Blind Item – July 2013


This is a blind item from Box Office India and the blind items there are hard to crack. Again I don’t know how much real are these blind items, so I’m just going to guess who the blind is referring to.

Blind Item - July 2013


Guess Who?

How the mighty fall! When you’re on top and coveted by one and all, it’s a proud day. But when you take success for granted, things can change pretty quickly. This actor didn’t have too many successful films in his kitty but was doing pretty well considering the lack of big names in the industry. Then things changed for the worse.

Now the actor wants to work with directors who once wanted to work with him but he turned down. Apparently, he’s made a list of directors with whom he wants to work, and when he’s approached by a producer, he shows them this list. He asks these producers if they can convince his β€˜favourite’ directors to do a film with him. The problem is, the actor has rejected offers from every one of them in the past. No prizes for guessing what these directors think. Sad, sad indeed!

OSOP Guesses

Actor: Shahid Kapoor

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