Blind Item – July 2018 5

The blind item below is not really a Bollywood blind item, it is a lives of the rich and famous type of blind item. From Hindustan Times in Malavika Sangghvi, it is interesting that we thought of sharing it with you. The lives of the rich and famous are always interesting because they do things on another level. Thankfully, we have never had that need to be rich or famous, we are lucky that we never felt envious to be someone else. We have understood way back that not everyone can be freaking rich and as soon as you understand what you are meant for in life, you stop chasing incessant things or needs.

What the blind item is talking about, we have heard of celebrities doing this but rich people have more solid money to do this. It is nice to work for someone, who pays you a lot. Working for the rich does not necessary mean that you will be compensated well, so if you find a rich employer that pays you well, that’s a keeper. Nothing more to say about the blind item, just enjoy.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July 2018 5

The things you learn while sitting at a salon! This one is a lesson in stratospheric living told to us by a garrulous pedicurist. Apparently, the community of city barbers is exulting in one of their own’s stroke of good fortune. The gentleman, one of the senior-most of his trade, attached to a city five-star salon, had been regularly tending to the scalp of a Master of the Universe, a leading industrialist from a top business family, known to be a workaholic and with little time to spare.

Recently, when the industrialist’s office had called for an appointment for their boss, and were told his “regular” barber was busy at the time, they thought that would be the end of it. But, of course, as anyone knows: time is money — and quite a lot of it. “Next thing you know, the barber has been employed for a whopping six-figure sum with the sole responsibility of being available round-the-clock and at any time of the night or day, to keep the head of the busy India Inc leader always looking presentable and well-groomed.

“His kids have been offered free schooling and the family’s medical needs have also been taken care of,” said the pedicurist. “They can’t believe their luck!” We told you: this would be a lesson in stratospheric living!


OSOP Guess

Gentleman: Mukesh Ambani

Blind Item – July 2018 5


Blind Item – July 2018 5

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6 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    From the article

    “Her case is more convoluted than most. The man, the industry’s top screen writer, is a lifelong Moslem who ended his first marriage simply by saying “I divorce my wife” three times, as prescribed by Moslem law. Azmi says that as a feminist, she found it difficult at first to accept his divorce because she feels Moslem religious law is unfair to women. But she married him anyway.”

    Javed Akhtar!? He used the ‘Triple Talaq’ way of divorce!? What a bloody hypocrite…and he calls himself a educated, cultured, liberal? I had not expected this!

  2. Monalisa says:

    Admin, Jitesh Pillai shared an interesting article from the 80s where Smita Patil, Shabana, Hema talks about being the other woman.
    They were so frank back then. Wonder if actresses from todays generation will admit to such affairs..

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