Blind Item – July – Bollywood 8

Today’s blind item is about a wife, who’s fed up about her husband’s ways of casanova-ing with the ladies. Now, this could just be anyone in Bollywood, truth to be told. It could even be the wife of a superstar, but here since the blind item mentions “star” and “notorious philandering ways”, we have narrowed it down to this casanova actor since he’s been in the news lately for the very same reason. The blind item does not come as a surprise, if you think about it. If we are reading about it in the local paper then his wife and her friends are reading about it too. The woman was bound to loose her twinkle sooner or later. See what we did there? We think you already know who Mumbai Mirror is talking about, so just check it out below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 8


THE beleaguered wife of a famous actor is quite fed up with rumours surrounding her husband’s notorious philandering ways. She has been resorting to all sorts of tricks to ensure all is well in her home-turf, by hosting cosy dinners (and calling the paps to capture these) and sharing pictures of private family vacations. But the cherry on top was our favourite: at a recent party hosted by a filmmaker, she hooked up with a younger and easily available actor. Yes, the same one who gets invited to most parties for making the ladies there happy. While we are usually contemptuous of adulterous affairs, we love the idea of revenge sex. Go for it, girl.


OSOP Guesses

Wife: Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs FedUpBones

Filmmaker: Karan Johar

Actor: Sushant Singh Rajput

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 8

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13 Responses

  1. Nars says:

    Can you revert to the old comment settings? They are some readings who find it impossible to comment. The security key is the issue.

  2. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    Twinkle attended a party Johar one and when Johar did the party. Twinkle always with Akshay. She will flirt with Sushant in the presence Akshay? Is it possible to return the previous sample to the site. Now it’s impossible to write – Reshmi

    • Bollywood says:

      Reshmi, why don’t you email us and tell us the difficulties you are facing with the website? We would be happy to help.

    • Bollywood says:

      Yes, both Akki and Tina were there. Maybe it’s a made-up story, who knows? But there has always been silent rumours on Tina getting her groove on with other men. That’s why she lets Akki do as he pleases.

  3. bucketbot says:

    Never mind the truthfulness of this story, I just find it shocking that someone would want to shag SSR.

  4. Nars says:

    Twinkle did not even attend the Johar party. She never goes without her husband to different parties. Even on these photos she and her husband and Akshay was not at the party Johar – for Reshmi; who is no longer able to comment because of the new security format

  5. naughtytrini says:

    I dont think she will do revenge sex, she is going to remain faithful to him while he screw everyone of his heroines. And by the way no matter how fit she keeps herself she is still and always be a flopped yesteryear actress who is only a somebody because of her daddy and her husband and I doubt that younger actor will be interested in bedding her. She may look nice with the clothes on but when you take if off there is still all the wrinkles and stuff that is tightened by the girdles. Oh my gosh I dont mean to be so mean but it irritates me that she could be doing so much more for her country than making lame jokes about some man’s stinky socks how many feet up in the sky, or robbing some poor souls of their monies by not paying for her cakes. He will horn her more in years to come.

    • Linda says:

      I have no doubt that young women have the definite advantage of being naturally youthful. But you cannot deny that there are an increasing number of older women, 40s and above, who are still incredibly hot and good looking-even in a Bikini. I don’t think any man can refuse them. Diane Lane, Aishwarya, Elizabeth Hurley and some Korean actresses come to mind.

    • shivani says:

      i completely agree wt trini. she is really fat and mean. Fake as hell.

    • ghjk says:

      This is how we know you’re not a guy. A few drinks down and a girl you most likely jerked off to is giving you the signal? Not even kidding, I’d even do Rekha in that state.

  6. Pav says:

    Watched “Dhoni” this Saturday & for me SSR was just so amazing in that. Is he really as bad as all these news inform us to be? Or is it all are same but since he’s not an “insider” they leak all his news? Im sure others wont go the parties & stay like saints and return.

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