Blind Item – July 2018 – Bollywood 2

It has become a big deal these days for stars to hire architect or designers to plan and decorate their homes. It is like a sign that shows they have arrived! This whole star wife starting home designs businesses was started by Mrs Khiladi Canadian Kumar and from there on, all the other star wives hopped on that design other rich people’s homes’ bandwagon. The blind item below is by Mumbai Mirror and it talks about these two designers. One is an architect by occupation while the other is a star wife turned home designer.

Okay, so let’s get it out there that this star wife only got into this business after people complimented how she decorated her huge mansion. By people, we mean her friends aka people who are close to her husband or who want to be close to him. Her idea of designing a space is to just fill it up with expensive stuffs or stuffs she bought abroad. We are now wondering whether filling up a room is a sign of people, who had not experience this level of richness before. Like you know, you have a big house and a lot of money so you just think that you need to fill it up with stuffs in case people think you are poor or you don’t have enough money.

Actually, this theory might apply to this lady because when she first got married and moved to Mumbai, she stayed at an apartment that just had a mattress. She didn’t even know what furniture to buy until her mother came to visit her and helped her buy the things she needed. It’s been some time now that she has ventured in the home improvement business. Her husband is really famous, so she has no problem finding clients. This is also why she will never leave him, in case you are wondering. Without him, she is nothing and this business helps her prove herself even though it’s really mediocre stuffs, but still it keeps her busy and preoccupied enough not to think about where one of her husband’s jacket is.

The blind item below talks about how two designers are saying that they are the ones responsible for this actress’ home. Both have been in the news in connection with this actress’ home, but it seems that the star wife only did her bedroom. At least, that’s what we got from the research. It’s only the bedroom that she worked on while the other architect did the rest of the house. Don’t know if the actress just gave the star wife this project to get future movies with her husband because it is strange how she already had someone worked on the whole house and then hire someone else to redo the bedroom.

Check out the blind item below.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood 2

THE latest contenders in the battle for Bollywood celebrities are not filmmakers and movie studios but, erm, architects. We hear two major architects, both of who have links to movie stars, are acting all territorial. If one has talent and a little cool quotient, the other has a famous last name. And the current object of contention is a pretty young actor. Both claim to have decorated her home, but if you ask those who know, one has merely painted it and the other has provided cushions.


OSOP Guesses

Talented Architect: Ashiesh Shah

Famous Last Name Architect: Gauri Khan

Actor: Jacqueline Fernandez

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood 2

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood 2

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood 2

Blind Item – July 2018 - Bollywood 2

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24 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    Waw sometimes I feel like admin is living in my head, so spot on about gauri. But looks like you mashed a couple of ppl’s corns lol gauri is no interior decorator much less architect, dont have me laughing here and yes it is true gauri is only getting job because of who her husband is, they just trying to get close to him by hiring her. This is just like sussanne sister, the jeweller one, she had this big fan of followers and she so thought hey i am a best jeweller hence why not realizing that her fan followers were really because she was HRITHIK sister in law lol the moment sussane and hrithik broke up her followers began diminishing, same thing with gauri, honestly the only thing about this whole blind is WHERE IS THE HUSBAND JACKET? lol

    • NewGirl says:

      Your obsession with SRK-Gauri and their marriage is unhealthy. If all those rumours are to be believed, SRK was also involved with Kanika Kapoor and even Deepika Padukone during their Slam tour so who’s the doormat hugging onto some jacket for the past 6 years, now?

      And if Gauri is getting work because of her husband, guess who else benifited?

    • naughtytrini says:

      I’m not obsessed with fake gauri and old man srk acting with young things old enough to be his daughter, who knows maybe one day he might even act with his own daughter in the movie as his love interest, they are all so sickening doing anything to make money. But dont bother hurting up your head about my comments, go look for srk jacket, he or his wife aint wearing it these days.

  2. Ageist says:

    Seriously Admin, the way you talk about these innocent women just because their husbands happen to be rich ungrateful cheats is so unkind.

    Look at the terms you used for Gauri who married her husband when he was no where close to his current status despite of huge opposition from her family because of their religious difference.

    The same way in your articles you refer to Kajol as “the doormat”, another woman who at the height of her career dared to marry her husband when he hadn’t attained the level of stardom he has now, at a time when her contemporaries were only dating married men or marrying wealthy industrialists.

    Maybe your beef is because their husbands are rich and you feel they don’t deserve to enjoy the benefits of their husbands’ success or you are a fan of the other women. But whatever your reason is, stop it.

    I don’t support adultery. I also feel women should leave their unrepentant cheating husbands, however i wouldn’t go as far as belittling and mocking them for choosing to remain with their men. It’s not your place to do that.

    It’s their decision.

  3. Pooja says:

    Hey add if 35yrs old rk is not young actor tell me how 32yrs old actress is young???ahh BTW last year blind Was how gauri charge 4crore to Delhi based businessman n ruin his house n later he feel coned.I don’t think they have any real talent its all bcz their superstar husband just like their kids get all big budget films with A list star as lead etc.

  4. Anon says:

    No one knows what goes on in a marriage except the two people in it. And no one knows why a person stays despite things going wrong, except them.
    A lot of women stay because their husbands are good fathers and they want their children to have that. Who is to judge?
    Others stay because they still love their husbands in spite of everything. Who are you to think you know otherwise…
    Be kinder, People!
    Gauri has never harmed anyone. She was always a this gentle long suffering look in her eyes and for a while now looks genuinely happy.
    Let her live her choices and keep her family together the way she wants to and they way she can.


  5. Tina says:

    Can we please, please, please stop calling these idiots architects? They are at best only interior decorators, that’s it.

    Architects are people who designed the Taj Mahal and Lutyens Delhi. Architects are people who built Sydney Opera House and Beijing National Stadium. Not to mention beautiful, path breaking homes like the Falling Waters and Kanchenjunga apartments.

    Paint and Cushion providers are NOT Architects. You can become an Interior Decorator with zero education. But you can’t become Architects that way.

  6. MotherofDragons says:

    Aww Admin
    Please lets stop referring to women as ‘nothing’ without their husbands as we are just re-enforcing that patriarchal narrative that we, as women have been trying to get rid of for years now

    • Rad says:

      Women are definitely not nothing without their husbands, but some women are. Especially in bollywood. The very fact that they are reluctant to leave their husbands even though he cheats and generally treats them like doormats is proof of that.

    • MotherofDragons says:

      Rad I agree and funny enough its the same in hollywood however I believe their logic is this “better a godamn cheater with a mansion and a Cadillac than a cheater with nothing” Not necessarily tied to their self esteem, more like the lifestyle all this comes with, which they are not ready to give up, the kids, the brand, the free pass on some matters of the law.

  7. Monalisa says:

    And why is this a blind?

  8. sweettooth01 says:

    the bedroom looks better..the hall looks like smthng anyone cudve done atlst in these pics

    • sweettooth01 says:

      twinkle khanna’s work is bizzare its just clutter a big pile of too many thingsss in too many colors..not a fan..
      atlst in the pics gauris designs look intrstng dunno abt the longevity and the comfort though

  9. Saana says:

    Such mad ladies sitting on the bed in their stilettos, arrogant ,We indians keep our shoes outside!!!

  10. NewGirl says:

    Gauri’s instagram post specifically said that she decorates only a β€œspace” in Jacky’s home so what’s this about?

  11. Saana says:

    Such mad ladies sitting on d bed in their stilettos, arrogant,we Indians keep our shoes outside the room

  12. Rashmi says:

    funny story described by Mr. Pakistani admin))

  13. Amanda says:

    Gauri has done only bedroom and the rest has been done by that other architect… Gauri’s pictures with Jacky are in bedroom and the pics with the other architect are in the drawing room.. I think they have divided the territory and there is no confusion there… In gauri’s article it only mentions that she did her bedroom and the pics were from bedroom only…..

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