Blind Item – June 2017 – Bollywood 3

Today’s blind item is from Mumbai Mirror. If we are right about this blind item, then we are not surprised at all. His last few films in which he played the main lead alongside young heroines, it looked so bad that they sent him to jail. No, we are just joking, that’s not what happened. They just couldn’t bear to watch him in these movies and expedited his entry to jail. Again, it’s a joke. But what’s not a joke is how he’s not fit physically to play alongside the young heroines of today.

Compared to the other heroes close to his age, he looks old. Like, plain old. There was this film in which he co-starred with Prachi Desai and you can see how bad his chemistry will be with any young actress. Anyways, just check out the blind item below from Mumbai Mirror. We have to say that unless he plays his age in an appropriate film, he has to just accept supporting roles now.


Bollywood Blind Item


A NEW film’s announcement has the entertainment press and the online world rather excited. But that is mostly the result of publicity machinery and an industry that slaps everyone’s back in sycophancy. We hear that this just-announced film, with a senior actor in the lead, is having trouble casting a female lead. None of the young girls want to work in a film top-lining a former star. Now it seems the filmmakerβ€” once known for his mega-budget entertainersβ€”is trimming his budget down. But still, no mainstream heroine is coming on board for love or money. A pity really, as we think the real hero of a film is its story.


OSOP Guess

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

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  1. Maksha says:

    They can finally take some of the older actresses like juhi, bhoomika, and etc

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