Blind Item – July 2018 – Bollywood

The blind item below is really not surprising at all. It’s good marketing from her side. Frankly speaking when we saw all the arrangements for her wedding, our eyes were rolling so hard. Not because it’s too much and over the top, we were wondering how much it costs them to make all of this happen? How much did the father spend on this wedding? And he has another daughter, who might be also tying the knot soon. All these calculations were going on. But now, this blind item clearly states that this actress found that hosting and paying for her wedding herself will be too expensive so she did what most celebrities do: ask for free stuffs and free service in exchange for publicity.

That is really smart! We were also wondering why they were so low-key on sharing pictures of the wedding. It turned out that they were paid by Vogue magazine to sell them the pics exclusively. Quite something! And here we thought that they were just being private. Speaking of private, it seems her husband enjoys the limelight too. He enjoys the attention that he gets, thanks to her.

Anyways, clearly for celebrities too marriage costs a lot of money. For her, it seemed she was smart to get the deals that she wanted in order to save money. This is what you call having friends in the right places. For her, it’s literally having the right friend with the right wedding venue. Check out the blind item from BollywoodLife below. Thanks to the reader, who shared it.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood


This actress got her best friend to β€˜sponsor’ her wedding reception

Wedding is the most anticipated day of our lives (well, at least for a majority). It is a celebration of life and a new beginning of commitment to the partner. And this celebration for the elite is all things lavish and grand. We’ve seen quite a few of them in the B-Town and boy, they were so extravagant, they could break the proverbial ceiling. We do understand the pressure of hosting the best bash in town if you’re a celebrity figure, but this one seems to have gone a bit too far.

Recently a star had a big bash wedding. Turns out her destination wedding turned a damp squib when the firang hotel faxed resort bills to mama and papa. Overnight, everything was changed. They got her best friend to β€œsponsor” the reception and work out a five star hotel, including food. But that’s not all! A fashion magazine even had a photo booth installed to click pictures of the guests who attended the soiree, so that the actress could publicise her much touted wedding in their next issue. In fact, the actress Most of the star guests were wondering if they had come to a sponsored event or a classy do which they claimed it was. In fact, abiding by the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, the actress did not share any of her wedding pictures on social media before the magazine issue came out.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Sonam Kapoor

Best Friend: Samyukta Nair

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood

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7 Responses

  1. Hmmm says:

    How tacky. It’s not like they are so poor that they can’t pay for their own wedding. Isn’t her husband a millionaire? Did she not earn any money for the crappy acting she does? Doesn’t her pa have money? She can wear designer clothes but not fork out for a wedding? The irony is that middle class and poor people will sell their house or kidney just to have a decent wedding.

  2. Monalisa says:

    Admin, I thought I was the only one who noticed Anand’s fondness for the limelight. He happily pose for the paps and get photographed by paps even when he is not with Sonam.
    If this had been the Deepveer’s and their wedding pics and their courtship/ love story that had been sold to a magazine, people would have bashed them and called it pr, attention seeking. Surprisingly no one is calling Sonam and Anand attention seeking, pr, or bashing them for selling their wedding pics and their courtship/love story. Anyways I did enjoy seeing their wedding pics/ videos so have no complaints regarding it.

  3. lailayaila says:

    The thing that made me think they were trying to save money was the e-invitations they sent out. I just wasnt buying their pro-environment reasoning!!

  4. yuri says:

    If sponsors are willing, it’s not a big issue. Celebs get lots of attention as does their guest list. I’m surprised vogue paid but it works out for everyone, Sonam got publicity and great photos out of it. Clearly Sabyasachi either gave Anushka a great deal or her wedding trousseau for free for the first dibs on releasing photos. Everyone wins i suppose. I’m under no illusions celebs don’t want attention, they all do and everyone needs to realize it instead of picking on a few to troll.

  5. Goldengirl says:

    Every star wedding is sponsored mainly by the brands and other companies they endorse. Even virat Anushka wedding was sponsored and wait for rs dp wedding. It so be a sponsored one too. Wonder what these stars really do with the billions of rupees they earn? Their holidays /wedding all are for free. Their producers pay their staff stipend, almost no to 70 percent discount and other facilities on their shopping?

  6. naughtytrini says:

    Sonam didnt invite twinkle to her wedding? twinkle said something to that effect in her blog in times and it sounding like she was sour about not getting an invite. I dont know. Well now that the sponsor have gotten the rights and publicized it we will be spammed a lot with sonam and her wedding pics. Her hubby sure loves the limelight, just like shilpa husband who loves the limelight so much too that he left his wife for her. These bollywood celebrities are cringeworthy.

    • Anonymous says:

      lot of these businessmen marry these semi successful actresses for the media attention.These men have lot of money but why would press care about them and so they marry these women. The women also get a comfortable life and don’t have to work a lot of be career minded. They can venture into half baked efforts like cookery shows, fashion designing, write terrible books etc. It is a win-win situation. Asin’s husband and Asin are the only ones who seem low profile after marriage.

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