please share it below. The blind item is about these two actors, who have felt what it was like to be the most wanted, most loved and they both were placed on top of the ladder where they thought they were invincible. As it is, when you start thinking like that in life, the universe finds a way to remind you who is in charge and who is truly on top.

We have actually said this about one of these two actors. He is trying hard to find that one film that will break all records like his contemporaries are doing. He has hired directors that have delivered blockbusters with other actors, but things didn’t work out in his favour. He is still trying everything and is still in the process of working with a director, who has had success at the box office.

As for the other actor, he has played it safe for a while by working only with directors that he is friendly and comfortable with. See, his first director gave him such a hard time that it traumatised him. But we think that if you don’t learn and are not pushed to do your best by someone else, why even bother working? This actor wants to be in a comfort zone the whole time, which explains why he did almost five films that has him playing the same character: young boys plays around, becomes man and decides to get serious about life. What else is new?

Check out the blind item below from SuperCinema. Let’s see how these two actors manage to make the audience rush to theatres to see their films.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March - Bollywood - 2018

These two big superstars from different age groups have been ruling their respective games for some time now. However both of them have been going through a little rough patch in their careers. The actors are also known to work with their respective handful of directors but now things are changing. According to our sources, both the actors have had a few meetings with directors who have in the past worked with the other star in the last few months. Nothing is signed on the dotted line of now but things are looking very likely that other directors could be working with not their favoured stars in their next one. Like someone said in the past that variety is the spice of life both these superstars seem to follow this matra for sure.


OSOP Guesses

Two Superstars: Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

Blind Item – March - Bollywood - 2018

Ranbir Kapoor: It’s very simple and I’ve spoken about this before. It’s the real love between an actor and a director. That’s where it all starts. There has to be that kind of surrender and love, and once you have that, everything just flows. I can’t work in conflict, I can’t work when I feel the director doesn’t like me or is too judgemental about me. My simple process, is to marry the director. Because as he said, if direction is about a dog crossing a busy highway, an actor is a tick on that dog, who doesn’t know about the traffic, and is just going along hoping to reach somewhere. – TheHindu

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23 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    I see someone brought it up already …. ranbir kapoor a superstar rofl this have to be the best joke of the year…bollywood has turned into a comedian now lol I think after Padmaavat success, everyone would be running down Bhansali …. or trying their utmost best to get movies with ranveer and deepika.

  2. Alice says:

    Admin, Pls go thru the below link and read all comments in the article… Its Insane, Till yesterday before reading this article, I was like , everyone might watching Crime Petrol .. duhh… and now my mind still cannot concentrate on anything other than this topic. Completely Insane !!

    • Admin says:

      Alright, but just so you know this was posted on its original site last week; a few days after her death. Reshma will soon have that article pulled down from PV. Btw, we thought then that mama (uncle) was just trying to cash off her death but he was genuine when he said that Sri helped them financially a lot. But, the last time he saw her was years ago so he can’t really know what happened or how their financial situation is now.

      • Admin says:

        If Sridevi didn’t die by “accidental drawning” and that, other shady things were involved, like the underworld, the Kapoor family might just be in danger. Her daughters might just be in danger too because Boney owes a lot of money. It’s probably like someone said they got Janhvi in films this early but if her death was no accident, they are not safe. We were thinking how suddenly the other Kapoor girls (Sonam, Anshula and co) are getting close to these girls; is it out of sympathy or guilt that it’s because of Boney that all these two girls lost their mother?

        • Ananya says:

          I didn’t understand this comment Admin. What are you trying to say? Boney killed her or underworld connections?

          • Admin says:

            We are saying that if it was not an accidental or unfortunate incident, if it was really the underworld then the family is not safe because the underworld won’t stop until they get their money back. But all that is just not applicable if that is not what happened.

          • Ananya says:

            Oh ok. But I don’t think Dubai police will sleep on it unless underworld ties can make them silent too.

        • kats says:

          Im not sure of the underworld theory..sounds a bit dramatic…why would they kill Sri? Why target only her and not other members of the family? I still feel may have been an od of alcohol with pills.

        • Nimi says:

          Yeah I mentioned that in my comment I wrote! On the post of Sri Devi’s death and what Boney shared.
          I can repost it here but think of how they maintained this lifestyle and how much debt they would have? Its not the first time that mafias have killed or made threats to recover their laundered money.

  3. Venus says:

    Ranbir superstar ? how is he on par with SRK.

  4. Universal says:

    SRK is going the Amitabh way. Not ready to accept he is getting old and can’t play same roles as 10 years back. Needs to take a leaf out of Aamir’s book and try different things. Even midget theme of zero is nothing new.

  5. Kiran101 says:

    Ranbir is a super duper star like abhishek , they do not need super hit movies or big endorsement projects to be called superstars.

  6. Rad says:

    I can even tolerate SRK if the movie is really good but I am so sick of Ranbir, I don’t think I can stand to watch him. To me he just looks pathetically trying too hard. At one time he had it all. But he squandered it with his outrageous behaviour. I don’t even want to get started on how terrible his parents’ comments on his behaviour sounded. It all reeked of over confidence. He needed to be brought crashing down to earth. I’m glad it happened. Now I just hope he stays there.

  7. Rashmi says:

    admin you saw a link to the blind that I provided? will it be published?

  8. Monalisa says:

    Is this another Ranbir pr/ Ranbir himself leaked blind? Describing RK as some bigshot is tradmark RK/Kjo leaked/planted blinds and this blind describe him as a ‘big super star’ who is going through a rough patch. In what world is he considered as a superstar. A star definitely but not a superstar. This blind maybe true but it is definitely leaked by Ranbir.

    Who are these directors they are working with?

  9. Amanda says:

    SRK’s time is over… With all kind of injuries and repairs(operations),it will be good if he retires and just manages his production house. But his ego will never let him retire… He cannot think of retiring when his contemporaries are still ruling at BO… Well,,let him keep trying …. I have sworn off SRK movies for now…

    Among the nepokids,Ranbir has acting talent.. But his personal life is more messy than professional life… How about him improving relations with everyone and making peace with ex-gfs,before taking a call on career… That Sanjay dutt’s biography based film is taking longer than usual… Not sure how long it will take to complete and release….

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