Blind Item – March 2018 3

Today’s first blind item is about another struggle that this struggling superstar has to deal with. Well, it’s him who thinks he has to deal with this struggle not us. As we have mentioned a million times before, what you see is not what you get. As in, celebrities say one thing in public and another in private. Look at this superstar, for example, he has claimed that he will put his heroine’s name first in the credits of his films because to him, that is gender equality. He won’t pay them a higher fee, though, despite the fact that he’s only working with them because they are famous and bankable. What is that word: riding on their coattails, that’s what he is doing!

So the blind item below is about how he is upset that his heroine went ahead and got married while shooting for their film. Poor old man is so insecure that he thinks people won’t come to watch his film because it has a married heroine in it. Wait! Wasn’t he married when he entered the industry and played loverboy in many films? Isn’t this double standard? Is he one of those men who think that men has a right to do this while women don’t, just because they are women? So many questions!

Perhaps, this heroine needs to remind him how his mid-life crisis ruined his marriage and almost ended his career. Actually, his marriage is still on because he knows way too well that his public image is what matters.

We have been thinking about how the other day since the public entry of the son of this celebrity couple, paps and media have not been paying that much attention to his little son. Using the son to promote his daddy image is not working anymore, so he has resorted to using this heroine’s picture, not the heroine we were referring to above but another one. His tactics are the same. You know that he is cashing in on her popularity with the many pictures he shares of her on his social media accounts.


We wished he would just take some time away from movies to relax. He will then have a fresh mind on how to move things forward. The way he has been going in the last few years is like a headless chicken, not that we have seen one but it’s similar to holding a net in front of a rooster. Our rooster used to be scared of nets and every time we would take a net to cover the food on the table, he would get the wrong idea and would just run away like a crazy rooster! We thought that maybe that is how they caught him, which explains why he has a phobia of nets.

Anyways, enough said. Check out the blind item below. By the way, he should be focusing on the storm that has landed in Mumbai and is waiting to unleash soon. He should be worried about that, instead of useless things!



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – March 2018 3


AN upcoming, big-ticket movie has got its lead actor’s knickers in a knot. Turns out his female co-star has gone ahead and gotten married, and this has him rather vexed. He was overheard telling a colleague that married women don’t draw crowds (yes, we curled our toes, too). So his new game-plan is to share posts with his second-lead heroine. Clever, no?


OSOP Guesses

Big-ticket Movie: Zero

Lead Actor: Shah Rukh Khan

Married Actress: Anushka Sharma (Hey SRK, just use VFX to make her look unmarried!)

Other Heroine: Katrina Kaif

Blind Item – March 2018 3

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95 Responses

  1. Kiran101 says:

    Anushka’s brand value(endorsements she does with virat only ! ) increased post wedding with Virat ! she can now sell dreams to young women of landing a successful lad the whole country adores. It does nothing for her film career. SHe becoming a producer, NUSH clothing brand everything is done with combined stardom and brand value of VIRAT-ANushka. But no one is going to come watch her in a movie because she is Virat’s wife.

    Last 2 years Anushka’s line up of movies made such a big news… All her line up’s failed…frankly she made no mark in any film. She is very affordable actress for Khans….what Deepika charges for 1 movie she does for 3 movies.

    OH BTW Kat-Anu always looked bad with SRK. Audiences have been loudly telling that …so GOD save this ‘ZERO’.

  2. Universal says:

    Not much surprised actually. SRK has always been more of a smart businessman than great actor. Unfortunately, he is not ready to accept that he can’t do extend his arm and get all the money now. Times have changed and he needs to reinvent himself as an actor. Doing same kind of roles as he did 10 years ago won’t take him anywhere.
    Guess his penchant to follow everything that Amitabh did is getting better of him here too. He is following the same path AB did when he refused to accept he is aging for longest of time and did some horrible movies. Only that SRK has a lot more money to go bankrupt unlike AB.

  3. Humpty Dumpty says:

    Let me reveal the facts
    Kareena and Deepika both were approached for Anushka’s role but both wanted Katrina’s role and hence the deal fizzled out
    Sonam and Anushka were offered the script at the same time, things worked out for Anushka and she came on board
    The script was originally titled Katrina Meri Jaan and was offered to Salman, Salman rejected and suggested SRK’s name! SRK agreed but brought a hell lot of changes also a supporting actress part (played by Anushka)
    The script always had Katrina as the central character!!
    I am sure all those saying Katrina is in the supporting role will be shut down once the movie releases!
    I can even vouch for my confidence 😎

    • Pooja says:

      Utter nonsense.hyperbole story.

    • Ananya says:

      Haha this is even unbelievable than the blind.

      I’m not saying Kat doesn’t have a good role or one of them have side role. If Dp and Kat was approached first then sure it has meat roles.

      And about Kareena and Dp declined in favour of Kat to be in film when she was being written off by industry, totally unbelievable stuff.

    • Hmmm says:

      Katrina is not an actress she does flowerpot roles I doubt she is the main lead especially now.

  4. Ananya says:

    Wait but isn’t he the guy who worked with Kajol over the years? Neither is she a star plus a mother too. Yet never has he behaved like this.

    He acted opposite Mahira who has a kid. I really can’t believe this logic. I don’t want to assume but your last line made me think what ifI this blind is from the storm?!

    And really, do you think Katrina is more famous than Srk? Isn’t it the other way? Wasn’t Kat begging to be a part of this movie, wasn’t Salman helping her out?

    That puts the doubt on Kat and even Anu too. What if it’s an indirect attack from Anu to get more attention? She benefits the more from this blind. I’m not accusing, but I simply can’t believe this.

    And I remember him saying he tries to pay as much as they deserve when he’s producing the film. Is that a false promise?! I thot when under red chillies he pays them well. He claims so.

    • Green says:

      lol! the storm.

      the technicians should be paid equally but the actors should be paid only as much as their BO pull,

      how many times have we heard SRK having problems with his co actors on set? Actors are wary now but back in the 90s, they used to say all kinds of ridiculous stuff about each other.

      i hope he bounces back with Zero. SRK is the only superstar to consistently have had good parts for the girls as well from the 90s in his movies.

    • Monalisa says:

      @ananya I agree that if this is a fake blind, the person who will benefit the most from this will be Anushka. Also there was another blind, not so long ago, about how a young actor refused to do a magazine cover with Anushka because she is married. Two back to back blinds about how actors are having problems working with Anushka just because she is married, It is a bit fishy. I wouldn’t put it past Anushka or her pr to release such a blind. She is not the first actress to work after marriage, but never heard such rumours about how other married actresses faced such problems.

      I always have a feeling that this marriage is a strategic career advancement move on her part because of the way Anushka milked her whole wedding (eventhough they had it in Italy to keep it intimate and private all picture and every detail of the wedding were released to the media) and after marriage, (eventhough she claim she is private about her love life and marriage) they put up all those lovey dovey pics and they get papped together all the time and all those news articles about them. She even used Virat to promote Pari (with him holding screening, tweeting about it) but it did not work the magic they were expecting.

  5. Shilpa says:

    I think SRK makes a bad pairing with both Anushka and Kat. Anushka looks way too young for him. Their chemistry in rab ne ead okay but in harry met Sejal it was Meh. Katrina is way too plastic and dosen’t look good with him. Zero chemistry . I wonder why he and his team can’t see that .

    • Ananya says:

      I think all saw that in jthj.

      But in this film his initial plan was to bring Dp and Kat together. That would have surely ringed in BO. He tried as much as he could. They were on the verge of doing it when Padma sets were attacked and Dp couldn’t allot dates for this.

      That forced him to find another heroine. By then all had their calendars full or some other reason but most of them rejected it. Finally he ended up with Anushka who alone agreed. So I think he had no choice. Now trying to hype the nil chemistry factor. Bz maybe he fears the fate ofof jthj.

      • Rashmi says:

        Anushka was first approved, then Katrina. SRK and Anand did not want Katrina, Anand wanted Sonam, SRK wanted Deepika. were blind that Katrina came to the house of the SRK and begged to give her this role. By the way, there were real photos of Katrina at night in the SRK house

        • Green says:

          this movie was titled Katrina Meri Jaan, initially, Kat said SRK joined after she was signed on by Anand and went thru a lot of changes since.

          • Rashmi says:

            It was not called Katrina Meri Jaan, initially originally. These rumors began to be published after Katrina was approved. Even Katrina herself said that the original name was not Katrina Meri Jaan, initially if you remember, then the SRK was first approved. then Anushka. then rumors that Katrina comes to the house of the SSR at night and begs to give her a role, then a real photo of Katrina at night in the house of the SRK. this movie had a name before Zero, I do not remember which one, but it’s definitely not Katrina Meri Jaan Anand wanted Sonam, his favorite heroine. The SRK insisted on Katrina (after Katrina’s persuasion) then Sonam gave an interview that the SRK was not interested in working with her, he was offended and she publicly clarified the situation.

          • Rashmi says:

            this is just one of the interviews. there were several of them. in addition, the heroine does not even call Katrina. so what can be the dispute? I will repeat once more when only about this film they began to speak, when the SRK entered it and then Anushka, the film had a different conventional name. much later approved Zero. I remember those events very well

          • Pooja says:

            Its was title after they sign user Katrina.before that its was dp n sonam was approach alr wanted sonam but srk not that y sonam publicly said srk don’t wanted to work with her bcz of this incident.

          • Rashmi says:

            this title for the film was just a PR move, no one wrote about it before Katrina came to the film. I can not remember the name that was before Zero. but this one hundred percent without the name of Katrina. I remember perfectly the candidates for this role, they called Deepika, Kangana, Sonam but not Katrina. Anand wanted Sonam, then Katrina went to the SRK’s house, cried (was blind) and the SRK agreed. Sonam was still very offended and said that the SRK does not want to work with me. all this is on the Internet, even Katrina’s photo at night at the SRK’s house, even then everyone thought what she was doing in his house at night? and before that was blind

          • Green says:

            Banduaa. Wasnt that the title? I remember now.

            Sonam is awful, i dont blame Shah rukh. I thought Kat was already finalized and Sonam/Deepika were considered for Anushka’s role. Whatever was offered to Deepika is obviously the better role.

            Rajeev Masand confirmed DP was finalized for this movie before Padmavati sets were vandalized and they had to re shoot.

          • Rashmi says:

            no the name was different. everyone even thought that this was the official name of the film, the media wrote only this name, never a name with the name Katrina .. about Sonam. I do not think that it’s so terrible, I like certain roles, but of course, she’s not a genius. Anand loves her, she’s his favorite, so she was the first choice. now checked the old information, the name Banduaa actively figured. but there was one more name that I can not find (

          • Pooja says:

            I guess it was “batla” if I remember 1st time they ever talk about that film

          • Nars says:

            ALR wanted Salman for this film. This was just after TWMR success. Salman heard the story and liked it, so ALR started pr in media – that Salman was playing a dwarf in his ALR next. Salman responded that he wasnt interested. LOL

            Some years later. SRK agreed to the movie.

            ALR wanted Sonam & Kangana – remembered the big dinner date ALR, SRK & Kangana had? Pics r everywhere.

            Eventually ALR realize he couldnt handle two “divas” on the same film & so he decide no Kangana.

            SRK never wanted Sodam. She was upset & made the statement that SRK does not want to work with her. (Cant blame the guy – Sonam is only suited for Deaf/Dumb role, as i cant stand her way of talking – her mouth is freakishly big & she talks like she is bratty)

            Then the rumors were of Katrina and Deepika and eventually Anushka got finalize.

            If ALR can get Sodam to act, then geting Katrina to do the same will be easy.

        • Humpty Dumpty says:

          you know nothing but all you know is how to spread hate for kat hahahah

  6. goldengirl says:

    How sick of SRK!i really respect him and his craft but this is utter nonsense Anushka is one of the best actress and bankable too. If BW people wont support their married actresses so why would public support them? This is so unfair and rude to ignore one talented actress and to promote another talentless actress who got this movie only due to her powerful EX. TBH too much SRK KAT is irritating and only do damage to their pairing.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Bankable actress lol. Her movie Pari just flopped. At least kat is good looking unlike plain jane anushka.

      • goldengirl says:

        Anushka can act atleast. Pari was good and she has guts to do a movie without khan. Kat cant act ,, ruined face, head to toe plastic and NEEDS big heroes to give a hit. Infact she is ZERO without her powerful ex boyfriend call Salman..Kat cant get films without him.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Lol as if anushka has never done plastic surgery. She is nothing without the khans and yrf. The way she sucks up to rani chopra is pathetic. User anushka.

  7. naughtytrini says:

    If he is trying to hold on to Kat to save the film he is sure delusional. Between Kat and Anushka I would quicker watch the movie for Anushka. Putting up photoshop photos aint going to make the movie a hit and worst yet, Kat isnt a bankable person. I predict, just as I did for Padman, that Zero will be a zero at the box office. SRK have lost it although I think he could salvage it if he does a movie with PC :-p

  8. Humpty Dumpty says:

    This is actually a made up blind, Anushka’s role isn’t that big in the movie, the film is about a dwarf obsession with a superstar(played by Katrina) and how they both complete each other! someone deliberately released this to hamper their equations! and of course people will come at me saying your are deluded and etc etc anyways my reply to them is wait for the release!

    • Green says:

      i dont think Anushka will play second fiddle to Katrina now. Anushka can act. Katrina is only good with glam roles which doesnt require too much emoting.

      this is a made up blind, that i agree with.

      • Rashmi says:

        that’s it. Anushka is the main character, this was known from the very beginning. But Anushka is actually not on the promo of the film, there is only Katrina. everywhere SRK and Katrina. I do not think that the blind was invented, the SRK desperately makes an accent on Katrina, although earlier it always focused on Anushka

        • Humpty Dumpty says:

          i don’t want to talk about how i know things and all but the truth will be out once the movie releases, sadly Anushka’s role is of the second fiddle!!

  9. Shanaya says:

    Hey admin. Do u have new info on storm PC unveiling some new info on this old man? Hope she does. So fed up of him trying to Mr goodie when he just knows how to leach on to successful people and good looking younger women. He was horrible to Priyanka and juhi.

    • Green says:

      what happened with Juhi? i just saw her interview with Jacky Shroff recently and she only had nice things to say about SRK. when Neha probed whom would she like to work next, she promptly said SRK.

      As for PC, she has worked with SLB, Excel, Yash Raj post Don 2. what exactly did he do to her? also read some blinds when SRK got some endorsements for her in India. .

  10. paddy says:

    admin do you know anything inside news about pc and srk or u are just saying like that? Do u think she is going to make their relationship public?

  11. Prisca says:

    Oh .(
    I’m so disheartened on reading this. I always believed SRK is a good soul unlike the other celebs…so difficult to digest these facts .(

    • Rashmi says:

      I at least do not like SRK (the most unloved actor), but still he is not the worst option. there is much good in it. Now he worries about the fate of his film, of course he is excited. From the status of Zero depends on his future career. here some people managed to accuse me of double standards, which never happened. I have the courage to scold my favorite actors when they do bad things (in my opinion, not according to the crowd) and I will protect the unloved if their fault is not so great. I like generosity in the SRK. he is not greedy. I love this quality

  12. ABC says:

    Please solve this blind

    A former star is hugely pissed with his partner in a venture these days. The partner has been auditioning several young female hopefuls for films, and has been misbehaving with them. Word of this has reached the star who has much money invested in the business. The actor is planning a massive showdown with the partner-agent, who may well have to fly solo very soon.

    Mumbai Mirror Tailpiece

  13. ABC says:

    I think this is Varun and Anushka. SRK has worked with many married heroines like Kajol and Juhi, he may have million faults, but this isn’t one of them

  14. Monalisa says:

    I love SRK so it is very difficult for me to read negative stuff about him, but this is the second blind about SRK and his ‘real’ views on actresses. Really disappointed!!

    Anushka’s popularity and brand increased after becoming Mrs.Kohli. They tried to capitalize on her marriage to promote Pari by having Virat holding a screening of the movie, sharing lovey dovey couple pics, him promoting the movie on social media. But maybe because this marketing strategy failed, SRK is wary about having a married heroine. If it had worked for Pari I’m sure he would have milked Anu/Virat to promote the movie.

    I think Zero will be heavily marketed on Sridevi’s cameo in the movie. Sridevi fans will surely go and watch the movie just to catch their fav on the big screen for the last time. Maybe the movie will be a hit after all. SRK is using every trick under the sun to promote it. The movie is releasing in December but they have started the pr stuff already.

  15. Green says:

    Sounds bogus.

    SRK had offered Dilwale and Happy New Year to Ash earlier. She was married then. And ofcourse a ton of others with Kajol. Madhuri in devdas. Etc.

    If anything, anushka sharma’s brand just got hotter with her wedding.

    • Rashmi says:

      these films were never offered to Aishwarya. in Dilwal the whole accent was made on the screen pair of the SRK – Kajol, Rohit hoped that this would help the film become a blockbuster and they long persuaded Kajol for this role. Happy New Year Farah immediately offered Deepikа. by the way you’re right, SRK used to work with married actresses, but then he was young and popular, maybe now he was afraid of failures because of married heroines? I do not know. Maybe you are right

      • Pooja says:

        Naah all this offered to ash even koi mil gaya n krish was offered to ash too to cash her internation fame rakesh roshan n Farah khan have offered almost all their film to ash including hritik debuted film kaho na pyar hai.that y at time of jodha Akbar release rakhesh roshan put statement that ash look older than hritik n ash reply its funny what he said this bcz he offer all his film to ash which starer hritik start from his 1st film.this filmy ppl r biggest liar n hypocrites in world

      • Green says:

        It might affect Katrina, Jacqueline Fernandez maybe because they usually do the same kind of flowerpot roles. Anushka, Sonam, Kangana dont really fit into that bracket.

        i’m assuming anu is busy with sui daaga right now. Also, anushka isnt the typical Bollywood heroine fawning over her co stars ( and she has worked with ‘em all) and the only one she’s nice to tbh is, SRK.

        Kat has been active since tiger, thugs and now zero.

        • Rashmi says:

          on the contrary, Anushka is the one who fawns on the Khans, she needs them for a career. of course, she risks and works in films that are oriented toward the heroine, but they do not bring her success. For example, Kangana may refuse to work with the Khans, even Deepika may refuse, but Anushka and Katrina never

          • Green says:

            Is it? I haven’t seen it then. I have seen her pretty indifferent to Salman Khan.

          • nobody says:

            Yes. She doesn’t like Salman at all and even talked about how she has no relationship with him whatsoever and that although they did Sultan, she’s never even had a one-on-one conversation with him. She even talked about how he didn’t make her feel comfortable.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Khans and yrf together have made anushka what she is. Otherwise she’s just a plain looking girl. I have seen hundreds of better looking girls in delhi university. No wonder her career as a model was flop.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Ru mad!! U think anushka and sonam can be put in the same category as Kangana?? Anushka does full time blank licking of the khans, aditya and rani chopra. She wud be nothing without the yrf tag.

    • Hmmm says:

      Aishwarya’s PR probably spread those rumours to make her seem more desirable. SRK has no interest in married heroines he seems despo to be in movies with unmarried ones.

      • Green says:

        I think Farah has also said that somewhere. Ash didnt wanna do because she wasnt cast opposite Abhishek.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Lol who wants to cast flop abhishek in their movies. Thankfully ash has stopped this nonsense now and acts opposite any hero… As she is the breadwinner of the family after Amitabh.

    • Pooja says:

      He wanted make peace with ash even om shanti om n mai hu naa too offer to ash earlier.

      • Green says:

        ok, but from whatever i have seen. She is pretty indifferent to Salman khan. I havent seen her with aaamir so i dont know.


        • Pooja says:

          From since 2002 ash have problem with all 3khans srk kick her out from chalate chalate when 30%shooting she have already done n aamir kick her out from mangal Pandey replace with Amish Patel even when singing amount was given to her she get to knew about this in newspaper after 1week of the shooting was already done of mp.later producer ask her give back signing amount.all r same hypocrite.

          • Pepeas says:

            Yes, the Chalte Chalte situation was bad. SK was abusing Aish, turning up drunk at her house late at night and making a ruckus etc. There are eyewitness accounts. He did the same thing on the Chalte Chalte sets. Instead of restraining him, Mr. “I’m so liberal and pro-women” SRK ruthlessly replaced her with Rani. The hypocrisy still amazes me (though it shouldn’t, knowing Bollywood).

          • Shivanisd says:

            Agree with u, srk is a big fake like barkha dutt who he loves giving interviews to. Indian society as a whole is hypocritical so why expect anything better from Bollywood.

        • nobody says:

          She doesn’t like Salman at all. She’s been quoted saying unflattering things about him. That takes guts.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Thats only bcuz shes a fake feminist. Why shud she be scared of Salman she cant manipulate him nor does he have a goody goody image. 247 she’s sucking up to srk.

        • Shivanisd says:

          …. .

    • Ananya says:

      I agree. Yes films were offered to Ash and Kareena after marriage as well. He worked with Kajol, Maduri.

      No Farah offered Ash, then tried new faces, at last she took Deepika itself who was supposed to launch with that film contrast of oso.

      Yes iffilms anything I feel she got more hotter now as Cricketer wife. It’s not like she married a Nene outside.

      • Ananya says:

        Also yes even this same role was offered to Kareena who is a mother. If he didn’t have a problem with acting with a mother, I’m sure a newly wed girl is absolutely fine.

  16. Rahul says:


    What is the storm that you are talking about that has landed in Mumbai ? Is that about some unfolding political situation ? Or PC ?

    • Admin says:

      Check the gif below that paragraph and you will know.

    • Deepak says:

      Hey Rahul, The storm admin is talking about is named PeeCee… heheheheheheheheh….
      Coming to SRK, I have always been wary about people who are verbose to the point of irritation …SRK, Karan Johar, most of the so called Babas and what not… and I stand vindicated… By making the above statement, SRK proves he is no different that the politicians who make disparaging remarks about women….HE is the one who should Introspect instead of pointing fingers at others….

    • nobody says:

      No storm whatsoever. She tried her best but didn’t get any mileage out of it. SRK doesn’t even pay attention to her hijinks. And anyway, she is only in India for 4-5 days while SRK is skiing in the Alps.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Slut priyanka deserves ignorance only. And stk needs to quit acting for real! Nobody wants to see your jaded creased old man face. Ditto for misogynist sanjay dutt.

  17. Samantha says:

    Im such a huge fan of SRK.. to th point of getting really pained when his movies flop (specially Fan)! N i m so DISGUSTED with this mindset of his! Seems true then, since he s on a mad spree posting Katrina’s pics! I wanna bet; just like Jab Tak Hai Jaan.. Anushka ll walk away with all accolades, compared to Katrina! Hope the movie doesnt flop: earlier i wud say fr SRK’s sake. But now i really want it to be a hit fr Anushka’s sake! Brave girl breaking stereotypes (marriage/producer) needs n deserves a hit! Pari was unfortunately not th one!

    • Rashmi says:

      What does Anushka break stereotypes? Her marriage to the super-known cricket player Virat (and not some unknown person) and the producer is only in words. there were several blind who sponsor the films, Anushka simply gives her name for use.

      • Pooja says:

        She don’t put own money she just doesn’t take fees n take credits as one of producer like rk does for JJ.amir do this to all his film.

      • Universal says:

        She does break a few stereotypes tbh. All the names people take as actor lending names as producers are male superstars. I have rarely seen an active actress going the production way (she is involved in her brothers production house) so early in her career. Also, she has taken up challenging roles more often.
        Coming to biggest of them all. Marrying at an age when many top actresses even deny link ups. All said and done, ours is still a country where many believe marriage ends a heroines career (look at one of the biggest superstars thinking!). So marrying at 28-29 is certainly breaking a stereotype. Though I feel her brand value has increased even more that now she and VK are THE couple in India.

        • Pooja says:

          Sorry to say but i didn’t think anushka break any streotypes …..But do accept she took few risks-but every other actress of this generation is taking risks in their own way so nothing special about anushka…..

          1- Marrying virat was the best move she ever made , cause she’s going nowhere with her career even though she worked with the biggest directors and best actors . she’s done movie with salman , amir, shahrukh , ranbir ….But still she couldn’t reach the top . Deepika wasn’t there in bollywood for 2 years ; Katrina wasnt in a good phase in 2016 and 2017 . priyanka wasnt there in bollywood for 2 years …. Anushka had the best movies acc to commercial success i.e sultan, ae dil etc but still she couldn’t break the mould . Virat only helped her in boosting her popularity – manyavar commercial or few other deals she signed after her marriage to virat .
          Anushka also slashes down her price to star in khan movies – she has high number of khan movies after katrina .
          2- Now the so called private couple are now all into pda . I’ve read somewhere that virat and anushka sold the rights of their so called private wedding to some media house , that’s why details, clips from their wedding are all over the net.
          3- Her brand Nush turned out to be a sham – selling chinese products with Nush tag.
          4-She has backing from yash raj since she is a yash raj talent – you either see anushka ,vani or any other yash raj heroines in most yash raj movies. Anushka is also given lead part in sui dhaga since she’s yash raj girl.

          Anushka always had the best opportunities , big projects but fact remains that she couldn’t reach the top.

          • Kiran101 says:

            you said it. That loud mouth and annoying face…weather she plays gujarathi or pakistani or even punjabi all the same. She is ruining Dil Dhadkne Do movie for me. I shudder the thought of her appearing on screen .

  18. Venus says:

    oh god, so lame.Does SRK really think like this ?

  19. Rashmi says:

    If it were honest, I thought Katrina had only a cameo in the film and the main female role belongs to Anushka. This was written from the very beginning of the filming, why is everything changed now? Does this mean that the role of Katrina has been increased?

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