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The blind item below is just too silly. You all know who it’s talking about, even if you are not familiar with blind items. It’s silly to make blind items out of already-out news items. In fact, we reported this story here last week so sharing this blind item from Bollywood Life is like a repetition. Bottom line, she has to do whatever she has to do to stay relevant professionally. By the way, his Lula girlfriend is still in Mumbai so stories of linkup were just baseless rumours. Anyways, we have said all that we had to on this topic so just check out the blind item below and pretend to be surprise.



Bollywood Blind Item


This superstar’s over possessive behaviour towards his co-star got everyone talking

It is generally beyond an actor to take personal care of his heroine’s wardrobe, but looks like this superstar does not mind putting in some extra efforts especially when the person in question is someone he’s fond of.


This hero is known to wear his heart on his sleeve so many were not really surprised when he openly expressed his concern about his co-star’s plunging neckline on stage during an event. Everyone obviously noticed the actor’s expression, the lady in question underplayed the whole episode and smiled from ear-to-ear. But we hear that the superstar is very concerned about this actress with whom he shares a special bond. The actress herself has great regards for the star. The duo have despite having a fallout in the past continued to maintain a good friendship. The heroine also seeks the actor’s guidance both for work and in personal matters. Not to forget the actress also shares a thick bond with the actor’s entire family. Looks like the actor who’s supposedly dating this another hottie has become over protective of the actress again.

After the cleavage episode at the event the actor has now asked the actress to be careful with her outfits. He expressed his displeasure about the heroine’s revealing clothes to the actress not just on the stage, but also seems to have given her an ear full post it. And from what we hear the duo is gearing up for a non filmi venture together. The two stars will be promoting an award function abroad together and insider reveals that the actor has a strict diktat for the babe. All her sartorial choices will be run through the star, who will give his nod before the actress decides to wear them. This isn’t the first time the actress has had the hero interfere with her clothing, but looks like now the heroine know just how to handle things…. with a smile.


OSOP Guesses

Hero: Salman Khan

Heroine: Katrina Kaif

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4 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Kat PR is laying on the issue as Sallu bhai being over protective, that is crap. Salman was clearly embarrassed and ashamed at the way Kat was literally flinging herself on him. She has realized that he is all that is keeping her relevant in bollywood and she is holding onto him for dear life. I have watched the videos over and over and she looks so uncomfortable and clearly she dressed just to impress him but he ha her already, been there and done that. Maybe he was amused at her coming back to him but clearly now he seems fed up and seems to just want to get rid of her now.

  2. bucketbot says:

    I read about this. This is soo sad. In this day and age, a male BW actor tells his female co-star how she should dress. In public. Girl should stand up for herself. BUt I guess this is what happens when you rely too much on others to make something of yourself.

  3. pooja says:

    that same bhai give lacture to omswami that woman can wore whatever they want he need to change his mindset same like his lacture on race driving.irony

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