Blind Item – June – Bollywood – 2018 2

While this young actor has been crying and sulking that this director didn’t pick him for his upcoming release, it seems the young actress in their films is also in the same soup. The only difference is that this young actress was rumoured to be in a relationship with the director while the young actor thought he was the director’s favourite choice of actor to work with. It is a little funny seeing how everyone thought that it was this actor and actress, who were together. As it turned out, it was the director who was involved with her not the actor. And now that he has moved on or up the ladder, he dumped both of his favourites.

It is more of a “I am getting attention from real famous people now, I don’t need you guys” situation. Whatever it is, it’s a bad idea to have a personal or sexual relationship with someone you are working with in Bollywood, especially someone of a higher power like a director or producer. When you are dumped and the director or producer has moved on to their next prey, you will feel used and abused with no films on hand.

It will be exciting to see whether the director will get the same outcome as he got with his previous films for his upcoming film. Bigger stars and bigger budget don’t always end up with successful results are the box office. But, let’s just wait and see.

Check out this blind item from Mumbai Mirror.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018 2


EVEN as rumours about his hot, new moviemaker and his pretty and constant heroine continue, we believe there has been a slight update in their status. The director has now been spotted in the company of another pretty young actor, and even attends parties with her. Meanwhile, the former leading lady is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the director’s next production sees the new girl with two senior actors. Perhaps they are just two colleagues hanging out, and perhaps there is no such thing as dating the director at all.


OSOP Guesses

Moviemaker: Luv Ranjan

Heroine: Nushrat Barucha

Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018 2


Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018 2


Blind Item – June - Bollywood - 2018 2

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9 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    and i think AD is waiting to pounce on mouni roy, i am sure Johnny boy will also pounce on her since he has signed her for RAW.

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin: Id second your guess. If Nushrat wasnt to be casted in the movie, Ranbo wouldnt have happily attended her party and posed with her.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Admin,
    By the way hows the buzz for Sanju, I don’t think so that songs are hit as well and Raymond is trying too hard to hog the limelight these days. In a span of a month the affair disclosure to marriage talks have happened, seems like the product Sanju is either too controversial to be digested by the people or its too weak in content. What do you think about it.. Is there any insider information anywhere..

  4. Netarious says:

    @admim, whose the new girl?. Feel sorry for nushrat. She never got her due from his previous films either. karthik hogged the limelight. I wonder why she doesnt get work outside of luv ranjan films. She started with dibakar, and yet shes not evem seen in Indie films

    Kjo and ranbir are just bad news.

  5. Nars says:

    I hope this ranbir movie flops so so bad. Luv should look at Anurag Basu, he dumbed Kangana like hot potatoes to be in superstar Hrithik & Ranbir camp and look at Anurag now. Trying his best to sign Kangana for his next film.

  6. Noname says:

    @admin, who is the new actress the director has been spotted with at the parties? poor nushrat, looks like she will be remain as the one hit(prominent) wonder. age does not seem to be on her side, with every 20 year old star kid debuting, she will find it hard to get movies opposite A listers.

  7. Leaps says:

    Ranbir got close to Karthik and Karthik loses out on his director bff. Ranbir was spotted with Nushrat at a party and she gets dumped by the director. Quiet a casting coup has been pulled by these two

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