Blind Item – June – Bollywood 5

The blind item below comes from It’s about something that has been spoken about for a while now. Things are getting even more serious, it seems. What’s strange is how the media has not highlighted this whole thing. They did ask his wife a question, but even that wasn’t about the affair. These two left for their outdoor schedule a week earlier than the whole crew. How come no one questioned them about that? Anyways, let’s just see how far this whole thing goes. If she’s smart enough to blackmail him, then she might stay on for a while longer. Check out the blind item about Miyan, Biwi aur Woh below!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June - Bollywood 3


This superstar is giving his star wife sleepless nights with his philandering ways!

A star wife, herself a name to reckon with in the film industry, is under depression and spending sleepless nights

This is truly heart wrenching! A star wife, who herself is a name to reckon with in the film industry, is under depression and spending sleepless nights! Thanks to her husband’s (a much loved superstar) philandering ways, she is under medication and counseling to maintain her sanity.

A source close to the family and who has worked with the star wife on her previous film projects told us that she is in fact a changed person! β€œShe has always been a hands-on person, with great clarity of thought. She had been on a break and decided to start work on one of her much pending project recently. However, she is not the same,” said the source.

The source further revealed that the star wife has been taking medication to clam her nerves and treat her sleeping disorder. She is clearly disturbed and all this is due to stresses in her marital life. Her husband’s growing closeness with a much younger co-star is to blame for this marital discord between the star couple.

The source also revealed that the media recently quizzed the star wife about this β€˜too close for comfort’ friendship between her husband and the young actress. While she fielded the question like a queen, she is certainly affected by the reports and speculations in the media. She has also decided to stay off the radar for some time to avoid such scenarios. The source was concerned that her reclusiveness will only further hamper her health and mental condition.

The film industry has seen some beautiful love stories turn into marriages and some of the most solid of marriages break due to the presence of a third person. We really hope that this couple’s relationship has a better fate!


OSOP Guesses

Star Wife: Kiran Rao

Husband: Aamir Khan

Younger Co-Star: Fatima Sana Shaikh

Blind Item – June - Bollywood 3

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34 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    A star wife who herself is a name to be reckon with… this is confusing, I would never think it is Kiran, who is Kiran without Aamir? The blind could refer to them as it relates to him having an affair with Fatima. Couldn’t this blind be about Ajay and Kajol?

    • Bollywood says:

      Well, Kiran has an identity of her own aside from being Aamir’s wife, she’s also a director.

    • naughtytrini says:

      Maybe in bollywood you all know her but indians abroad only know her as Aamir’s wife, the one who made him leave his first wife, so what goes around comes back around. I am not sorry for her, I said it a couple of times before and by the way, she doesnt even dress good.

  2. Essessp says:

    Rashi: Aamir is a good and loving father, I agree. But he always has been a womanizer, and did have an affair with Kiran during Lagaan. No matter how much they “officially” tell people that they got together after the divorce. Reena is a very grounded, decent, lovely person, and I give her a lot of credit for never turning Ira and Junaid against Aamir and Kiran but actively encouraging their closeness. Reena didn’t want to be in a typical Bollywood marriage anymore, where the affairs go on but the public family image is everything. She wanted Aamir to be happy, and continue being his family member and friend for their kids, but not his wife. And Aamir and Kiran get credit for behaving decently after the divorce, and always treating Reena with respect and affection. But I think women in Kiran’s position often think that *they* are different, that their husbands will stop having affairs – and then history repeats itself and sad reality dawns.

    • Essessp says:

      Was unclear – by *but not his wife* I meant Reena didn’t want to be his wife anymore.

  3. bucketbot says:

    So, all this talk of Aamir losing his fanbase because of an affair with his former on-screen daughter while being in a seemingly happy marriage. It’s not gonna happen. It will be scandalous, of course. He may be as immoral as they come in his personal life and his public image is a result of excellent PR. But that is the case with most, right?. That they begin to think too much of themselves after success. But the fact that all of his last few films have been doing very well is because his films are genuinely a good product. The average film going audience is only concerned about the film being good. Only paisa vasool. Most don’t even read celebrity news items in the papers. Only some of us reach straight for BT Also. they do have a short memory. Orelse, Sanjay Dutt/ Salman Khan would have been crucified by now, with people boycotting their movies. The public doesn’t care all that much is all I am saying.

  4. Esspess says:

    Well, Aamir cheated on Reena with Kiran during Lagaan (and others before her, including many co-stars). I have insider knowledge of how upset and uncomfortable Ashutosh was that this was happening on his film, with his Assistant Director and star! And Reena was working her guts out on set everyday as Executive Producer, making sure everything ran smoothly! It was the last straw for her, I’m glad she left him. Unfortunately Kiran is learning the hard way that Aamir will always be a womanizer…

    • Rashi says:

      But Reena is still part of their family. she comes to all the family functions, even Aamir’s movie screenings,including Azad and Aamir’s birthday parties.. She is COO of Paani foundation- an NGO run by Aamir,Kiran and Reena.
      If he was that bad, why would reena still be in touch with him? please don’t say its all for publicity. Aamir seems to be a good father . He used to attend his son’s college events with Reena when no media was present. Infact, when Junaid was declared the President of his college’s service club the ceremony had Aamir, Reena, Kiran all in attendance. He went all the way to US to have a screening of PK in his son’s film school with his batchmates since he assisted Raju Hirani and was away when the movie released.
      If Aamir really has an affair with Fatima, it will be really sad considering how maturely everyone including his former & current wife handled the entire situation and he ruined it all.

  5. Shivani says:

    For TOH casting it was the battle of the slu*s and homebreakers it seems! Fatima vs vaani. The biggest thug is aamir himself. Disgusting human being.

  6. Shivani says:

    Kiran rao a force to reckon with!! Lol. What has she ever done except latch on to aamir and talk abt aamir in interviews? She doesn’t even look good unlike trophy wives.

    • rhea says:

      Nobody called Kiran a force to reckon with. What cannot be denied is her talent and POV regarding movies. Aamir has no original ideas. He leeches on to those who have. Kiran was definitely instrumental to his image makeover from the 2000s on.

      As for not even being pretty enough to be a trophy wife, that says more about your attitude towards women and your value system than anything else.

  7. urvashi menaka says:

    some how i seem to remember that dialog of Sandhya Mridul in page 3 , where in she says,” jab 3 crore ki ferrari se uthrungi kisi ki himmat nahi hogi” this rightly fits in here. As long as paisa wala ho who cares is the attitude chahe budda ho ki jawaan. Famous hone ke liye kuch bhi karungi funda.

  8. rajesh says:

    i dont understand how even the proof of their sexual relationship will impact Aamir’s reputation in an industry where evereybody does with everybody so whats the big deal about it. Aamir is not the first or the last to do this so all this blackmail thing does not sound genuine. It seems like 1+1=2 case rather than 1 blackmailing 1

    • Tina says:

      There’s definitely a icky factor to having an affair with someone who played your daughter. Aamir’s brand is also about him being a socially responsible actor and citizen. He’s also a divorcee. Moreover he once broke off contact with his Dad for having an affair with a much younger actress. It could really damage him. So not the same.

    • Rashmi says:

      In addition, Aamir has an illegitimate son and this also affects his reputation

  9. urvashi menaka says:

    You should watch koffee with Karan again once more, there is a certain underlying tension between these two fatty and aamir khan. Call it love or whatever.

    • Bollywood says:

      It’s great acting. How Aamir pretends to not know anything and be surprised with, “Oh Really? I didn’t know that.” Bunch of crap!

  10. Akash says:

    Can u please elaborate what is it that sana is blackmailing aamir with?
    Why is he so scared of a nobody like her when he could easily make her disappear from bollywood.

    • Bollywood says:

      If she has proof of their affair, it will be hard to make her disappear. She played his daughter and he had an affair with her. How would this play out? Clearly, he knew that the outing of this affair would ruin him, which is why he did his best to get her the TOH role. Don’t know the content that she’s blackmailing him with. Must be quite something since he had to seek advice from SRK on how to deal with it.

  11. Tina says:

    You know what’s b1tchy? Kareena Kapoor on camera making a big deal of how Aamir was missing at MAMI after this whole thing came out (“Where’s Aamir”??!!!!!! she crooned) Poor Kiran was caught totally off guard. Kareena as the gossip queen of Bollywood was obviously aware of the situation and was probably resentful of Kiran’s accomplishments. I think KKK is such an apt name for this woman.

    Aamir owes Kiran for his avant garde reputation post Lagaan – Satyameva Jayate, TZP, Delhi Belly, Ship of Theseus etc

  12. pooja says:

    even same source say for saare jaha se achcha in that too famita canfirmed for playing amir’s wife

  13. Alisa says:

    I mean that he often goes with her to restaurants and now they went to the movies. Probably, he himself so wants, it is unlikely that it makes him.
    About blackmail. It’s not like the truth. In that story it was said that she blackmails him, that he divorced and married her, and not because of the role. I think this is his initiative. Wrote that he recommended her to the Secret Superstar a year ago. And she rejected 2 projects for TOH.
    It’s stupid to blackmail a person like that. He can make a major producer to do what he wants. Do you think he is afraid of a novice actress?

    • Bollywood says:

      She started to blackmail him when he couldn’t get her roles. That’s when he got her TOH, which was not meant for her. She pretty much pressured him to get that role.

    • Rashmi says:

      Admin means that Fatima has clear evidence of their sexual relationship, which can be made public. Fatima is not stupid, can do this through blind , through friends, in general to do so, chsto not cause the wrath of Aamir, but make him fear for his reputation. She can go to Kiran with evidence. Aamir is fascinated by her, it’s obvious, he is happy to spend her money on her, but he was not going to volunteer to help her career

    • Alisa says:

      I don’t believe in blackmail because of the role. This is illogical and impossible. She can’t build with him such relations, in which it is clear that she only uses him. The day he gets angry with her, her career will end.
      Let me remind that blind:
      “The girlfriend wants him to divorce his wife and marry her, he says. Don’t do that, says the host superstar, it isn’t good for your image. But the guest superstar says he is being emotionally blackmailed, the girlfriend is threatening to expose their text messages, and the wife may leave him in any way. Girlfriend is also upset her career didn’t take off the way they envisaged it”, etc…
      So, according to blind, she begged him to divorce and marry her. She begged and threatened, And he thinks that this is possible, because his wife herself will leave him soon. The phrase about her career is another part.
      Nobody said it was pressing on him from behind TOH. All other blinds says that he dominates her.

    • Rashmi says:

      Aamir is fascinated by her, but he does not want a love affair with her. was published This role was meant for someone else, for example Aditya wanted instead of Fatima to take off his mistress – Vaani. But Fatima blackmailed Aamir, if he did not give her a role, she would talk about their relationship. Aamir does not want public disclosure, so he was forced to agree

  14. Rashmi says:

    I hope! my “blind was not lost, and will also be published in the near future))) about Aamir. than Fatima can blackmail him? Why he is afraid of? he knows that he will believe more than a beginner. Always in India blame the woman, but the man the holy . I remember the case of Hrithik and Kangna, everyone knows that they have had a love affair, but this ….. I do not want to insult him, did everything to blame Kangana in the madness. he had money and power, he can buy anyone. true here useless. Since Aamir may fear Fatima?

    • Bollywood says:

      Fatty has proof and Aamir knows he can’t get through another scandal. If this gets out, it will crucify him. Also, most likely Aamir also likes Fatty. That’s why he’s going along with the whole thing.

    • Rashmi says:

      Kangana was very naive, that she believed it …. and did not prove it. Went through a series of humiliations. Fatima is a smart girl and knows how to survive. But in any case, even with evidence, Aamir can completely destroy her

    • Alisa says:

      Probably he just loves her. He seems very happy with her. She could not blackmail him to go to the cinema or to a restaurant.
      However, I am very sorry for Kiran.

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