Blind Item – March 2018 – Bollywood 9

It’s hard to believe that the blind item below is happening. Hard, why? Because this family has always said that they keep their doors open so that anyone can come in at any time. Almost like a charitable organisation, probably one that is trying to be more human. No, we are just kidding!

But, what we are not kidding about is this actor’s closeness to the ladies! This is not the first time someone has felt this way. Before it was the wall of Romania, who was pissed that these out-of-nothing-to-do ladies are hanging out at her boyfriend’s home. Well, the wall of Romania is currently in Thailand or some other Asian place. She’s at a spa retreat.

Naturally, the boyfriend is like a golden goose to her as well, so she wouldn’t want anyone one else to get their hands on him. She doesn’t like the presence of this lady at the actor’s house. The actress apparently called her a maid-looking woman! So yeah, that did it for her. But still, the boyfriend doesn’t care. He’s way too grandpa-old to care about his hens fighting.

What a life to live! Check out the blind item from SpotBoye below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 9


This Actress Refuses To Leave This Actor's House; Upsets His Family

This actor and actress are friends alright, but looks like the latter has begun taking way too many liberties with him and his family. She visits the star’s house 6 days a week leaving the family seething in anger…

If one had to visit this actor’s house, they would often find this actress at his place. One would assume that she turns up at the gentleman’s residence once in a while owing to family-like relations with him, but let us tell you that she heads to the actor’s house 6 days in a week.

The lady in question makes herself comfortable at the actor’s house irrespective of his presence, leaving the family seething in anger. Goes without saying, they feel its intrusion of privacy. After all, for how long does one entertain an outsider?

The actor on his part has been responsible for the actress’ projects and continues to help her with getting her some work to keep her kitchen fire burning, however, she doesn’t seem to get the drift.

We wonder if she is ignorant or it’s a case of act a fool.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Salman Khan

Actress: Daisy Shah

Blind Item – March 2018 - Bollywood 9



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27 Responses

  1. Deepu says:

    It is so painful to read all these comments by women on women – their so called β€˜good character’, coming from β€˜good home’!what the hell? For god’s sake stop repeating like a parrot what u r fed by the society – morals set by men for women. Who r u to say kat is evil and sallu-the-ullu a God? If she used him he got sonething in return too. Same for every woman u mention below. Read up literature on women’s rights and gender power hierarchy ladies and get smarter..

    • sweettooth01 says:

      noone called or thinks salman is god..n these morals ur tlkng abt hold true for men women transgenders and evryone alike..if u scold ur ex after breakup, be rude fullonnn during promotions in a very obvious way and go back immediately after breakup to them and take favours from them for ur career then it is wrong, doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl or any other gender whos doing this

  2. Shivanisd says:

    Daisy is the kind of woman who will do just about anything!! She was with the fatso ganesh acharya, a married choreographer for years, before sk took pity on her. Btw sk is 1000 times better than the two ak’s who r openly cheating on their wife.

    • Kiran101 says:

      Maybe ur right ! But why are you defending Katrina for exact same things when trashing Daisy.

  3. Deepu says:

    Wow so you ladies will hate on other ladies and give a clean chit to criminal woman beater bully Sallu? Kat took a sip coz he offered her. As long as power stays in men’s hands women will find ways of reaching their goals and ambitions. Don’t blame the symptom ! Gender education is highly recommended

    • Shivanisd says:

      True that!! Ppl here are highly biased against kat while they keep praising shrewd dp and talentless aditi.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      wonder how “gender education” has a role here..its more about self respect and trying to do smthng for urself with ur talent n hardwork n havng some values..if a guy was doing tht with some superstar heroine, most of the ppl wudve bashed the guy then..ppl on this website do scold salman when he does wrong things but u cant scold him for everythingg u know

      • Deepu says:

        Because men have all the power – Sallu can put together a project and decide everything from the heroine to the music. Thus women have to find one way or the other to reach where they want.
        Which female actors have such power? Name 5.

  4. Universal says:

    It’s so amusing to see how this superstar and ladies go about it. Sorry to say but gives me a feel of harems that ancient kings used to have and all of them will fight to get his attention. Surely all these lady “friends” of him aren’t there to cook him some maggie at 2 AM.

  5. Sara says:

    I like Daisy. She is an excellent dancer and has a very sweet voice. She should get more movies…

  6. Samantha says:

    Salman literally put his foot down n ensured tht Daisy is signed fr Race 3. A talentless non existent Daisy for a superhit franchise Race3! Imagine!

    So, all news of ‘Daisy being fool’ is hogwash!! She knows what she is doing n does EXACTLY as asked by Salman!

    He is f*cking everyone from Daisy to Iulia to Katrina/Huma/Jacky/Sonakshi

    In short, an older Ranbir Kapoor!

    • Monalisa says:

      @samantha Unlike Sallu, Ranbir never helps the girls with their career. He promises them a monogamous relationship with marriage on the cards, while he sleep around behind their backs. Atleast the girls Salman sleeps with know upfront that he is never going to marry them and they get some benefit ( movies) in return. A relationship of mutual benefits.

  7. naughtytrini says:

    Of all the women currently in Salman’s life, I think he have a really soft soft spot for Daisy. There is just something totally different about him when he is around her. I think he is more smitten with her than he is with the others.

  8. Monalisa says:

    If Kjo is the godfather of nepo/ star kids Salman is the godfather of non-actors/ talentless people. Sooraj Pancholi and Isabelle Kaif signed a dance movie courtesy of Salman…. His family sponge off him, so the least they could do is be nice his guests (eventhough they are leeches).

    Also did you guys watch the video of Kat taking a sip out of Salman’s coffee mug during some press conference. It looked so staged. Some commenters on PV said Sonam did the same when they were promoting PRDP. (I never watched that video). So it maybe not be something, the cunning Kat did to show how close they are. But as @pooja said there was news that she left some function in his car. Maybe Salman is playing with Kat while the wall of Romania is away on a spa trip.. lol..

    • Pooja says:

      Yup I too find this deliberately done by user kat just to show how close she is stay limelight all time.she doing same certain gesture at iifa press conference to steal limelight from alia never seen her doing this when they actually was bf-gf like same reallife gf-bf never behave such way.they very behave normal like disha-tiger or sid-alia was.

  9. Prisca says:

    Fail to understand what’s with Salman! Why can’t he promote genuine talent. Does he really have a big heart?? I don’t see his generosity with all. If someone is honest and messes with him, he makes sure that person is boycotted eg Arijit Singh. Be it Daisy, Katrina, Elli etc all his recruits are talentless.

    • lince says:

      look read between the lines,he is helping those women who provide him “special companionship”

  10. Amanda says:

    Daisy doesn’t have that star quality and neither acting genes in her… Thanks to Salman, she still keeps getting work… I hope Salman realizes all the wannabes who keep visiting him, disturb the rest of the family and keep them far …

    • Universal says:

      You think he is doing some charity? And that he is not getting/asking for something in return?

  11. Pooja says:

    I find all girl gang lallu r biggest user of him n his luxury.bty y user Kat using lallu’s car???doent he gifted her 2cars when she started her relationship with rk n sold them.such miser she is.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Even sid mallya gave dp louis vuitton bags when they were dating. Big fuc*ing deal. Now dp will milk Ranveers, family for wedding jewellery and gifts. Her dad is, so stupid that he fell for a ponzi scheme and then went to the cops. What, wont these ppl do, to make a quick buck??

      • Kiran101 says:

        Rule of thumb…all actress will marry rich guys. Do you think Anu wud have married virat if he was hardik pandya level of player ?

        the point here is katrina level of milking salman is next next level. the same guy about whom she said “will not talk about him ” when with Ranbir…but hopped to his home the next minute she got dumped by RK. And she looks down on salman’s other girl gang like they are beneath her. She is no different from them… if only she respected others also who are in same situation she once was….then people would have respected her more. There is a reason why Sunny Leone etc have more public respect than Kat. The way she has been cocky towards upcoming actors like Kriti and how she publicly dissed vivek (with no acting skill compared to him) only rivals star kids cockiness . that wud make her worse than star kids.

        Ranveer has been openly in love wirh DP…his family is doing everything to make it work. DP never dated anyone just to get expensive gifts… sid mallya at worse might have been a rebound. You can defend katrina based on her circumstances in life…but you cannot equate her life with DP’s DP was born- bred in much much more fortunate circumstances…her dad was nation’s hero and still highly respected.

        Dp’s all exes respect her even after they broke up. Imean even AIshwarya ispite of their break up damaging her career and relations never lost her respect. But the way Kat jumped onto salman the minute Ranbir left…looks like even Ranbir(a scum) does not respect her.

        You must know Sid Mallya , Ranbir , Ranveer went out of their way to date DP…made their love for her public , were so proud to be associated with her that they kept taking her dad’s name and praising her Badminton skills publicly. In fact Sid mallya was so interested in DP even while she was dating Ranbir that he had to wait until they broke up to ask her out. Neetu however against she was DP she still went to fashion show with her and RK publicly threw her a kiss… whereas Kat’s photo was even not tolerated and she cropped it.

        No one treated DP in the same way as KAT was treated…Yet you think both are same.

        • Monalisa says:

          @kiran101 @shivanisd When DP and RS started dating in 2012, Ranveer was a newcomer (in comparison to her) with only 2 movies and most people never believed Ranveer was star material. Dp must be a fortune teller to know that he will be the next big thing and same goes for him, because from 2010 to 2012 (apart from cocktail) DP had back to back flops.

          She became number 1 actress after her consecutive 100 crore movies in 2013 and yet she was with him.. and it was after Bajirao in 2015 that he became a star and people realized that he will be the super star out of his gen. Even when she went to hollywood she was with him and even took him to XXX sets.. introduced him to Vin as her bf (because Vin called Ranveer DP’s bf in an interview they did with Anupama Chopra and even in XXX premire he was their along with her family). She could have ditched him to get some big shot in hollywood if she was an opportunist. DP is still a bigger star than RS,

          DP definitely is not an opportunist or else she would have stayed with RK for Kapoor bahu tag and get movies through RK’s family connections (unlike what RK pr claim, it was DP who dumped him and not the other way around), Ranveer’s got no such illustrious filmi family name for her to use to get movies through his connections.. She could have found another actor/ producer/director with good connections if she was so inclined. Or she could have stayed with the billionare’s son if she was a gold digger. Ranveer may come from a rich family but they are not Mallya level rich. Or found someone even richer than RS or his family if money matters to her.

          It seem for DP love, commitment, loyalty, respect, honesty, faithfulness, compatibility, peace of mind in a relationship matters more important than anything else and she found that person in RS. To say she is the same as Kat is apalling.

          • Kiran101 says:

            I did not mean in a negative way when i said all actresses marry only rich. They themselves are rich …. and obviously do not live in the same world as regular joe’s

          • Monalisa says:

            @kiran101 My reply was to shivasd insinuation that DP was after Sid Mallya and RS because of their money or because they gave her expensive gifts. I fully agree with you that actresses are used to a certain standard of living, so it is obvious that they will marry someone who is well to do… I never took what you wrote in a negative way.

            My whole point was, eventhough a lot people call DP a gold digger and opportunist because she dated Sid and Ranbir, I always felt that she wanted a more meaningful relationship based on love, trust and loyalty along with the guy being successful and rich. If her only criteria for a partner were rich and well connected guys, she would have put up with Ranbir’s cheating ways just like Kat did. Or found another well connected actor/producer/ director after Ranbir and Sid. Or found another billionaire or billionaire’s son after she dumped Sid.

      • Kiran101 says:

        Joke is Katrina has absolutely no respect for Salman …nor is she grateful or thankful. She used to tell on all other actors and used salman to settle all the scores with other actors.

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