Blind Item – June – Bollywood – 2018

It’s ironic that this blind item came out today when we were just thinking about this director yesterday. For some reason, we were thinking of the late Jiah Khan and her tragic death. It brought us to thinking that out of all the people she worked with, Deepika Padukone was her only co-star who attended the funeral. Someone said back then that Jiah’s funeral was Muslim, so her Hindu colleagues didn’t feel comfortable attending her funeral and all that but Deepika came, didn’t she? We remember thinking then that it’s quite something considering how no one else came. Did they not value her as a colleague or did they not give her any importance because she was not that famous? The people she started her career with, RGV – he was busy tweeting about her, AB Sr – he posted his condolences on Twitter.

We don’t know why, we started thinking about this director in the blind item below. He took Jiah in his second film at a time when things were a bit difficult for foreigners to work in India. Jiah had to go back to England and then, somehow she got this film. Later on, there were rumours that came on how Jiah was spotted at this director’s place of residence many times. His neighbours saw her there and leaked the news to the media on how they don’t like her coming there because decent families live there. It could have been before the shooting of this film to secure her role or it could have been after, we don’t remember. It was also said that she didn’t feel comfortable wearing those skimpy outfits they made her wear in the film. Since she was not really getting any other offers, she had no choice.

Wherever you are Jiah, hope you are finally at peace.

Just the thought of remembering these articles back then brought this dark cloud filled with sadness. Just imagine the situation of a young girl with no protectors by her side. She alone had to figure out how things work and what had to be done to get work. Every time, some scandalous gossip comes out about this director, we keep wondering why no one has outed him yet. He has been accused of sending pics of his dong-dong to actresses and for the unlucky ones, he showed it to them in person.The last time, it was made public through a variety of blind items but he was not outed by any journalist.

Maybe it’s also a very common behaviour in this industry, just like that blind item about how actresses who work with Raymond were expected to please him. It was leaked by him, so just imagine how this sort of behaviour gives them leverage to take advantage of those who has no one by their side to protect them or to advise them. They can do what they want and when they want, then they speak of women empowerment or how they support feminism.


Back to the blind item, this director is getting back to shooting films now after 5 years of hiatus. He was ousted by his own people after his big a$$ claims got him big box office flops. They ousted him from his own franchise and now that he is back in their good books, he is directing the 4th installment of the same franchise. The blind item speaks about how he took a special liking to this young actress and has promised her a role in his upcoming film. It doesn’t sound like couch casting, but the blind item is clearly indicating that things between them are of the same scenario.

Take a look at the blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018


WE don’t think we will ever tire of stories of directors pawing their heroines after promising them a role. The latest ones not’ joining the me-too bandwagon are this comedy filmmaker and an up and coming female actor who made her debut in a horror film. We hear the director is rather smitten with this sexy young girl and wants to cast her in his next film. But the producers say they haven’t even heard of her. Last we checked, the director was just picking her up for their nth coffee-tea-and-me date.


OSOP Guesses

Director: Sajid Khan

Female Actor: Kriti Kharbanda

Horror Film: Raaz Reboot

Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018

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27 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Jiah Khan’s story always saddens me. The girl had such amazing screen presence and carefree attitude. Bollywood guys not attending her funeral because it was muslim thing is pure horseshit. These people can celebrate Eid & Iftars together but religion comes up here?
    Truth is in bollywood, even a funeral is seen as opportunity to network. If you are a big star, everyone will come. If you are not so big, nah.
    And Kriti Kharbanda? Noooo. She’s so cute and well spoken. I hope she doesn’t fall into that loudmouth Sajid’s trap.

  2. “just like that blind item about how actresses who work with Raymond were expected to please him. It was leaked by him”

    Does anyone have the link to this blind item by any chance?

  3. Ageist says:

    @Rashmi, I am not exonerating the men. I did say they are useless cheats and in my opinion, their wives should develop the backbone to leave them.

    My point is women should start taking responsibilities for their actions and stop playing victims. How many male stars do you know who sleep with their colleagues’s girlfriend or wives? Almost nil. (Salma-Katrina-Ranbir, Arbaaz-Malaika-Arjun are exceptions if true)

    You want your fellow women to support you, stop being “the other woman”. Men are cheats, but who do they cheat with? Most likely, other women.

    Also, actresses are least loyal to their fellow female colleagues. They hug themselves then stab each other behind the back. A fellow actress is been considered for a job, her colleague decides to use her family connections, her body or even reduce her pay check just to get the role, e.g. Aishwarya was supposed to be in Chalte Chalte, guess who jumped in when she was unjustly removed by our hero, the respecter of all women SRK? Her dear friend.

    • No one says:

      This is where the grey area is. Why is it that in our society we hold other woman more responsible for our marriage than the married man? Other woman have no responsibility towards your marriage. Thus men are always lying, cheating bastards excuses them from ever being held responsible. Not only that we are so used to blaming women that we hold 20 yr old woman more accountable than 40 year old man. Not to mention the power disparity that exists. One phone call from an ajay could end an struggling actor’s career.

    • sweettooth01 says:

      disagree with ur comment ageist..
      it almost looks like ur defending men saying they are cheaters so its fine its in their not sure any scientific research has proven the point that men r born cheaters bcos some part of their frontal cortex does it to them so far..if yes, let me know..that wud be intrstng..

      also how is an xyz woman who is no way related to the wife responsible towards that marriage..?? if anything she myt have say 30 to 50% responsibility towards the wife/girlfriend involved even if she knows or doesnt know her..its ultimately the spouse’s responsibility to not cheat and help the marriage survive without all tht stress..i do think it is the fault of both the one whos cheating and the one with whom theyr

      also as much as rani shudnt have jumped at the was a realllyyyyy goood role in a reallyy good movie..i mean shes not wrong for putting her career ahead of her is tough and ppl sometimes have to make some tough decisions..she was being selfish..but she did nothing that directly affected another person’s life..she accepted a role that was waiting to be filled by someone..she dint do anything to throw ash out of tht role..she took smthng tht ws available..she ws probably selfish but not cunning..the fault if anyone’s wud be the production companys for doing tht in the last minute..i dont think she was completely wrong there..

  4. lince says:

    sajid khan is UWE BOll of indian films

  5. Aquagirl says:

    Why are there single blind items per day? Keep them pouring in πŸ˜‹ n real masaledaar ones

  6. Maverick says:

    Hi Admin,

    Have you seen this news?

    How stupid can she be when she is going to shoot for Bharat?

    • Admin says:

      Yes, it’s creating hungama everywhere..this script was written before they knew they would be cancelled so maybe it was done to create the noise. PC closely supervised the script for this season to make it more interesting. Maybe it’s something that they thought would make people stand up and notice the show.

    • Universal says:

      As @admin points out, I also believe it was done to get some mileage for a lagging show. Cheating controversy would have helper in a way to pick up the show in India & other Asian countries. Dont forget Star world is airing that show in India. Good that it backfired. Such lousy attempt and agenda peddling has to be called out. I also dont buy into the argument that Chopra didnt know what they are doing.

  7. Nars says:

    She died and no one cared. bollywood is full of hypocrites and there is no point in stanning
    Anyone of them.

    They especially hate women. They disrespect the actresses in a sadistic way. Raymond is a predator but he is treated as a king. So are many of the other men. Most of the women arent any better. They use and abuse pr, suck up to powerful men, reduce themselves to under paid flower pots and never support other women.

    The fact that metoo did not catch on just goes to show the industry blames the woman for being a victim. And if she talks about it, she is seeking attention, she is unpopular, gawar, churail, randi, chalu etc.

    They prefer if the actresses die than speak out. Its like women are subhuman and arent even entitled to feel or express their emotions. To them its best she smiles & “win” by showing / pretending she is a sacrificing mother india. Its just toxic man!

    Anyways RIP Jiah. May you receive God’s blessings in the hereafter & I wish your child finds you to love you.

    • Deepu says:

      Well said! Look how they treated Zeenie, Rekha, Parveen Babi and PC and Kangana in recent times. But let’s be honest – even amongst ourselves how much blame is put on Kat or PC and not criminal Sallu or psycho Rat Kapoor or cheater SRK. Women on this very platform talk lowly about other women. It saddens me deeply.

    • Rashmi says:

      my fair Deep, you write the truth ….. but! I am a woman and criticize Katrina, Priyanka or any other if what she says or does is wrong and insincere. Or even Bebo, I love Bebo, but I do not consider it ideal and honest. I criticize actors not by their gender, by their actions and words. if I believe that the actor (actress) is doing the right thing, I write it and support it

    • Ageist says:

      @Deepu, the men are USELESS CHEATERS, we agree. However, some of the women you mentioned (if not all) are women who DELIBERATELY went after or accepted the advances of these married men and when shit hit the fan, they started to play the victim.

      They were NOT deceived. They KNEW these men were married. They KNEW their wives. Priyanka was taking pictures with Gauri and coming to Gauri’s home to party. Rekha knew and worked with Jaya. Kangana never worked with Kajol but she knew of Kajol as Kajol remained popular even after reducing her workload to focus on raising a family. None of these women can claim that the men deceived them or lied to them.

      If Rekha, Kangana and Priyanka had succeeded in getting Amitabh, Ajay D (and/or Hrithik if true) and SRK respectively to dump their wives and marry them, they would be smiling at the camera like Rani Mukerji who succeeded in getting Aditya Chopra to dump his wife.

      They would have been telling their stories as if they were epic love stories with little or no disregard for the wives the men would have dumped. It’s even sadder that the wives (Jaya, Kajol, Gauri) are women who don’t deserve it as they married their men in their youth and didn’t sleep with other women’s husbands.

      Personally, i’ve seen the effects infidelity has on the innocent wives and children, hence it’s very hard for me to feel pity for such women. As far as i’m concerned, they (and the men) deserve every crap that happens to them. Imagine trying to build your happiness on another woman’s sorrow. A woman like you. How many male stars do you hear go after their colleagues’ wife?

      My sympathies goes to the innocent wives who either because of their children’s future financial welfare or “what would people say?” choose to remain with such heartless men. Don’t forget that society also blames the wife if she chooses to divorce her husband, especially if the husband is a powerful man.

      Just imagine how vicious Ajay D and his gang would be if Kajol decides to divorce him. Recall that Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are Ajay’s close friends, men who most likely have underworld connections and Ajay D is a BJP man. To save her life and remain with her children (if Ajay allows her to get them), Kajol may have to walk away without alimony. It would also be hard for her to get jobs as she didn’t have the good sense to retain her good connections because of her husband and/or her attitude.

      Imagine how vicious the media and SRK fan clubs would be if Gauri decides to divorce SRK. She would be fortunate to get good alimony though as she and her family members have their names all over SRK’s properties. But bye bye to her bollywood buddies.

      Remember what happened to Suzzanne’s reputation when she chose to divorce Hrithik. Hrithik isn’t as powerful as SRK and Ajay D.

      I hope they find peace or develop the backbone to leave these men one day if they continue in their cheating ways.

    • Rashmi says:

      Ageist hmm, I wonder if women are to blame and men did not know that they were married? Amitabh, SRK, Ajay they forgot that they have wives? If they have forgotten about this and do not respect their wives, why should Rekha, Priyanka, Kangana do this? They are not married! this is the habit of Indians to blame women in everything to surprise me (

    • sweettooth01 says:

      i dont think being a woman means u need to support other women when u disagree with their thought or actions..the other person can be a male or female, if u r not in sync with wht they do then we can always voice our opinions..a lot of ppl in this grp openly criticise the actors and actresses and treat them just the same..ul find it in blinds abt akshay kumar,salman khan etc etc..
      no discrimination based on gender..everyone gets roasted :p

  8. Monalisa says:

    Admin, Humshakals flopping was not the only reason for Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiwala fall out. Wasn’t there a blind that Sajid Nadiawala had to pay a lot of money to Bipasha to keep her from going to the police after Sajid Khan exposed himself to her. She apparently took a pic and threatened them.

    • Samantha says:

      n also Sajid N wanted to f*ck Jacqueline Fernandes who was Sajid Khan’s GF at that time!

    • Admin says:

      No, Sajid N wasn’t the producer for the films you mentioned. He decided to drop Sajid after his Himmatwala flop and at the same time, he dropped Farah’s husband Shirish from Kick. Farah was whining to the papers how her own so-called brother turned against her and her family.

  9. pooja says:

    Bollywood is worst place to be in for aspiring artists with zero support system.

    @admin … Divya Bhartis death is kind of myster, everthing in that case looked fishy just like sridevis death( which i believe is a calculated murder).

    Read few articles on Dawood Ibrahim being the man behind divya bhartis death, and sajid nadiadwala was involved in her murder. Whats your take on Divya Bhartis death admin??

    • Rashmi says:

      My dear Pooja, thank you that you think you like me. I also think that Sridevi was killed (not she died herself), I think it was a planned murder. I even think that this is the work of Boni Kapoor, although the fans of Sridevi say he loved her very much and could not do it. There is a lot of mystery here, as in the death of Jia Khan

    • pooja says:

      @Rashmi… Yep i’ve come to the same conclusion that Boney kapoor in some capacity was involved in sridevis death( aka murder). From few articles I’ve read from various portals i believe in this theory—

      β€œ Boney Kapoor was in debt and he had to repay to loan sharks from Uae(high possibility that these loan sharks are underworld people).
      Boney Kapoor doesn’t have the funds so , mafia killed Sridevi( to claim that 200 cr + insurance policy that can only be claimed if sridevi dies in uea). And Boney knew all along what was happening but couldn’t do anything. So boney was complicit in this whole tragedy .”

      Nothing add’s up in the whole story the Kapoor’s have said in the media. A PIL was filed in supreme court a month ago to re-investigate her death but it was dismissed within minutes. It doesn’t even look like anyone’s mourning for her loss( except maybe her daughters).Sad

    • Nam3less says:

      @pooja, Bollywoodjournalist has an article about Divya Bharti saying how it was an accident. I am not saying what the site says is true but the admin there used to work for DNA and knows a lot of inside stuff. Apparently Divya was a happy go lucky person and at the time of the fall she was having drinks with some of her friend and just wanted to sit on window. Thats where she slipped and died. Sajid seems still to this day takes care of her parents.

      Cant really make out of Sridevi’s death but many times a death can be a freak accident. Final destination would show that lol πŸ™‚

  10. Juhi jagtiani says:

    Hey admin

    I remember reading on some blind item site that sajid has a really huge ding dong and loves to show it off. He thinks girls will get excited on seeing it and will jump into the bed with him.
    As per what i read, he has the biggest ding dong in b-town. He even beat the record of some yester year actor who held the record earlier.
    I know it sounds amusing but any info regarding this claim?

    • Admin says:

      It is said to be quite something, so much so that Arjun’s ChinniMama saw the pic and said: “Huh, bigger than my husband’s!”

    • Samantha says:

      even reading ur comment makes me wanna throw up!!!
      Sajid Khan’s hugeeee…. wait! i cant even complete this monstrosity!!

    • Juhi jagtiani says:

      Lol, Is malaika the chinnimama?

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