Blind Item – July – Bollywood – 4

So, the blind item below may sound familiar to all those who read blind items. It’s a bit similar to the blind items about this South star except that this one has a tiny creepy detail regarding him. From AndhraHeadlines, this blind item is about this actor who has been in the news more for his affairs than his acting skills. Well to be fair, he did receive a fair amount of applause for his acting skills, which explains why so many women are crazy for him. Just check out the blind item below to see for yourself. It’s only a matter of time before the cops do some kind of search like they are doing in the Telugu industry to figure out who are the culprits behind the supply of drugs. Let’s see how things work out for him since #SuchiLeaks did no damage to his reputation!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July - Bollywood - 4

Star hero's cheap affair with wife's sister!


He is a star hero and has popularity across the country. He acted in couple of B town films as well and though they did not shatter records they were big hits and he got many awards for his acting talent too!!

Now within industry his image is different; one after the other his ‘lustful’ stories are coming out!

News is that he has links with two heroines; if that is not enough he has been having a name of drugging women who come to his parties it seems. What would he do after drugging them? You can run your imagination wild.

Now in the recent times a person tried to leak his ugly image but he used force and stopped it. We hope truth will come out some day.

But even before that here is his personal home life – married for over a decade he has children too and still he started eyeing wife’s own sister! Surprising how that sister could cheat on her own sister. In any way these two are seen at celeb hangouts in Mumbai and having great time together. Poor lady we wonder why she is remaining silent? She is stronger than husband in terms of background.


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Star Hero: Dhanush

Blind Item – July - Bollywood - 4

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10 Responses

  1. beena john says:

    murky place this film industry is…havent u ppl heard about kerala movie star #dileep ‘s rendezvous with criminals and the law. its not always as it seems to us.

  2. bucketbot says:

    This guy is shady as hell. There have been rumours about him for a while now. Always creepy stuff. I understand when you are successful there are too many people trying to pull you down but I also believe there is no smoke without fire.

    • ghjk says:

      Maybe it’s the Kolaveri effect, but he’s always been a guy I empathize with.

      But you’re right, there’s no smoke without fire, and this seems like a forest fire worth of smoke, nearly every other week.

  3. sara says:

    Any story about Anushka and Prabhas? Are they or are they not in a relationship?

    • Shivani says:

      They are, I think.

    • Bollywood says:

      Doesn’t look like it. If you notice with Actors from the Telugu industry, their families want them to get married at an early age and to someone who’s from an influential family. How Prabhas has managed to escape this beats us. Or we have been thinking how him not wanting to tie the knot has something to do with the fact that perhaps he doesn’t want to marry. We don’t want to put it out there but maybe he’s not too much interested. It’s strange how he’s as old as he is and yet his family couldn’t make him commit yet to a girl.

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