Blind Item – July 2018 3

The blind item below was already shared on OSOP before. We are sharing it here again, due to popular one-reader’s demand. As it is, while you all were talking about this actress since she opted out of Bollywood‘s Ultimate Godfather’s film at the last minute, we are glad we waited this long to post this. Actually, we were a little pre-occupied and ‘Tumhari Sulu’ was on, so…Anyways, what has changed in the last 12 hours in a recent update on this two.

If you remember back then when this blind item was posted on Blind Gossip, the singer/actor was said to be in a relationship with this Indian actress because he wanted to get three things out of this PR-maderelationship. We just found out the last one, which seemed impossible at that time, already happened. Now whether it happened before the engagement or after, we don’t know but it was around that time.

Also, if you think we were being mean to her back then in THIS post, you have to read what BlindGossip posted about her. We have it below. As for the guesses, you all know who this is. At this point, even Stevie Wonder is able to see it. As for her leaving Godpapa’s film at the last minute, she should have never signed it in the first place. After seeing ‘Race 3’, she should have been smart and make up some reason to leave the film. She is right, though. All these actresses were added on after she was chosen. It’s like every role in the film is being played that someone Godpaji recommended to the director. The director might be good, but remember it’s this superstar’s production house, he gets to make the final call.

The only thing we keep thinking about the sister of this superstar. She was the one, who asked her bro to have her in this film and now this actress just ditches him leaving him red in the face because no one, except for a certain Miss World, leaves him – he does the leaving. Now the sister must be feeling the heat, seeing how her husband is also waiting on GodAppa to greenlight his film’s trailer and release. Everything is going to be pushed back now. Let’s just wait and see. Remember that blind item about that Baba telling this actress not to shoot for this film this year? Quite strange how that will not happen now!

Anyways, like the saying goes in the Kaif home: Kat gets the Kream!

Aside from that, it will be fun to see how long this not-yet-confirmed engagement goes. Speaking of engagement, is People’s Magazine every celebrity’s spokesperson or something? And no, she did not leave because she got engaged. She did give that reason, though. Maybe she didn’t want to offend them by telling them the truth. Since she is still doing the other film, the engagement was definitely not the reason; it was more of an excuse.



Bollywood/Hollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – July 2018 3

The Dating Twist

In case you were wondering if this TV actress and this former boy band member are in a real relationship, here’s what a source close to the situation tells us!

It’s fake. She is doing this for the publicity and so is he. This is his third or fourth fake relationship in the past five years.

Here we go again. Anything new about this one?

She’s old, but he’s done that before. The twist with this one is that this is his first interracial “romance” so he’s hoping to add a whole new fan base segment. He thinks he can get two million of her followers to follow him.

Check out those numbers and let us know when he reaches his goal!

Oh, and he wants her to take him on a little overseas trip to meet [her celebrity friend].

Looks like we should be prepared to be royally annoyed by both of these celebs for near future!


Blind Item – July 2018 3

Blind Item – July 2018 3

Blind Item – July 2018 3

Blind Item – July 2018 3

The source said, “Initially, she was very happy about her role as PeeCee is there right from the beginning to the end as the film is about a couple who fall in love, get married and grow old together as their life keeps coming in flashbacks. But while Priyanka was in the US, she kept getting news about other actors getting added to the cast. First came Disha Patani (and her role was increased), then Tabu and Nora Fatehi and all had roles specially created for them. Apparently, Salman is taking the call for these roles so PeeCee thought that she might face the same problem that Jacqueline Fernandez faced in Race 3 – of getting sidelined by Daisy Shah and the rest.”

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38 Responses

  1. sefora says:

    And about PC walking out of Bharat, one can safely say that she’s burnt all her bridges in Bollywood now. SRK will never work with her again. Neither will Salman after this fasco. I’m not sure about Aamir. But her BW career definitely seems to be over.

  2. sefora says:

    On an aside, Admin- what’s happening with our very own Bhavesh Joshi these days?! 😀

  3. Letstry says:


    Having second though about the big HW movie she supposly scored.

    Seems like only mention it.

    I think it’s too vague. Big production in HW are announced in advance even before cast sometimes. This one is described as a role ANY actress would want. It’s weird such huge project is so secret in HW. I bet they would want huge actresses to fight for it. Plus if no information is out that’s mean production will not start now. She could have easily done bharat and her pink movie like she planned then go after right?

    • Letstry says:

      It’s true PC is doing a movie with Chris Pratt soon. This is a huge deal.

      Her PR team is fantastic. You think she can go nowhere after a flop and she bounce back. She has successfully attached her name to One of the biggest familly in the world through Meghan. After her show got cancelled she was bound to fade away because it’s Hollywood of course. But if you know the lady she rarely give up She managed to stay in the news via Nick. It was easy, he was there already she didn’t need to look for it. People will discuss age gap and how weird looking they are. Enough to keep her in the new for a while.

      She doesn’t let go of BW either she has make sure everyone knew the real queen is back. PR team was tackling the current Queen left and right with their highest paid and whatever. If everything went through she had one critically aclaimed performance and one BB in Bolly plus Nick in Hw until she finds her next thing there.

      Bharay thing happened and they used it the most efficiently possible. How they put Alia in the game in the way that he can create confusion? I don’t know but perfect opportunity to send articles about wedding while giving weird excuses as to why she left. All of this to make the people talk. Both in BW and HW it doesn’t stop. Once the story wants to die new info comes out. “Meghan gives her nod” “Ali said PC is unprofessional” “marriage , wedding, kids”. She still have that pink movie here and probably going to get NA for that. Connection through Connection she is climbing. She may get older but her ambition is stronger than ever.

      She is doing all of this while still looking like she is doing nothing. (The way she is sucking up to others BW stars and the Way they fall for it and suck back? Wonderfull)

      So cunning, such an opportunist that doesn’t appear like one. Honestly there is nobody smarter than her in BW. Yes, she belongs to HW because our Deepika national and her novice and messy PR team can’t compete where it can’t compare.

  4. Universal says:

    One fakester meets another and dumps his movie.
    It’s a fake fake world.

  5. Sam says:

    I don’t think PC was ever going to do Bharat. Not yet clear why. But this just smells like a PR gimmick.

    I don’t think PC had any long standing affair with SRK either. Her inner, and now outer narcissist, tried to create a love-saga out of some flirting. What she didn’t expect is getting rejected. All the other men might have actually cheated on their spouses. Likely SRK did not. The man loves attention, but he’s not an idiot.

    I also think PC and her friend are beards. That must be some royal money she’s making to play along with this elaborate multi-continental nonsense.

    • tina says:

      I do not buy any SRK affair either. She just hung on to something that kept her relevant in an industry that didn’t really like her. It made her look more important than she is.

      In 2016, Filmfare had done a cover story on SRK in which the editor Jitesh Pillai had written a long story about him where it was mentioned that there was an actress that couldn’t get him and spread stories about him. SRK thanked him for that article on twitter. Normally he doesn’t pay much attention to any media stories.

    • sefora says:

      As an SRK fan, I’m tempted to accept your version. That’s exactly what I would like to believe. However, what doesn’t add up is- if there truly was no affair and it was PC trying to put stories out there to make it seem like one, why then did so much change between SRK-Gauri in the last 6 years? He stopped wearing his wedding ring, they stopped making appearances together, he completely stopped talking about her, and she looked more and more unhappy and lonely with each passing day. And now when the alleged affair is clearly over, Gauri and SRK seem to be back on track.
      This is the only part which doesn’t add up. Otherwise I’d be most certainly and happily buying the ‘there was no affair PC made it up for PR”.

    • Sam says:

      @sefora Let me elaborate. I don’t think SRK ever promised PC anything long-term (which is why I don’t think there was any long-standing affair) and I certainly don’t think he had anything new going on with PC that he hadn’t had with others before her. Flings, ONS, whatever he needed for his mojo. [ I’m a fan too, but as a film student, I had to let go of my rose-tinted glasses a few years ago 🙁 ]

      Until PC came along though, I don’t think Gauri ever asserted her boundaries with SRK. More of a I’ll-look-that-way-while-you-do-you-as-long-as-our-family-and-image-appear-intact. Which I suppose worked for them.

      Until PC came along… PC who was stupid or arrogant or both enough to think she could get more from SRK. Of course Gauri pushed back and with all that she had. That must have wiped Gauri and SRK out. I can only imagine the aftermath. The shock. The depression. The sense of betrayal. After all, Gauri had hosted PC in her own home. Who knows what shit-storms must have brewed at Mannat those 6 years. Would make sense why Gauri-SRK seemed disconnected the way they did.

      And why would Gauri-SRK getting back on track together now not make sense? His work success isn’t what it used to be and after the heights of success he has achieved previously, I doubt he’d want to go down in history without at least attempting to clean up his act and get back to a clearer space work and family-wise. Plus his kids’ education isn’t going to be cheap. Not to forget saving for a comfy retirement. No longer able to rely on a family-man narrative, this phase is likely SRK learning to take his family commitment seriously. As for Gauri, depressed or not, she seems very attached to her family, flawed SRK included, not to forget the lifestyle, to give up any of it at this point in her life.

      Plus, at this point, PC’s narcissistic behavior traits are there for everyone to see. Absolutely scary shit for people at the receiving end. That includes SRK and Gauri. The only likely way for them out of this fog is to stick it through. Together. And hopefully come out of this stronger and together.

      No one is perfect, and everyone deserves multiple chances if they are willing to work for it. Gauri-SRK are no different. I for one am rooting for them.

    • sefora says:

      @Sam- I’m rooting for them too!!! <3
      Fortunately or unfortunately, I still haven’t lost my rose-tinted glasses and hence still think of SRK-Gauri as the most iconic and romantic couple in Bollywood. To have the PC affair shatter that myth was heart breaking.
      However, all good things are worth working for and fighting for and if that’s what SRK and Gauri have decided to do, then I wish them nothing but the best always.

  6. Lisa says:

    Admin, do you have any info why Priyanka left Bharat? I persoanlly felt that she was very unprofessional and she seems like a big oppurtunist now!

    • Admin says:

      Based on what we are hearing, it has nothing to do with her engagement – like we mentioned in the post. Her stakes have gone up since the publicity on her and Nick started. When she signed Bharat, she was desperate. Now things are different. There are two things at play here: one is, she realised the other heroines’ presence in this film will not give her the main lead platform and two, she found something better in Hollywood. The latter seems implausible since she is starting work on the new Hindi film with Farhan next month in August.

      A source close to Salman Khan on condition of anonymity said, “This is madness. Considering, it was Priyanka Chopra who was keen to be in the film. She approached Salman and his director Ali Abbas Zafar at a time when they had almost finalized Katrina Kaif. Priyanka told them she wanted to come back to Bollywood. Now, when Bharat has gone on the floors she has second thoughts?”
      Says an informed source, “The director, who is a close friend of Priyanka, doesn’t want any ugly controversy about Priyanka’s exit. So he’s making it sound like an amicable parting, which it is not. Salman is hardly going to be pacified by the marriage alibi. Considering, it was she (Priyanka) who wanted to be part of the project. And, now she’s had second thoughts because of marriage? Nonsense! If she was getting married, she’d have planned it for after shooting for Bharat. This is not small film and opting out of it more or less seals her plans for a Bollywood comeback.”

      The source close to Shonali Bose’s film says marriage was not the reason Priyanka quit Bharat.

      “It was probably the length of her role. We can’t be sure. But in our film she is the central character. Bharat is Salman’s show all the way,” says the source.

  7. J says says:

    PC is fine doing 2 mins blink & miss role in B grade hollywood movie’s but she had a problem with this project??

    It’s strange quitting a big budget movie with a superstar who guarantees atleast 100 cr at the box office irrespective of the content.

  8. NewGirl says:

    PC has completely lost it. This reminds me of the Hrithik-Kangana saga. Way too many contradictory articles out right now. PV also claimed that BFF, Meghan Markle is very very happy for those two. I cant even.

    Are all these engagement stories out from Ali Zafar tweet or did either of them confirm it to the media? That open letter is all kinds of ridiculous.

    • tina says:

      Nope, engagement stories are not really because of AAZ’s tweet. PC and Nick’s PR is giving out stories to People magazine which is known to just spread PR releases from actors. They are spreading not just engagement stories but talking about Nick closing down Tiffany’s to buy her a ring, talking about how they met Megan and Harry and how Megan is just so thrilled for them and much more. Nick himself liked a tweet from ENews about him getting married. Both are desperate for attention.

      Neither one has any standing in HW but all these publicity stunts will keep them in tabloids like the D listers they are. Priyanka is like the Sophie Chowdhury of HW. Not known for any work. Always shows up at every event in designer dresses and makes use of connections to bigger stars to stay in the news.

    • GossipLover says:

      @tina Now that you mention Sophie Chowdhury, what is her claim to fame in recent times? I always wonder how she manages to be in all A-list parties and even hangs out with A-listers all the time? What is the story? @Admin

  9. Letstry says:

    I hope for her sake she has a bigger project waiting for her either in BW or HW because this make absolutely no sense.

    She won’t have Salman on her side anymore. She knew Salman movie are usually B.S but it was a smart decision to sign this only for her comeback in BW to look big. Just a sacrifice to prove her B.O appeal and get better offers after.

    This will ruin her reputation with film makers. She better thinks and come with a better excuse (pregnancy) or this doesn’t look good for her in the long run. She has to remember she is in outsider and that’s a disadvantage in BW. If her movie “The sky is pink” doesn’t do good business then what’s next?

    HW will never take her seriously as an actress. She did better than DP tho but she will never be anything more than a star. In BW on the other hand she can easily be number 1. She should put more focus on that.

    Last point, i am not here to judge but what’s the rush to get married with that guy? Sure something was fishy when she brought him to india after weeks only. What has gotten into her? She needs to be careful. Fast flames burn fast. Proven countless of time with the Kardashian, britney and so on. Is she planning to stay in HW forever ? If then does she think she can get better than baywatch and the comedy film with Hemsworth?

    I am so lost. We will see i guess.

  10. Hmmm says:

    SMH. What is Priyanka doing? For someone who appeared smart and professional to this thirsty nonsense? She has burnt her final bridge in Bollywood for a fake relationship and PR that won’t last long. I feel ever since she went to Hollywood she lost her marbles. Doesn’t matter what she and her PR says she has no respectability in Hollywood. She is in the news as Meghan’s friend or a fake PR relationship. She gets laughed at there for her bad acting. Baywatch was cringe worthy. Even on the show daily pop they thought this engagement thing looked fake. Her legacy in Bollywood will be ruined. One of the better actresses in Bollywood to this. I feel this is such a waste of a truly talented Bollywood actress.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is Nick the PR gigolo in HW? This seems such a weird setup and couple!!

  12. LondonThumakda says:

    The open letter on Pinkvilla was hilarious! It takes a real stretch of the imagination to twist this into a win for feminism (look! an actress walked out on a salman khan film!) i mean cmon. everyone knows salman khan films have two-bit roles for women so why sign it in the first place?

    if she told Ali she’s dropping out because she’s engaged thats ridiculous. there is no rush to have the wedding in two months time, she could have shot for the film and gotten married next year …unless she is pregnant. the whole thing is a PR fiasco for PC esp after the articles about her buttering up Salman’s sister for the film, getting paid more than DP for Padmavati etc. etc.

    on the whole it seems like Bollywood is still pretty unprofessional. otherwise how can the script be changed drastically, new characters added etc. after the main cast has already signed up. and shouldnt there be penalties for people who drop out at the last minute after committing? i mean thats how things would work in the real world…

    as far as PC-Nick goes i am so disappointed! i dont like her much as an actress but she is hot and successful and gets points for trying so damn hard at everything – movies, TV, bollywood, hollywood, production, the whole red carpet fashionista thing, didnt she release a cheesy pop music video ala JLO at some point… and this is the best she can do?? a has-been ex-boybander who looks like he still cant grow a proper beard! i mean there is no hope for the rest of us then……

  13. Monalisa says:

    Oh god, will she or will she not is the big question now. But I still can’t see her settle down with someone like Nick (for pr or no pr) tbh. After SRK, c’mon!!
    And Bharat sound like a mess tbh. The team is damage controlling saying that there were no change or chopping of PC’s role. Bhai should stop interfering and let professionals do their jobs.. After all her lobbying and begging, looks like Kat finally bagged this movie as well. Now she can stop being miffed with Ali for not casting her.
    Btw thanks for the shoutout admin. Lol.. BG’s write up was way too biatchy.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa what if marriage and kid is part of this deal b/w pc and nick this isnt exactly impossible for HW.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap I don’t know. We have to wait and see how far she will go. I still can’t picture her settling for Nick even for pr. What do you think?

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa pc has never acted this way. she has burned most bridges in bw. arpita was one bridge left by exiting bharat at this stage is burning any of few bridges left in bw unless both sides knew and used this stunt for PR who knows because she is still doing the movie with farhan. Given her bad phase in hw its a huge risk . PC seems desperate to have a career in hw it seems BW might have seemed over for her.

      Such PR marriages are common in Hw on a similar hw site i once read that a couple where the actor man is gay was now asking his pr gf to have his baby and they wanted to negotiate the terms on whether, how and if it should happen. In pc nick’s case she gets attention of US audience and in nicks case he gets eyes from Indian its a huge market. i do think feel she might marry because its hw and such stunts are not impossible there

    • Monalisa says:

      @leaps You are right. PC has burnt most of the big-shot BW bridges. And with the news of her walking out of a movie at the last minute, bw people would be reluctant to cast her in the future.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, (I only followed the Jonas bros when they were the teen boybanders. Used to watch a tv show they starred in that aired on Disney or Nickelodean) I don’t think Nick is some A-list celeb in HW. Neither is PC in HW. If she goes through with this pr marriage the only thing she can get out of it to get her pics, pr news on tabloids. I don’t think this pr marriage with a baby or not would get her projects in HW or catapult her in to A-list category. Nick does not seem to be the kind of guy who can wield such star power or authority for her to get projects. She maybe more visible over there, but she was already some what visible even before Nick. It would be another story if Nick was an A-lister like Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper. Even a pr relationship with Tom Hiddleston would be more beneficial to her HW status than Nick. Maybe she now only wants the celeb life and is not as ambitious as she was before. If it is the case, then she might get married to him and enjoy being a HW celeb.

    • leaps says:

      @monalisa The fact that PC is not linked with A list tells you she isnt that A list as PR claims she has to go for NICK. for sure nick is no longer A list pr nick is pr symbiotic shadi. he will gets indian fans this PR. have you not noticed the latest stream of high profile clebs from hw coming to into india. Hw is saturated and need to look at others markets for money which at present is India the same reason PC was cast in quantico she brings in more audienc PC is ambitious enough to try anything did you not see her beach appearances when news was doing round last year that quatico might be canceled, the jacket gate the show was renewed for another season also happened this is attempt to get exposure I mean nick is TMZ relavent she will get tmz paps too. I dont see her scoring a big HW movie hw suffers hugely from lack of diversity. the marriage giver her citizen ship working and benefits would be better though she can use nick, or the kid like bebo saif use taimur to stay relavent

  14. Two cents says:

    There is no way she is getting engaged and/or married to li’l boy Jonas. It was just her excuse to get out of the film. She probably suspected that it will end up like Race 3 with no rhyme or logic. Salman being Salman would have wanted changes to an already well-written script, he would have also wanted to cast his girls. Not a good recipe for a successful movie. PC did not want to offend him and hence whipped up the engagement excuse.

    Besides, PC is in no way the sort of gal that drops a big project for a dude…more likely the other way around! That being said, can’t really fault her for wanting to drop out. But then, she had to get her PR team to put out an open letter making her to be some sort of a hero for walking out of the project. That was a bit much and Salman is most definitely going to remember this forever.

    I still do not get why she is in a fake relationship with Jonas. That is an all time low for even her! I can’t even say I now have zero respect for her coz I never had any to being with!!! Might as well enjoy the drama. Thanks for the post admin. Witty writing as always 🙂

  15. pooja says:

    Both the parties involved i.e— Bharat team and Priyanka’s pr are giving out their own versions of the story. I think the real version will be out in a few weeks.

    @admin…. But will Pc-Nick go to the extent of marrying each other??? Or will they let the pr die after few months???

    • Rashmi says:

      dear Pooja, you always know everything and remember. please remind me. There was one blind on this site and the admin and participants wrote that Priyanka had 3 married men – Akshay, SRK and one more, not an actor. who was that?

    • pooja says:

      @rashmi…. Thanks rashmi…. i just know as much as you guys know nothing more, if anything i believe there are many readers on osop who are much more informed than me. According to admin the third guy was aseem merchant

  16. Amanda says:

    I think pc left the film when the script underwent multiple changes after addition of new actors. Her role might have reduced and she didn’t feel it was worth it. She had already shot for two days for bharat. That blind about astrologer is false. She might have had discussion with the director and thought of leaving it right in the beginning instead of being part of ensemble cast which may turn out like race 3…

    She had not charged any money for bharat as per Doing a movie for free is only good if the role is worth it.

    • Rashmi says:

      how did not get money, if all the media trumpeted that she would receive a whopping 12 crores for the role? Everyone wrote that she was highly paid as Deepika …. Priyanka also often did small roles like in the Krish series, now she needs to loudly return to Bollywood, Salman is the best decision for this, I do not think she left willingly

  17. Rashmi says:

    To be honest, I think that Priyanka never left Bharat because she never signed it. There were false news that she was approved for the role, but she did not even start shooting and seemed disinterested. but the blind claimed that Priyanka begged Alvira to give her a role! she would never leave the project of her own free will. it means there simply was not. now write Katrina approved for the role, as I expected

    • Rashmi says:

      To me here till now it is strange …. My feelings … There was time, I adored equally Bebo and Priyanka. Both were my favorite screen partners Akshay … (from behind Akshay and movies with him I learned these actresses, I had a long period of leaving Bollywood, thanks Akki I came back), but then what happened? I saw the true of Priyanka. She’s hypocritical, fake, too sweet. and she really likes cunning hairpins in someone’s address. I was very disappointed in her, but still consider her beautiful and talented. I do not like to idealize people, like many fans do, I know that stars are the same people with their vices and weaknesses among people there are no saints …. but when I realized that Priyanka was a fake, I stopped loving her. But I still love Bebo, although she is not a standard of sincerity and honesty. Paradox? maybe …. sorry, thoughts out loud

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