Blind Item – January – Bollywood – 2018 9

The blind item below is certainly referring to the OSOP Guess that we got, but to be honest, we don’t really see the big difference that the blind item from Mumbai Mirror is referring to. Maybe it’s just a minor change because to us, it looks like the face and jawline have both become sharper.

Still, this girl is still young and she should just give herself time. She is still new in this industry and if the reviews about her performances are anything to go by, she should focus on her acting skills instead of changing her face. She cannot change the way she looks. She will still end up looking like her father, which she already does and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If things don’t work out in Bollywood, she can always try modelling. She does have the looks and legs for it. We just think that girls this young shouldn’t think this way. As for her, critics have already said what is wrong with her presence in movies and maybe she should work on that. By making herself plastic, she’s not doing herself any favour.

Check out who we are talking about in the blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item


Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 9


A glamour girl actor, whose sadly went unnoticed in her last film, is suddenly causing heads to turn. Sure, she is a leggy beauty, but her recent appearance at an awards show had guests and onlookers doing a double take. The girl looked sharper, if you know what we mean. With newly defined features, this young actor is probably hoping for better luck at the box office. Oh well, it is a tried and tested route, and has worked with several leading ladies before her.


OSOP Guess

Actor: Athiya Shetty

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 9

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17 Responses

  1. Nimi says:

    This is why people need to stop putting BW actors on a pedestal as equal as some God/Goddess. IMHO there are WAY better role models out there like women who serve in the military, women who work for space programs, women who are doctors, engineers, scientists, economists, government agents, etc making a real life contribution to the world and not some BW actor living in his/her own bubble and cannot even open their doors to the cars by themselves. In my opinion again, the worst of them all is Sonam. That girl needs to have her bubble popped immediately.

  2. prvilla says:

    IMO I think athiya has quite an attractive face but definitely over all she is NOT actress material whatsoever,,more model-esque..Also gone is the era of the plastic dolls,now people are warming up to more charmingly-flawed,realistic looking,earthy personalities who they can relate to.Also there comes a time when one must say no to plastic surgery cuz in the beginning it’s all hunky and dory,then you end up getting addicted and guess what who you end up looking like.. Jocelyn Wildenstein that’s who..(God forbid)!

  3. Maji says:

    Speaking of going under the knife, just saw Yami G and she’s certainly gotten her nose done. It looks sharper than ever and has changed her whole face (not in a better way sadly). And what has Sri done to herself of late?!

    • Sara says:

      Sridevi needs to stop!

    • naughtytrini says:

      That pic up on pv she looks really laughable and imagine she is claiming she doesnt go under the knife, she claims she eats healthy and work out lol another one living in a bubble

      • Amanda says:

        Sridevi thinks people are fools… Anyone can see the plastic surgery unless you have a weak eyesight… With her current pout,teeth have become invisible… Even her teeth are artificial,.. They don’t seem original…:p

        • Kiran101 says:

          Remember the bashing i got on mentioning how Sridevi however a good actress and star she is not a great role model for her kids. This is the reason…she is setting a very bad example for her two young girls by being so pro even addicted to facial surgeries.

      • Pepeas says:

        Well, we all know that healthy living and being fit shaves the thickness of our noses down, lifts our eyelids and fills our lips with extra collagen…

        • naughtytrini says:

          Rofl good one, I am starting today with healthy living and being fit lol I need fuller lips since I am getting older and my lips are thinning out. If that dont work I am suing you and Sri lol

          • Nimi says:

            Lmao me too! I’ll file a lawsuit if my lips don’t become pouty after working out with power yoga.

        • prvilla says:

          @Pepeas LOL!!Yup according to these btown folks hahaha

  4. Amanda says:

    I don’t get this fixation with beauty stereotypes/standards … I think everyone of us are unique and beautiful because we are different from each other… Athiya may not have typical face features needed for bollywood heroines, but face alone can’t help in one’s career… There are many successful actresses who are not beautiful by set standards .. Maybe their acting as well as the overall personality is more attractive to the fans… Why can’t she focus on acting.. If she doesn’t click there, she can try modeling.. Fortunately she is gifted with height which is very important in modeling… All the professions can be profitable if one is smart… There are many super models who earn better than actresses.. Seeing all these plastic beauties around, I am keen for a regular face with its flaws … I can identify with such faces more than polished, plastic looks…

    Given money, I can transform my self into a diva.. But what’s the point? This result will not be my achievement, rather its just like blowing parents money and discarding your original self…

  5. Pooja says:

    Her nose looks very different now but still she is below average.

  6. naughtytrini says:

    The new actors are living a bubble of their own. They think that going under the knife will make them a success story but the viewers aint buying that. Try working on your acting skills. There are enough plastics in bollywood, we need fresh as god made them faces and body now.

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