Blind Item – July – Bollywood – 2018

The blind item below is not about nepotism, it’s about having a rich producer father in Bollywood. From Rajeev Masand, this blind item talks about this guy who just wouldn’t give up. He wants the audience to accept him, but they won’t. For quite some time, he stopped acting so we thought maybe he has given up and is concentrating on producing. But alas, it was spoken too soon because he started working on a short story that was advertised on youtube.

The blind item talks about how he could not land any other acting jobs aside from the ones produced by his father’s production house, so he decided to step out and explore Hollywood. These Indian actors keep thinking that just because they have money, they will be able to land in Hollywood. If talented Indian actors are having a hard time finding good roles, what chance do these rich kids have? Some time back, even Sid Mallya went searching for Hollywood roles and so did Katrina Kaif‘s sister. It’s not that easy.

With this guy, he just doesn’t have it. We have seen the trailers of his films and we can see that he has tried everything to make his films work. These include body building, items songs, and what not. Nothing worked. Well, he is a rich kid so he has nothing to worry about. As long as his dad is alive, he will keep footing projects for his darling son! Speaking of darling son, can you imagine that he was rejected by the great Sajid Khan? This was for a role in ‘Humshakals’. Just imagine!

Check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July - Bollywood - 2018


End of the Affair

This actor son of a moneybags film producer whose claim to fame is limited to the A-list stars he is able to draw to his home gymnasium, became obsessed with trying his luck in Hollywood recently. It might have something to do with his being taken none too seriously in Bollywood, where the only films he appears in are those bankrolled by his father. Hoping he might have better luck in the West, he reportedly reached out to an Asian-American casting agent who was working on a project in Mumbai. Not much came out of the endeavour, or his apparently mediocre auditionβ€”especially since the actor was too lazy to even respond to emails from the LA office. He apparently ignored emails and then claimed he hadn’t received any, but according to sources, he did get romantically involved with the agent. The lady tried hard to help him land a break in America, but found that he had neither the acting chops nor the commitment to what was needed to make an impression. The affair fizzled out, and the actor moved on to other women and interests after spilling the beans on his latest conquest to his friends.


OSOP Guess

Actor: Jackky Bhagnani

Blind Item – July - Bollywood - 2018


Blind Item – July - Bollywood - 2018

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2 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    What these idiots don’t understand is that Hollywood will hire those foreign actors whose popularity can be leveraged to open new markets (i.e an increase in global movie audience). Example: Jackie Chan, Penelope Cruz, Mel Gibson, (very popular in Australia before moving to Hollywood), Lee Byung Hun (the Korean movie market is very lucrative), Omar Sharief (not that great an actor IMO).

    Even exceptional Indian actors like Irfan, Tabu, Naseer, Dev Patel only ever get to play the β€˜exotic ethnic’ roles that are very South Asian/Middle Eastern in characterization. Given that Jacky and Sonam are neither talented nor have that kind of following in India, let alone South Asia and Middle-East, why would any Hollywood studio care about them?

    Just think, even the roles of Gandhi and Freddie Mercury were played by non-Indian actors.

  2. bucketbot says:

    Off topic: are Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla a couple? or is it purely professional and they just seem to do everything even remotely professional together for the publicity?

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