Blind Item – July – Bollywood 3

The latest blind item of today comes from PinkVilla. It’s about this superstar and his latest big flop. We actually thought that he was pressured by all this hoopla to return the money that the film’s distributors lost, but it turns out that he thinks someone else is behind this. If he is right though, there’s a huge chance that this producer and his gossip gang might have been the culprits behind this whole thing. But to be fair, even in the South, superstars do this as they don’t want to get a bad reputation and ruin the relationship they have with their distributors. We thought Salman too cared about this, but it turns out he is bitter about returning the money. As for this producer, he should probably avoid the pavement and the forest for now. Wait, who are we kidding? Like if he even knows what a pavement is? Or like if he will dare to dirty his Louis Vuitton shoes! To be fair, this producer does not have as much money as this superstar has. Anyways, check out who this blind item is about.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 3


Though his last release didn’t do as well as expected, he is still known as the country’s biggest super star even now because of his BO status and fan following. Word in the film industry is that the super star is extremely upset with a top producer who owns a production house of repute. The star feels that the producer and his ex-manager got together and not only screwed around with his last film’s release so that it garnered negative publicity but also instigated his distributors to get their refund from the film. The star has told his close friends that the producer himself, till now, has never paid back a penny to any of his distributors for his flop films (and this producer’s production house has given quite a few) so why did people expect it of him? How many top producers have paid back refund to distributors for their flops so why did these distributors suddenly land up at his door to meet his father to ask for one? The super star is asking all these questions now and feeling victimized today as he feels it’s all an elaborate plan to ruin his happiness. A major standoff is happening between the star and the top producer.

Few know that a thorough shakeup is also taking place in the star’s production house. Buzz is that one of the top executive’s in the production house, who is known to be close to the producer and the ex-manager, will soon be shown the door. The changes will happen after the star returns from his outdoor next month.

The super star has clearly taken a stand already by backing out of a co-production (historical) with the same producer. In an ironic twist of fate, the star who was signed for the film to play the lead, is today being handled by the super star’s ex-manager and the star’s wife is very close to the above mentioned producer. While at a recent awards event the producer went to the super star’s hotel room to party, buzz is that he wasn’t invited for it but went along to save face and show all was well. He went with his young protgs who were invited to it.

The super star has decided to also take on his ex manager head on in a big way. He has signed one the leading consulting and management companies in India and bought shares of the company to counter his ex manager’s company so that they sign some of the hottest stars in Bollywood and handle their work too.

One thing is for sure the super star who had let himself be taken for granted for too long has now has decided to put a stop to all the nonsense going around him. Good for him!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Salman Khan

Producer: Karan Johar

Blind Item – July - Bollywood 3

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8 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Not a fan of Salman but this time I am with him. KJo and his gossip gang are beyond obnoxious. Also, Twinkle is no great friends with Karan – it’s Karan who keeps pushing it.

  2. Venus says:

    Tubelight was bad movie.Period.I don’t think any amount of bad publicity will stop someone from watching a good movie.Looks like a case of sour grapes for Salman.He can’t digest the failure so he’s coming up with excuses to blame others for his failure.

    • Green says:

      I think you read the blind wrong. Salman thinks KJo is responsible for creating pressure to return the distributor’s losses which KJo himself has never done.

      • Venus says:

        Please read again “The star feels that the producer and his ex-manager got together and not only screwed around with his last film’s release so that it garnered negative publicity”
        The film’s failure is not anyone else’s responsibility, its his own doing.

  3. naughtytrini says:

    Bet this blind was created by KR pr

    • bucketbot says:

      I don’t think Kangana would know about KJo’s production company dealings or Salman Khan’s dealings with such detail. I don’t think she gets invited to their parties nor do I think she has the time and patience for their shenanigans. This is someone close to Salman Khan wanting to ensure everyone knows of bhai’s displeasure and who caused it.

      • naughtytrini says:

        Actually both she and Karan have a bitter tiff going on and we all know that when it comes to our enemies we know and get to find out every single bit of thing about them. KR is not one to mess with, she’s got her peeps. Your enemy enemy is your friend, maybe she is trying to get close to bhai.

  4. Wish says:

    Ha ha well written summary of the blind! What is up with Kjo? He just seems to be making enemies left, right and centre.

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