Blind Item – June 2018 2

The blind item below is by BollywoodLife and was shared by a kind reader. It’s a ridiculous blind item and we don’t know how far this Kebab Jo will keep on going with these silly storylines. It’s like instead of writing the next story for his film, he is busy writing storylines for his actors. We have said it before, we don’t know how he has time for his kids when he is busy doing a gazillion jobs, signing up star kids and making up storylines for his puppets. Usually when people become parents, they change and tend to become more involved in their kids; they ain’t got no time for other mindless things. But, he is on a different level altogether. Sometimes, we wonder if he will also try to control his kids stories as they grow older just to make them more interesting.

Anyways, back to this blind item. We all know how Kebab Jo tried to set up his favourite boy from the two boys he launched at the same time in the same film years ago. He tried to pair him with Raymond’s ex, it didn’t work out. Then, he paired him with Aloo Paratha and even though no one cared outside their fandom, he still carried that storyline until the actor supposedly cheated on Aloo with one of Godfather’s minions when they were shooting for that big flop film last year.

Since he can see that this actor’s career is going nowhere and that people have lost interest in him, he has decided to help him. Rumour has it, Kebab Jo has agreed to produce a film for this actor but even he can see that it will be a big risk hence the invention of this couple. As weird as it is, it seems to be happening. Just get ready for all these photo-ops and dinner dates. By the way, we have been thinking seeing how Raymond’s interviews have been going for his upcoming release, it seems that this whole Aloo-Raymoo thing was made up so that he can have something to talk about and get people interested during the promotions for his upcoming film. So they are not only doing the coupling thing for their upcoming film, they are also doing it a year in advance to help him get the hype and right attention. You know how these days the media is only interested in learning more about who actors are dating, instead of any other relevant thing.

About the girl in the blind item, she was seen with Bhavesh Joshi last week. Don’t know if you guys remember, there was so much hype surrounding these two when news released that they were doing a short film together. Both were studying in New York at that time. Don’t know what happened to that short film, it never got released also so don’t know if they actually shot it. She was catching up with Bhavesh Joshi last week and they were spotted in his car together. This blind item almost sounds like them except for the linking him up with her sister part and also the part where the actor’s ex is currently painting the town red with her fake love.

Such a headache, just check out the blind item below by BollywoodLife. Congrats to this sister, it seems everyone relevant in Bollywood is joining hands to make sure the audience notice her.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – June 2018 2


A newly single actor and the sister of an A-list actress might just become the next IT couple of Bollywood

Ah…how much we love real-life relationships of reel-life actors. Thanks to this particular filmmaker-cum-matchmaker, many singles are giving love innumerable chances. The filmmaker is definitely doing a good deed of spreading love in this hateful world. Pardon our dramatic lines, romance makes us a bit poetic.

Anyway, getting back to this match-making session, there were reports that the filmmaker was trying to get an actress, who was dating a superstar, get romantically involved with this actor, who broke up with his girlfriend very recently. The ex-girlfriend in question has already moved on and is presently painting the town red with her current flame. The filmmaker, we guess, felt that it would be nice to let the grieving souls come together and bond. But something else happened.

The sister of this actress got really fond of the actor and now we hear, the filmmaker is busy getting them to become a couple. It definitely is sweet, as long as the actress doesn’t have any hard feelings. The sister of the actress is gearing up for her big Bollywood release under the aegis of a man who is everyone’s Godfather these days. The actor, however, is going through a slump professionally but has interesting projects look forward to. And his love life sure is going places too.

If you could figure out who they are, tell us below.


OSOP Guesses

Single Actor: Sidharth Malhotra

A-List Actress: Katrina Kaif

Sister: Isabelle Kaif

Blind Item – June 2018 2


Blind Item – June 2018 2

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24 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    ‘One of Godfather’s minions’ is my fav part of this blind. Attraction between them on KWK was so unmissable.

  2. MasterMind says:

    Sid is single and happy

  3. Smi says:

    Someone should make a list of all the nick names / aliases. And koi batao, Who is Bhavesh joshi ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cess pool = Bollywood

    KJo = Grand Maester Pycelle (GoT reference)

  5. Monalisa says:

    Also why is Harshvardan linked with so many girls. First it was that girl who played Anil’s daughter in 24, next Sara, Rhea Chakrobaty now Isabelle. Is he trying to create ‘star kids are so desireable, women just throw themselves at them image’. The same image Ranbir Kapoor has created for himself, by releasing blinds, pr articles showing his exes and other women always running after him.

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa linkup is what keep a star kids busy looking desirable when they have no movie offers or want to divert attention from a failure. An outsider doesn’t have this privilege of using linkup to hide failure they are dropped as hot potato when the movie flops

  6. Leaps says:

    God Karan is pathetic now it seems like in creating a bollywood orgy he is using porn movies like plotlines to help his fav pariwar people. Also guess who finally found a girl for Sid’s movie which was being rejected by actresses left right because hero is a flop. Karthik should take tips from Sid on how to win over kjo just saying.

    Kat and her sis professional live is catered by Salman but she knows he is not into kjo style PR bw orgy gimmick so she goes to the god father of bw pr orgy Creator kjo. Wasnt there a blind a while back how Kat wanted Salman to hype her sis well looks like she has hired kjo now. I am guessing this is her deal for putting up with being used in Alia/rk plotline by kjo.

    Kjo never forgets to hype rk “superstar” wwwwhhhaaattt. Alia painting the town read aww isn’t that what rishi wanted Ranbir to do he must be so relieved now. Also this Alia sex drive by kjo is still not making her look hot. Alia/Ranbir than Sid /Kat blind but shucks he had to ruin the switch aroo imagine the gossip he had planned with exes wars lol. Now waiting for the Kat fight b/w sisters “shocked” blind over Sid.

    Kjo will now create another Love triangle harsh/Sid/ Isabella. These people can’t act to save their lives.

    Compare this non sense to outsiders like rajkumar, auyshman who have partners, wives but would rather let their movies talk. Three cheers for them

    • Leaps says:

      @admin kjo already is using his kids for PR pretty sure they will start dating in PR by the time they are in grade one. Eye roll

    • Amanda says:

      K Jo’s planted dating rumors are so lame(just like his movies) that everything is so predictable… He doesn’t have enough brain to put out some convincing blinds nor can he make movies with convincing plot..

    • Leaps says:

      @amanda he only knows how to create triangles since kkhh .his past and current list of triangle include

      Fk/dp/rs ( kjo wanted to push fk name to break up dp/rs)

      I’m guess he will add
      Sarah / jhanvi/ ishan to this list too. I am wondering since Simba is under way how has kjo resisted dp/rs/Sarah up till now

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap Most of Kjo directed movies are based on love triangles/ qaudrangles as well.
      KKHH (Rani, SRK, Kajol/ Kajol,Salman, SRK)
      KANK (Rani, Priety, SRK, ABjr,)
      Kal ho na ho, he wrote the script (Priety, Saif, SRK)
      ADHM (Ranbir, Anu, Ash/ Ranbir, Fawad, Anu)
      Kjo has got a thing for love triangles and love quadrangles in reel and real life. Regarding Simmba, there was a blind that Rohit put him in his place when he tried to interfere with positioning/promotion of the movie (aka:pr linkup rumours).

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa thats exactly my point in kjo head relationship have to a threesome. So his PR tactics mirror his limited scripts and is limed to threesomes. Kjo cant resist a linkup rohit is not as influential to stop kjo at end of the day but Kjo being the vanity queen and bebo’s bff will only link sarah with people he consider have good looks, goodlook. dont you remember the blind where it was implying even sid didnt think sarah would like him becasuse “star kid” and sid was the man kjo gladly linked with alia. I do expect Sarah / jhanvi/ ishan

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap In kjo’s books good looks only matters if you are an outsider. Case in point: Sid, Fawad, John,.etc.. If you are a star kid or nepo kid looks does not matter. Their surnames and lineage make them the most good looking people in his eyes. If it was not for ABjr, Ranbir, Arjun, Alia, Varun’s surname they would be never be up to kjo’s standard of beauty. When Aditya was about to launch Ranveer he told him Ranveer’s face on a movie poster will never attract people to watch BBB. He went on to the extent to ask Adi to not to cast him. And he thought Anu was not beautiful enough to be a heroine when she was casted in Rabne. But look at him now, he had to eat his words and had to apologize to them on KWK for his remarks and he is casting them in his movies.
      Rohit’s movies make more money than Dharma movies. Rohit has the most number of 100 crores movies out of any director. Kjo knows this. That is the reason he is co-producing the movie with Rohit. . I don’t think Rohit will let anyone interfer in his process. The last time somebody interferd the movie did not do so well.

    • Leaps says:

      @monalisa last time there were script changes kjo won’t be making those but for PR hype never estimate the kjo blindnator don’t forget he loves throwing outsiders under the bus to hype his favs

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap You are right. You never know what will happen with Kjo around.

  7. naughtytrini says:

    After Kjo is finished with kat sis, every young upcoming or washed out actor would have partake of the white meat rofl

  8. Monalisa says:

    I thought Kjo will go for Kat-Sid as the other ‘it’ couple. So that Aloobir and SidKat can create Bffs exchanging ex- boyfriends drama which will lead to their idividual fandoms and shipper fandom wars.

    • Leaps says:

      @monlisa but now kjo gets to add sis cat fight over Sid imagine the fun kjo will have with that .
      Rk/alia/kat vs Sid/isabella/kat vs Sid/harsh/Isabella couple goals , love triangle , akward moment kjo will have so much fun with this crap

  9. Humpty Dumpty says:

    the hate here by asma parvez is sickening

  10. goldengirl says:

    Kat sister is following her footsteps. Both are talent less and rely on Salman for everything. KJO is just taking advantage of this situation because he is cunning. Isabelle too starting up with a dance film and trying hard to show she is a great dancer just like kat whose PR over hyped her mediocre dancing skills. Kat was lucky in the sense when she start this industry wasn’t that harsh and competitive with hardly any white girl in BW. So she manages to make it to the top with the help of Salman(without whom she is still the BIG ZERO) because public at the time was obsessed with white skin, skimpy clothes and meaning less item songs. But today audience becomes more sensible and only want good content and movies. Sadly, Isabelle cant date salman and Ranbir like kat (she is only known for her relationships with these big rich brats an get benefit coz of it . her career can be sum up in 4 words :salman, rk, Sheila, and chameli) and go for flop not so powerful actors like SID and Harsh who are themselves dependent on other big and powerful people.

    Its time, kat and her sister should go back to UK or to wherever they came from and spare us.

    for KJO aunty , he should be send far away so that BW can become a better place,

    Salman should be send to jail for 5 years so BW can be clean from talentless and cringeworthy people like kat, daisy, isabelle, sooraj, aayush etc

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