Blind Item – June – Bollywood

Today’s blind item is from Mumbai Mirror and it speaks about this sad case, which is an actress who has to do everything to make sure she stays in the news. Seriously, what the hell happened to her career? She was said to be the next big thing with hits after hits. How did she fall back so soon and so fast? She should have just continued instead of taking some so-called time off. She shouldn’t have listened to her mentor about taking time off. She should have continued working so that she will stay in people’s mind. She was said to be the next Anushka Sharma, but even Anushka bounced back from her dull phase and now she’s doing great. So, where is this actress going wrong? It doesn’t help either that her sister/cousin pretty much doesn’t have a career in Bollywood anymore, so she’s on her own to make things better. Check out the blind item below to see for yourself.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June - Bollywood


WITH none of her films making much noise at the box office, despite her new and improved sexy avatar, our heroine has decided on an innovative trick to stay in the news. She leaks stories of films she is supposedly signing, and then issues a press release denying the news once it is out. She did it with a choreographer’s directorial venture a few months ago, and recently gave an unpleasant surprise to an action star. In the good old days, link-ups were publicity tricks. Now, it seems to be sign-ups.


OSOP Guess

Heroine: Parineeti Chopra

Blind Item – June - Bollywood

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6 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    I hope to see her in a good film soon. She may not be your typical tall and svelte heroine. But she is talented and a delight on screen.

  2. Shivani says:

    Just bcuz she’s Punjabi ppl think she’s oh so great. She’s not.

  3. Shivani says:

    Plus I find her to be really chaalu.

  4. Shivani says:

    I hate her! She doesn’t have the looks or figure to be an actress. She looks like a sack of flour. She only gets movies bcuz her bf is a major director (maneesh sharma) they are both using each other. Shameless.

  5. pooja says:

    i thought its katrina kaif who do all this.1st spreading she sign that and that film then deny.feel bad for pari such talented girl

  6. bella says:

    I am sure Priyanka will teach her all about it.

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