Blind Item – July 2018 6

What is it with rich people in India and their thirst for become more famous? Their method of trying to get popular is to hang out with Bollywood stars. The bigger the stars the more chance they think they have at being famous. Don’t know maybe it has something with raising their stocks or something because in the last few years, especially after Antilla was built, there have been more collaborations between rich people and Bollywood stars. By collaboration, we mean relationships have started between these two types of high society people.

Before it was the Bachchans and Shah Rukh Khan that hobnobbed with the rich. Now it’s like everyone does it, which makes us think whether Bollywood people is using these people’s money to finance their film. Like, why else would Aamir Khan and John Abraham go out of their way to attend the Ambani’s kid birthday party? These two don’t even attend events but for the Ambanis, they always go all out.

Something is definitely up and Nita Ambani sure looks like she has been struck with Bollywood fever. Also, how nice of her to show her son’s engagement guests that she is the master puppeteer of the entire Bollywood clan. At least, the nepotism clan! It was funny to see them really get uncomfortable being performing slaves for the Ambani. Hilarious!

It is not really their fault because Nita Ambani can look really scary from certain angles. From one side, she looks really caring and sweet while from another side, she looks like she will use your blood as the ingredient of her botox injections if you don’t do as she commands!

The blind item below is a bit long. Do read it, it is fun and insightful. Check it out, courtesy of Hindustan Times.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July 2018 6


Word comes in that there’s trouble in paradise: it appears that the fastest set in the country has hit an air pocket. Time was when this young and good-looking billionaire couple were the toast of the Mumbai jet set, with their frequent invitations to holiday in their PJ or their yacht. Their friends included the glam wife of a reigning superstar and the daughter of another one; and the daughter of a reputed business clan and her husband, who were often seen in their company on their transcontinental holidays. But that charmed circle may be a thing of the past now, says a source.

Apparently, the couple’s introduction to the two ladies (and most of Bollywood) had been through a powerful Mumbai society Queen Bee, who had been responsible for the couple’s initiation into the Bolly scene’. But alas, things are said to have considerably cooled down between the Queen Bee and the billionaire couple, leaving insiders to wonder how long before her high-profile Bollywood friends will disengage themselves from the couple due to their old loyalties to her.

Not that this seems to worry the billionaire couple, according to sources. “Of late, they have been seen in the company of two younger actresses, one whose recent wedding celebrations were the cynosure of all eyes and the other, from another top film family, married to an aristocratic actor, who is currently enjoying motherhood to the hilt, says a source, “proving that there’s always more fish to fry even within the gold fish bowl.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Natasha and Adar Poonawalla

Glam Wife: Gauri Khan

Daughter of Superstar: Shweta Bachchan

Two Younger Actresses: Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Blind Item – July 2018 6


Blind Item – July 2018 6

Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Natasha Poonawala, Saif Ali Khan and Adar Poonawala at Karisma’s birthday party.(Instagram)

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11 Responses

  1. Tanya says:

    Admin, no one is saying she might not be a sweet or a nice person. But the engagement looks forced, and I’m trying to understand what kind of manipulation it is that is being used to force the two together. I’ve heard from reliable sources that Akash was dating another girl from university, but was forced to break up with her as she wasn’t guju, and as shloka was a family friend amd school friend and from a well off guju family, he was forced to marry her. But as I suggested the younger brother is has been given liberties with his relationship, so how come the elder one is being forced to marry someone he doesn’t love? There has to be some crazy scoop here, please find out and tell us admin.

    • naughytrini says:

      Tanya why dont you ask your reliable source about that forced relationship? lol jeez I have watched all the videos on that celebration and shloka is and looks like a really genuine girl and akash clearly loves her. The only part where it looks force is the media coverage and I find it refreshing that these two people who have so much going on for them is not media crazy, they are so down to earth. I hope they remain that way but I think they will. All that coverage was on the side of Nita who seemed to want to shout my son is having the biggest bashest wedding ever but it clearly shows that the couple themselves would have preferred a simple wedding. Please eat the sour grapes and leave this nice couple alone, they are really just in love with each other. Blessings to them from someone who they do not even know.

    • Admin says:

      It looks forced because Nita is forcing them to be in public in front of the media. With the family alone, the girl appears to be very comfortable and very at home with them. They look comfortable with each other, it’s just they are just taking time to adapt to the media and all that.

  2. Tina says:

    Who’s the Mumbai Society Queen bee who introduced them to Bollywood stars? Who is THIS new Parmeshwar Godrej? πŸ˜‰

  3. Venus says:

    Kareena must be loving the attention from poonavallas.She and saif like to think they are superior than the other bollywood crowd due to their genes and lineage.Now they are hobnobbing with world’s select few billionaires.She for sure must be thrilled

  4. Insider says:

    Admin you write up is hilarious. My jaws are hurting now. ..but be careful, the rich n famous dont take very kindly to being mocked. Very popular blogs have been shut down. On a different note..PC has bagged a plum hollywood project opposite Chris Pratt.. .i guess that closes the Bharat saga..

  5. Tina says:

    Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate was sponsored by Nita Ambani and included her special appearances from time to time.

  6. Tanya says:

    Admin, since mentioning the Ambani’s. There has been a lot of question and guessing as to what kind of a crazy force has been used to get Akash amabani engaged to shloka. She looks terrible, unhygienic ( thanks to the yellow teeth), they are almost static and awkward and look forced when in front of the camera. It seems like he’s really Not into her and is being forced to be with her. What is the real deal on this? A lot of us are confused is what I can tell from the insta comments on all their pictures. Because if it’s just about money and reputation then it doesn’t make sense as the younger son is dating a girl that isn’t from their culture she is not well off either, and yet they have accepted and publicised that relationship, and they actually seem to like each other unlike Akash and shloka. Akash and Shikha look so forced. What is it all about?

    • Sonpaapdi says:

      Jeez the hate for that girl is too much. Not everyone is PDA in public and not everyone is a stunner – look at her husband to be. She seems like someone intelligent I would actually want to spend some time with.

    • Admin says:

      Nita is forcing them to be in front of the cameras. Not everyone is comfortable doing that. Whatever it is about Shikha, she looks genuine and has a sweet and positive energy around her. As of now, she has no choice but to follow Nita’s orders. Don’t know why Nita is hell-bent on making her kids be all media savvy. Maybe it has something to do with Tina Munim’s son also joining the business.

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