Blind Item – July – Bollywood 7

We have to wonder how in the world does this director keep getting big projects with even bigger budgets? Is it because he hires big actors as his lead heros or he uses famous Hollywood films as his scripts? Whatever it is, this director has always dreamt big and got what he wanted. The sad thing is, his films don’t make that much money. His last film, they fudged the numbers because they didn’t want to be embarrassed. By they, we mean the hero of the film and also the director. How is he this bankable as a director when his films are not even that good and don’t even make that much money. The interesting thing we have heard about him is he likes to go on family vacations while doing recce for his films. Know why? So that he can charge the production company and get back his money! Smart, isn’t it? Anyways, check out who Box Office India is talking about. About the actor in the blind item below, we have to wonder whether his hero is not envious of him. Why, you asked? Well, it’s because this actor is getting the type of projects that his hero would have loved to do but can’t because of his multiple body injuries. And also, his state of mind plays a huge part in him not doing films. When we see this actor, we see his hero. Dude even likes to dance to his hero’s songs when he performs on stage. Who does that? And that too, when he himself has some very nice songs. It’s fine once, but he’s done it almost every time he danced on stage at awards shows.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 7


Guess Who?

One of the most oft-repeated statements in our industry is films don’t fail, budgets do.’ Despite this truth being so well known and so frequently quoted, it is rarely practiced, which is why our industry’s track record is so abysmal and which is why so many films are destined for commercial failure even before a single shot has been canned.

Take, for example, this film that was announced with much fanfare recently. As the remake of a Hollywood cult blockbuster, it definitely grabbed everyone’s attention. Now get this: apparently, the budget of the film is north of 90 big Cs! While the young male lead of the film has had some success, it is not a faultless record and, as far as the director is concerned, well, an investment of Rs 19 crore would be risky, let alone 90! So on what basis are the investors backing this project? Go figure!

Looks like we are in for much bloodshed and mayhem with this one, and we are not talking about the content of the film!


OSOP Guesses

Hollywood Film: Rambo

Director: Siddharth Anand

Actor: Tiger Shroff

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 7

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