Blind Item – March 2018

The other blind item for today is by PinkVilla, just like the previous blind item. This blind item pretty much confirms what has been going on with this production house since the beginning of the year. Earlier, the producer of this production house claimed that an angry director is the only making up all these rumours. No idea on whether this is true, but why in the world would they start the production of another film if they don’t have enough money?

We are saying “another” because they currently have a movie on hold. One side said that it’s because there’s not enough money and the other side said that it’s the director who’s being difficult and annoying. Only they know what truly is going on. Check out the blind item below to know more.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018


WHY did the shooting of this TOP ACTOR AND ACTRESS'S recent first schedule get STOPPED abruptly?

The production house came in with a bang riding high on the back of a few top stars and some realistic movies. Last year many announcements were made with the biggest and best of stars but now everything appears to be in limbo – for the time being. While a big question mark hangs over the fate of a couple of their films (shootings have been postponed), another has got stalled indefinitely after starting the shoot. Now we have come to hear that all is not well with another film of the same production house with rumblings happening on the very first schedule itself.

On a recent schedule in the hilly regions of the north, involving a top actor and actress, the buzz is that the producers ran out of money. Apparently, the production unit was facing a severe financial crunch and could not afford to make their local payments. Things got so bad that the local people called shooting to a halt till their payments were made. While the unit and the director tried their level best to sort it out, things were taking their own time (with repeated assurances by production that money would soon come in and the payments made) so the lead actor and actress were asked to return to Mumbai rather than waste dates twiddling their thumbs and putting up pics on social media (which the media would get wind off and sniff a story). While the hero returned to his home city and family’s loving arms, the actress invited her mother over to sample the beautiful locales. It was put out to media that the first schedule was complete when apparently it had come to a stop midway.

Now the lead actors have returned to their locations and shooting has resumed again – albeit slowly. While some money has been paid to the disgruntled elements, it’s still not the entire amount. Moreover, gossip about the financial issues the production house has been facing, has started spreading among the filmi folks. The buzz is that one senior actor has opted out of an ambitious project of theirs as he got miffed waiting to be paid his due. The production house had come under discussion in the film industry as they signed stars for astronomical amounts and seemed in a hurry to announce too many projects.

While one knows that once the money comes rolling in, everything will resume again and it’s just a matter of time, as the saying goes… Slow and steady wins the race. So maybe it’s time for the producers to re-think their strategies in order to move ahead?


OSOP Guesses

Production House: KriArj Entertainment

Film: Battu Gul Meter Chalu

Actors and Actress: Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor

Blind Item – March 2018

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21 Responses

  1. Rashmi says:

    admin please explain about whom are? I’m lost in conjecture

    • Pooja says:

      My guess is ranveer n alia.he said that co-star acting matter most n its add to actor to increase his effort for betterment he feel that with PC n dp.that y rs rejected kjo’s film ajab gajab love with user Katrina after fawad go back to his country.

      • Rashmi says:

        or maybe it’s Shahid and Sraddha? I do not even know what to think. It would be strange if Ranveer gave advice Alia, she knows perfectly well that she is talented. wait for the admin, maybe he has other versions

        • Pooja says:

          Shraddha never ever praise for acting ppl n critics called her mediocre so its must be hit wise shraddha have more 100cr films than shahid in sort period of her career.

          • Rashmi says:

            you are right absolutely, but it is not written that the actress was praised for her acting, it is written that the actress has several good roles or films, Shraddha has good roles (no matter how she played) and films

          • Pooja says:

            Yaa it could possible btw blind item written in twisting never could be shahid n shraddha.

    • Monalisa says:

      @rashmi maybe Akshay and Sonam for Padman.
      Sonam did say most of her scenes were cut from the movie. Or Shradda and Shahid. Or Salman and Jacky for Race 2.
      Ranveer think Alia is the next best thing and keep on over-hyping her and praising her. So it is not them.

      • Rashmi says:

        I very much doubt that it’s Akshay and Sonam for one reason, Akshay basically does not care how the actresses play in his films. almost always an emphasis on him, if he does not like something, he simply deletes the scenes. Why ask an actress to work better if you’re going to cut out some scenes with her? in this there is no sense. If the actor asks the actress to work out some scenes and improve them, he hints at it in it. it may well be RunvΠ΅er and Alia, Ranveer can praise her in public, but on the job site he gives her advice. for me it’s a normal workflow. it also can not be Salman – Jackie. The reason – Jackie dependent on Salman and certainly never tell him not

  2. Pooja says:

    Where in world shahid n shraddha r top actor n actress????

    • naughtytrini says:

      I cant believe that people actually down voted ur question Pooja lol guess shraddha and shahid or mira are commenters on here lol but yes I will reiterate for you WHERE IN THE WORLD IS SHAHID AND SHRADDHA TOP ACTOR AND ACTRESS? πŸ™‚

    • Monalisa says:

      @Pooja Even I had the same thought.

      • Melvin says:

        @ Pooja Actually when I read the blind, I was wondering whether they were hyping up Ranbir and Alia. Then I say the guess and I was like “Shahid and Shraddha?????” In which universe??

    • Sara says:

      yes! the only statement that makes this blind look fake πŸ˜€

  3. Amanda says:

    I think kriarj might have thought padman would be a blockbuster and pari would do well too…. Unfortunately padman didn’t earn as expected and pari is going slow at bo.. The producers might have thought they would pump the profits from padman and pari in their upcoming productions.. To add to their woes, kedarnath went over budget and sploit the plans for them…. I think the biggest letdown was padman… They had delivered hits with Akshay Kumar in the past but this time it didn’t work… I myself couldn’t complete watching the film.. I yawned through out the first half and didn’t bother to watch the second half…
    Kriarj was very bullish after their initial success and announced way too many films.. Hope the situation gets sorted

    • notimportant says:

      I am just bored of this canadian womaniser pretending to be all good and stuff. + the entire desh bachao andolan is getting very boring.. Toilet was a snooze fest.

  4. Monalisa says:

    So it seem that there is some truth to Abhishek Kapoor’s accusations against KriArj.

    @admin who is this senior actor in the blind, who opted out of an ambitious project of KriArj because he got miffed waiting to be paid his due?

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