Blind Item – June 2018 – Bollywood

You are all aware of this young actor. Ever since his film was declared a hit, he has been seen everywhere. It’s like the minute his movie hit that 100-crore mark, he got a call from Aloo Paratha’s father, Kebab Jo, who approved of his entry to their exclusive nepokids-only club. The reason we are saying this is because this actor has suddenly learnt how to play the PR game. He is appearing regularly with the so-called girlfriend at the movies. He is getting clicked randomly more. He got the chance to walk the ramp alongside Bebola and rumour has it, he will join Raymond on stage at the upcoming IIFA Awards.

We still don’t understand how he alone was singled out to get close to these celebs. The movie had 3 leads, so why just him? We didn’t see the film, maybe some of you can share why he is the only one getting all these insider perks. We like the other guy in the film, he is handsome and manly; looks like ready for marriage.

As it is with those stars and their PR-machinery, most news turn out to be fake. This actor too has gone one step further by putting out rumours that he is going to do a film with Bebola. It seems all these young guys grew up watching Bebola because the minute they make it in Bollywood, they want to do a film with her.

It remains to be seen now whether this guy himself is doing his PR work or he hired a proper management to do the dirty work for him. After all, how many PR-related stuffs can Kebab Jo handle? But since he is king now in all this, he’s giving out free lessons. The perks of living in the Bollywood bubble in today’s day and age.

Check out the blind item below from DNA.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June 2018 - Bollywood


Some young stars really get carried away with success. Take this actor who had a surprisingly big hit a couple of months ago. Ever since that film, he has been talking about signing movies with prominent production houses and even went to the extent to tell us that he is about to be cast with an A-list actress. However, that turned out to be a hoax. The Big Daddy was already in talks with another versatile actor. Really now, wonder why these Johnny-come-lately’s brag so much.


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Kartik Aaryan

A-list Actress: Kareena Kapoor

Blind Item – June 2018 - Bollywood

Blind Item – June 2018 - Bollywood

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35 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    I have seen couple of his movies and honestly he looks average. Acting is okish too. In his last movie, the plot was centred around him and thus the limelight. Infact other two Nusrat and Sunny (if I am not wrong) did a good job. Now that he has entered Kebab Jo (loved it 😂), iska bhi keema banega jald 😛

  2. Jumna says:

    @nefarious both

  3. Deepu says:

    Grapevine says he swings the same way as KJo

  4. Leaps says:

    ,@admin “keep your enemies close” sure but negative blind items about them wether it’s dp, ssr,fk, Karthik,sid etc just paints the outsiders as stupid or bad while his fav kids Varun, alia all you hear is who is doing who is hypocrisy. The outsider already have to put on double the hard work & thn kjo uses these blinds to hamper their image it’s unfair btw do these outsiders know it’s who sources of a blind is usually?

    • Monalisa says:

      Karthik genuinely seems to believe that that Ranbir and Kjo are his friends just because Ranbir let him play football with him and let him tag along with him to events such as IIFA, IPL finale. And Kjo and Manish got him a gig to ramp walk with Bebo and some photo ops with her and most probably Kjo might have insinuated that he might get casted in a Dharma movie . Someone should convey the message to him that, Kjo or Ranbir cannot be a well wisher or friend to an outsider.
      It seems like Karthik got no vices ( like getting drunk at parties and hugging married actresses or making out with male casting directors, hitting on co-stars or sending flirty texts to Alia’s bff) like SSR or else we would be getting such blinds about him as well. Not a fan of either Karthik or SSR (infact SSr is my least fav actor on and off screen from this gen) but kjo spreading such nasty rumours (wheather true or untrue) is totally uncalled for when his precious star kids like Alia, Ranbir, Varun, are much worse than them.

    • leaps says:

      @ monalisa just wondering do those outsiders who get kjo bad blinds are they aware he threw them under the bus or not ?

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap I have no idea. SSR might be keeping his distance from Kjo because of Drive debacle.

    • kiran101 says:

      @ Z If Ranveer was not an outsider Ranbir- Karan would not have lobbied for Bombay velvet and make kashyap ditch last minute. Everyone knows Karan not just only supports nepo kids , but he actively works to indulge in propagating negative things for outsiders. KJO and Ranbir started the Gareebon ka Ranbir for Ranveer.

      OH BTW we all are witness to the shitty ways Ranbit adopts to throw women under the bus to display his sexual conquests …and also we are witness to his misogynistic and racist family ways since decades….the comments his parents made on the women he dated makes people wanna throw up. Go take ur bullying elsewhere …we know who is who.

  5. Leaps says:

    @admin why do outsider who get close to kjo and end up getting stream of bad blinds I am not saying any of them is a saint but they do get more than fair share of negative blinds???

  6. sweettooth01 says:

    i think hes gtn all the praises for the movie bcos although thr r 3 leads,sunny singh has ntng much to do but to either keep a straight face or smile..all the scenes n dialogues n action is basically done by karthik and the heroine..she ws reallyy good too..and she dances reallyy well on top of that..but she looks very normal..

    maybe karthik is gtn more attention bcos he looks good, acted very well and guys cud relate to his role while girls liked his looks n worked out really well for him..

    how come every blind abt him is so negative..its almost like hes replaced sushanth singh rajput..
    its like kjo lets an outsider into his camp only to ruin his reputation and keep on praising the well settled stars and make them look even better than they are..

    he shud be smart like ayushman khurana and select some intrstng scripts with fairly new directors..some film will work out

    • NAR says:

      Thank you for writing this, now I dont have to say wicked KJo is at it again with creating terrible images for others. These days I dont hear a bleep about SSR, seems like he learnt his lesson to keep the hell away form KJO and camp.

      Karthik deserves all the praise and attention he is getting. Insiders considered Varun, Tiger and Alia superstars after the achieve 100cr hits but forbid it if an outsider does the same? Now its success gone to head?!

      Give me a break!

      He is cutish (I have a type and Sunny Singh is more it than Karthik) and after watching Rajeev’s interview with him I am a fan. Karthik dodge so many bullets and came out on top.

  7. naughytrini says:

    I am not sorry to say but as much as Bebo is exercising and keeping fit, she is still looking too old to be kartik heroine. Will she be playing their older sister or mother role? :-0

    • Zara says:

      I know right! She trying so hard to be in the younger lot. Too much fitness yet she is suddenly looking old. Esp with her all bikini tops, she is trying hard and failing miserably! I think she should take it slow. Life is not a rat race with mira rajput 😉

    • Deepu says:

      Sad sad sad – what about Buddhas like SRK, Sallu, Ajay, Akshay starring with gals half their age? And now Rat Kapoor and Alia?! Koi baat nahin they r men after all

    • Zara says:

      It is not about gender deepu. It is just that she is trying still it is not seems to work for her. I like bebo and just want her to get her old effortless self back.

  8. nefarious says:

    Another Parineeti. All he got after his success was a couple of photo ops with Kjo and star kids..while they stole all his projects. Good luck to him

  9. sara says:

    i watched that movie a couple of days ago and i love the guy sunny singh wonder why he isn’t getting this much attention

    • Z says:

      Guess what? Sunny Singh is actually the nepo kid amongst the three. His father was an award-winning action director.

  10. leaps says:

    I guess karthik was going to replace sid in kjo’s adopted outsiders club but sid is getting films again. so after losing out on the director friend, movie he lost out on the movie with bebo the sequence explains it self btw ranveer was sported with bebo

    @admin Aloo Paratha’s father, Kebab Jo ROFLlLLLL

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap The Dharma movie starring Kareena stars Akshay opposite her. That news is confirmed it was announced this week. The versatile actor the blind is talking about is Rajkumar Rao not Ranveer. The rumour is Bhumi and Rajkumar are confirmed but not yet announced. Up until last week the rumour was Karthik and Jhanavi were supposed to be casted asthe second leads in this movie. Looks like papa kjo and Ranbir lured Karthik in to their trap just to steal the Luv Ranjan movie from him by giving him false hopes that he will be casted in a Dharma movie. Such leeches this whole gang is. I have always been saying this in every Karthik blind, Kjo or Ranbir cannot be a well wisher or friend to an outsider. Someone please convey this message to Karthik.

      Bebo seems to love Ranveer after his success. She is praising him to skies when she was so rude to him when they first met after his debut. Anyways I think she is doing a special song in Simmba that is why they were seen together. The rumour is either Kat or Kareena will be finalized for the song.

    • leaps says:

      @monalia oh ok thanks for info

    • Z says:

      Monalisa, your hatred for Ranbir, Karan and Alia is beyond control. I’d have said disliking, but nope, it is extreme, like these three have personally wronged you. In every post here — and who knows, Pinkvilla, too, ‘cos I sure have spotted identical comment to yours on there — you seem to find a way to spread some muck on them three. This is tiring. Whatever happens in Bollywood, you seem to blame these three. There was talks of Ranbir doing the Luv Ranjan film since last year, before Sonu Ke Titu Ke Sweety’s trailer even dropped, since the time of Jagga Jasoos promotions. Look it up before throwing muck like that.

      And you seem to think every single piece of Bollywood news and gossip come from Karan and Ranbir. Seriously, those people have way more things to do than check on Bollywood sites every waking minute.

      Does it occur to you that Kartik Aaryan has gotten too big-headed after the surprise hit?

      Where is this sudden outpouring of love for Kartik coming from? There was another blind on him a few months ago and there, the usual OSOP commentators seem to say that he’s not all that, a man’s face in child’s body and what not, that he has no screen presence. And your comment was gem: “He is kinda cute but I feel he just don’t have the x-factor and very bland. Watched one of his interviews on youtube he was so blah, no screen presence.”

    • Monalisa says:

      @z Hey Z, I have never claimed to like or be a fan of Karthik. Go check my other comment on this post as well before you accuse me of my sudden out pour of love towards Karthik, where I have mentioned my dislike for Karthik. My personal like or dislike for an actor never cloud my judgement. The day I feel a blind about Ranbir, Alia or Karan is false, I will talk in defence of them too. (case in point: you can check out my previous comments to see my dislike for Kat, but in the recent blind I have defended her because I felt it was a false blind).

      Why are you singalling me out about my dislike for Alia,Ranbir and other nepos? There are others of the same view commenting on this same blog. And some of them say much worse things about them. And their others who say that Ranbir or Kjo is the one planting the blind/gossip. Heck, even the admin sometimes write that some blinds must be written by Ranbir or Kjo themselves. Unlike others, I have always said that I like Ranbir as an actor, you can find those comments too if you searched for my comments in the comment sections. So I have nothing against the 3 people you mentioned. And as I have said many times in this blog (you can search for my comments if you want) pv does not allow for my comments to be posted so I never try to post comments on pv.

      My refernce to Ranbir stealing the movie from him was because of this recent blind.

    • Z says:

      @Monalisa Here you go: This was from August last year. Furthermore, in his Twitter chat with fans last year he said he’s talking to Luv Ranjan and Anurag Basu.

      You seem to refute any blind on Ranveer and Deepika, but if any negative blind comes out on Ranbir you take it to be gospel.

      ICYAW, Ranbir and Kartik are both managed by Kwan. People at Kwan have advised Kartik to stick to Ranbir to raise his profile and make the best of this bounty that was Sonu Ke Titu Ke Sweety. For instance, Ranbir’s stylists are styling Kartik now.

      Sure, you defended Katrina, because it meant you could bash Ranbir and Karan some more.

    • Monalisa says:

      @z You seem to know me so well. I only started commenting on this site very recently . How would you know that I refute any negative blind on Ranveer and Deepika, but if any negative blind comes out on Ranbir I take it to be gospel. You would be privy to comments on negative blinds about these 2 that came out in this time period not before (and that too of I revealed my opinion). Also Ranbir, Kjo and Alia are bashed on this blog on a regular basis. Ranbir get bashed more than the others. And not only by me but almost all commentators bash him. I know, your targeting me have something to do with the fact that I have been vocal about being a fan of a certain actor. This is not the first time on this blog, fans of a certain actor targeted me because of that. Guess what, I’m a bigger SRK fan than the other two you mentioned. I don’t believe in idol worshipping stars or putting them on pedestals. SRK was my childhood idol, but after him none of my favs are idols or saints in my eyes. Reading negative blinds about SRK hurts me more than the ones about other actor. I have defended SRK a lot on this blog too. Some commentators on this site would know that there are some negative blinds about RS and DP that I believe are true. I really don’t need to clarify anything to you.
      Regarding defending Katrina, I defended SSR (the actor I actually don’t like onscreen more than RK) when a blind about him physically abusive to his gf came out. I still stand by my opinion that if a negative blind about RK, Alia or Karan prove to be false, I will defend them. Regarding the luv Ranjan-RK blind, I actually did not even comment on that particular blind so contrary to your opinion, I don’t go on all RK blinds to spread my hatred towards him.

    • Monalisa says:

      @z I just remembered I did call out a negative blind about RK fake. The one about him and Ash hooking up during ADHM shoot. You can go check the Katrina crying her eye out on Sallu’s shoulder because of RK blind. Down below is my comment about RK-ARB blind, on that post.

      Monalisa on June 5, 2018 at 11:40 am

      @admin I always meant to clarify this from you. Was that blind about ARB and RK hooking up during ADHM shooting a real blind. I always belived it was fake because of the timing of its release was suspicious. The blind was released during the promotion of the movie not when the actual shooting (and alleged fling) was ongoing. ADHM shooting started late 2015 and wrapped up early 2016. Whoever the source was, waited till late 2016 (when promotion was ongoing ) to release this blind. How convinient to release such a blind when the pr team of the movie was hyping up the chemistry between ARB and RK.

      So my personal dislike for RK have nothing to do with my love for RS. I will not believe negative blinds about RK if I feel they are fake.

    • Z says:

      @Monalisa Define very recently ‘cos I remember you actively commenting and bashing Ranbir and Karan from the day I started visiting OSOP, which was from this year.

      Sure, you called that Ranbir & Aishwarya blind fake but you did add that Ranbir was the source of the blind, didn’t you? Along with the comment that he wanted to prove that he’s irresistible even to married women with kids. Didn’t you? Guess what, even PinkVilla acknowledged that the blind didn’t come from him in here:

      “Are you referring to a certain blind item we carried a couple of days ago that didn’t even name you? Aww, are you confirming it was about you? (your publicist certainly thought so) Too bad, we already have the dirty details which we watered down enough for public consumption.”

      You didn’t comment on that Ranbir-Luv Ranjan blind, but didn’t you just write this on this very page:

      “Looks like papa kjo and Ranbir lured Karthik in to their trap just to steal the Luv Ranjan movie from him by giving him false hopes that he will be casted in a Dharma movie. Such leeches this whole gang is.”

      Just for your information, Ranbir is best friends with Aditya Roy Kapur. If you don’t think Aditya’s an outsider, neither is Ranveer.

      And stop playing victim, no Ranbir fan ever bashed you on this platform. No Ranbir fan comes to this site. If they did, the comments section would not be full of hatred for him — fanned by the Admin.

      Out of curiosity, which negative blind about Ranveer or Deepika you believed were true?

    • Monalisa says:

      @z My reply to Ranbir being the source of ARB- RK blind was regarding admin’s reply to my comment. Admin said Ranbir should not have leaked the info of him hanging out with Ash and Aaradhya in her room. I know what happened between RK and pv. That is why I said his team tried to get it down.

      Just because you have not witnessed prson claiming to be RK fan targeting me on this blog does not mean it did not happen. And I’m not playing victim here. Some commentators have witnessed it.

      And why do you need to seek my opinion/ views on RS DP blinds. You clearly are not a fan of them. Why so bothered about my views on them. Also as I said before, I don’t need to clarify myself to you or justify my actions to you.

    • Monalisa says:

      As you said, on a blog where RK is bashed incessently, why are you only picking on me. I’m not gonna further have this conversation with you because you are now making this personal. Calling me a liar and playing the victim card just because I said I faced a similar situation like this before on this blog.

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