Blind Item – June 2018 6

While the blind item below is a little funny, it also reeks of desperation. First of all, this actor does not have as much money as you would think he has. When his dad passed away, he inherited the assets in his hometown. Those assets are highly valued because they are from decades ago or even centuries. It might sound tempting, but these assets need money to stay in good shape and to function. It’s why his dad turned the home that this actor grew up in into a hotel. His late father couldn’t afford to keep the big mansion running by himself, which is why he decided that turning it into a hotel would be better for them financially.

Now, this actor is not a successful Bollywood actor. He is not even in demand. His wife, on the other hand, makes things happen for her. We guessed that times were bad for them when she accepted a deal to launch a juice shop in a South East Asian country when she was pregnant. Before, she would look down on doing such things but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. The blind item mentioned how this actor bought jewelry for his wife, but told the store people he can’t afford to pay for it since he is bankrupt.

Did this actor not go to school or something? You don’t buy things you can’t afford! That’s why they tell you to study hard so that you can afford to buy the things that you want. But, we don’t think that is the case with him. Sure, they live a well-off lifestyle but that doesn’t mean that he has loads of money and that doesn’t also mean that he doesn’t have money. See, he can’t get away with this behaviour outside of India or even in India in places people don’t recognise him. We think this is a trick he has tried before. Why? Because we know someone who did exactly the same thing. This old man would tell his sob story about how things are not working out for him financially to get out of paying for things. It could be for services or fees, he got away with a lot. We think this is a case of people thinking that there are things not worth spending money on so they try to get away with it. The same people will not think twice before paying for a trip abroad. What? You say you don’t have money and then you are travelling abroad? WTF?!

These actors are the worst when it comes to paying, but again their tricks will only work in India and not abroad. If this actor tried the same trick abroad, they would have kicked him out and have him deported. It’s bad enough that he looks like a homeless person now, who has not had a decent shower, so there are no chances of him doing that anywhere at his favourite vacation spots. It is up to Indian people to not fall for these idiotic tricks and show these actors their place. Speaking of looking homeless, this actor has been sporting some new gold earrings. Maybe that was the purchase that he got for free. Knowing how he looks down on others, it is hard to believe that he is wearing the ear rings his character is supposed to wear when he is not on the sets. What we are trying to say is we think these are not his work earrings, so why is he wearing them off the sets? We checked his IMDB, he only has one show that is airing now and nothing else has been set in stone, in terms of movie projects.

Check out the rest of this story in the blind item by PinkVilla below. By the way, if he can’t afford to buy original jewellery, he can always go to Laad Bazaar just like his ex and their daughter did!

Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June 2018 6


The star has to cough up MOOLAH worth LAKHS for his wife’s jewellery but says he is BANKRUPT

No matter how rich some people are, they always procrastinate when it comes to paying their dues. They shop for the most high-end, designer luxury brands, travel to exotic destinations, charter flights galore to any corner of the world and throw expensive parties at seven-star hotels but when it comes to coughing up the money for the expenses incurred, a few adopt delaying tactics.

Such is the case of an actor, whose career has been in the doldrums for some time but bought a lot of jewellery for his wife earlier this year. While his properties across the country run into crores of rupees, he has told his jeweller that he doesn’t have 20 lakh to pay for his wife’s jewels. The star owns expensive flats in Mumbai too and he and his actress-wife are known for their expensive tastes in chocolates, cheese, champagne and wine which flow freely when they throw parties. However, the actor is choosy when it comes to signing films because he has ancestral money so he can afford to sit it out, picking the movies he wants to do.

Of course, the star has a ready excuse – his movies have been duds at the box office and he hasn’t been on a signing spree, hence he doesn’t have any money in his bank to pay off the jeweller right now. At least, that’s what he told the hapless jeweller whom he’s kept waiting for months – he is financially bankrupt and can only pay once the money comes in. But immediately after that, the actor and his wife along with their child flew off to a luxury resort in Europe for a month-long vacay.

Interestingly, his wife is herself endorsing lots of brands and can afford to pay for her own jewellery. She loves everything that has a designer stamp and all things expensive – the huge rocks that she loves to sport on her fingers and ears are her personal favourites. The diamonds, rubies and emeralds in her jewellery collection are much-talked about masterpiece collections. But she is known to be stingy when it comes to spending her own money when probably she can afford to do it much more than her husband. The actor too is known for his expensive collection of exquisite watches.

We are left wondering when the star couple has so much money between them, why are they not paying the jeweller today? He must be probably ruing the day he sold his jewellery to them. Or maybe they are singing the song from De Dana Dan to him… β€œPaisa paisa karti hai, kyu paise pe tu marti hai!”


OSOP Guesses

Actor: Saif Ali Khan

Actress-Wife: Kareena Kapoor

Blind Item – June 2018 6


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18 Responses

  1. sefora says:

    Oh cmon…surely they have 20 lacs between the two of them? I mean, Kareena earns multiple crores just for an item song! This is ridiculous.

  2. Deepak says:

    I do not have any problem with these actors being stingy.. My issue is with the regular folks, like you and me, who look up to these idiots as some kind of role models….Does the glamour blind us to the reality or we just refuse to use our brains???…..Making tons of money is absolutely wonderful, but how that money is earned is what should matter to us….These celebs living life on freebies is one of the most pathetic ways to exist…..Just look at them actors.. Don’t try to emulate their behaviour….I am sure on outdoor shoots, they must be shopping at the producers expense…..and the richer the star, the more miserly s/he is…but not all of them bad… Am sure there also exist good people in the industry….

  3. Xyz says:

    Kareena is well behaved? She is a bitch

  4. sharuna says:

    karma is a bitch, its getting back at Kareena , as to how she had treated Bipasha, Amisha, and so many other girls. I believe she had problems with every tom dick and harry.

  5. Monalisa says:

    The jeweller must have been the source of this blind. Pinkvilla’s fav source for blinds would have never leaked such gossip about Bebo.

  6. Venus says:

    Saif might be a nawab, but a lot of his property is stuck is court cases, which his fathers family had filed against himh Apparently his fathers sisters got a raw deal in the ancestoral property and have rightfully claimed equal distribution of assets. Saif is a loser, he paid very less alimony to amrita singh, and even badmouthed her when she started working after divorce to earn extra money. He has expensive tatstes but no steady inflow of money to match his and kareenas lifestyle.You can judge how much he spends on his other family just by the kind of clothes his daughter wears, they are good but not designer,unlike other the star kids who are dressed to the nines in expensive designer gear. Kareena might have been impressed by his royal title and polish, but the fact is, she definitely earns more than him and probably has tonnes of money in her accounts.

    • Pooja says:

      Jaanvi onces making fun of sara ali khan cheap clothes saying her friend she buy from cheap store their was blind about this in 2017 even osop too posted

  7. goldengirl says:

    what will she do with the billons she made in 18 long years? That’s really disgusting if its true. These celebs are arrogant, self obsessed and free loaders. I read that their producers(the film they are working on )pays the stipend to stars personal staff be it driver or assistance. Their 60% of the shopping is sponsored by the brands they endorsees and also they get more discounts as well. so what celebs do with those crs ? I am curious to know

  8. Rashmi says:

    I really love bebo. she’s my favorite so far. For me, she is beautiful, talented and so on and so forth. but I perfectly understand that Bebo uses his child for PR and fame. this is a very ugly deeds (in addition Saif is not rich. money can not live forever, and he is unlikely to have free access to them. If Saif actually had money, he would put them in their films or films of other successful actors and Saif does not approve of brands and does not have any business, so where does the money come from?

    • goldengirl says:

      I love BEBO too . She is my utmost favorite. See if she uses her child as a PR its her choice because she doenst want fame to go like all other stars. These stars loves attention and being in the news .

      Saif is a Richie rich from his dad’s side and he must run some business to take care of his family expenditures and a highly maintained wife.

      He did launch his own production house called Illuminati Films and made few films under his banner like “agent vinod. go goa gone, happy ending, love aj kal etc” but majority flops. He still own that production house solely . No idea why he isn’t investing any money on films.

  9. nousername says:

    Kareena and her double life!! She has always been this way. No wonder she and KJo are thick as thieves. In her private life she is exactly what KJo is 24/7 – snobbish, mean-spirited, super-bitchy, gossip-girl, airhead. But well-behaved when the press is around. Same with their financial health. And the gullible audience buys into her fake schtick. But karma is a bitch! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  10. NightGlory says:

    I had been talking to my mom the other day about Saifeena. She remarked, ‘Karisma and Kareena have seen tough days in their childhood; how their mom struggled. Kareena married Saif only to have financial backing for the rest of her life, so that she doesn’t have to go through the same.’ Bebo seems to have financial backing now, God knows what happens in the future.
    Maybe they are posting SO much about Taimur (via news etc.) as they are using that publicity to get money (which, if it is true, is extremely pathetic)
    Seems birds of same feather indeed flock together (KJo and Bebo). Both seem to lust over designer goods with having very dicey financial conditions.
    And tbh, I have seen Rishi Kapoor irl in my flight. Sorry for being judgemental, but looking at his attire and the state of his battered and worn-out suitcase, it seemed even his family is struggling to make ends meet. I was always surprised when I read articles on Ranbo’s expensive sweatshirts. I used to think ‘Pehle dhang ka suitcase toh khareed lo’

  11. I did a web search on Kareena Kapoor’s net worth and i am shocked to discover that her net worth is LESS than Karishma her sister who hasn’t been on the big screen for years. Even Kajol who isn’t as active and has fewer endorsements and more responsibilities (let’s exclude her children’s school fees by assuming Ajay pays 100% of it) has a net worth higher than Kareena!

    You’ll think with all her being one of the highest paid actresses, being in top grossing films, endorsements and fashion show appearances she would be among the top 3 richest actresses. Now we know why. She spends more than she invests.

    That is, IF the information on that website is true.

    PS: I’ve been trying to post this on Pinkvilla since they uploaded the blind but they refused to post it, which means it’s DEFINITELY true as Kareena is a PV favourite

  12. Xyz says:

    Saif is a very cheap guys, the way Saif, sharmila and co treated amrita post dicorce was cheap and distasteful. I m glad he married kareena, bebo and babita will properlt screw them over.

    • Observer says:

      Nah! This time it’s Bebo and Babita that are screwed. They thought he was loaded. Now, reality is dawning on them. No wonder Kareena had to work during pregnancy. It has nothing with women empowerment. Even she admitted during VDW promotions that she’s not a feminist. Don’t be shocked if Kareena divorces him years later.

  13. Fair says:

    wow.. this is something. Cant believe Saif having financial troubles. surely he is out of work but don’t they have enough money to keep it going? He gifted his mother-in-law a 25 crore apartment in 2016-2017 I believe. Oh by the way I enjoyed reading this one with fewer gifs.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  14. Pooja says:

    So called royal was dancing both saif n bebo in saifai arranged by chor ex cm akhilesh yadav n mulayam yadav they do anything for money can go any low for money.

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