Blind Item – January – Bollywood – 2018 7

It is quite surprising that the below blind item is only coming out now considering how the father passed away years ago. From PinkVilla, this blind item is about money and inheritance. When things usually relate to money and inheritance, they are dangerous waters. Money has the power to make the closest relationships go kaput and make the closest of people become enemies to each other.

It’s why we are not getting anything as our inheritance. Not because we can’t handle it, it’s because there ain’t nothing to give! True story. Anyways, these two sisters are arguing about what their father has left them. From the way we see it, the elder sister is correct in what she’s thinking. The youngest one is too naive and if she gets the inheritance in her hands, she might just fall prey to some man wanting his hands on it. She did fall prey to a married man once. She has been with him for a while and when she asked him to marry her, he said he was already married! That’s how naive she is. When she’s stable and has found someone good enough for her, perhaps the elder sister can then share with her.

See who we are talking about in the blind item below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 7


 These two star actresses are fighting over their family inheritance

Wealth is something which is always in demand. No matter how rich or powerful one is, nobody wants to give up money and property. Recently these two sisters, who are also actresses, came into a lot of money after their father passed away and now they can’t seem to stop squabbling over it.

It’s said that their producer-father left behind some property and valuables which the two actresses have sold or rented out. The elder actress is more famous, wealthy and popular than the other. She is married to an established filmi family while the younger one broke up with a hunky Bollywood actor a few years ago. It appears that relations between the two sisters, despite some public appearances together, have been strained for some time but the money issue has widened the cracks further.

Hua yeh ki, once the family’s assets (cash and kind) came to light, the younger actress approached her elder sister asking her if she could give her share to her as the elder one already had everything in life – money, property, and a successful career in films, while she was still grappling to find a foothold somewhere. But the elder sibling, who has been indulgent towards her sister for years, and given her many things on a platter, this time flatly put her foot down and refused to give in as she felt her sister had been taking too many things for granted. Though the younger sister cajoled, begged and cried the elder sister said no way was she giving up her share of the family’s fortune. She has a point as the younger one stopped listening to her advice years ago and has sometimes made the family the focus of gossip because of her affairs.

The husband of the elder sister is keeping out of the matter while the actress’s mother is very partial towards her younger daughter as she feels she got a raw deal in life and goes along with whatever she says. This is an issue which both the sisters have to deal with themselves and sort out before the cracks intensify and separate them completely.


OSOP Guesses

Elder Actress: Kajol

Younger: Tanishaa

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 7

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18 Responses

  1. Nimi says:

    I totally agree with kali that Tanuja is reminded of her own days and Nutan getting the limelight and awards. Irony is that Monish (Nutan’s son) got no limelight and faded away as a lead actor and it’s Kajol, the less successful younger sister Tanuja’s daughter who achieved Nutan level stardom. History has a weird way of repeating itself. Tanuja was considered quite childish and flippant about her career and hence did not make it big like Nutan. Quite similar to kajol and Tanisha. Tanisha did really make a fool of herself by getting involved with that Jaani Dushman Kohli.

    • Admin says:

      If you notice, in Bollywood, success doesn’t repeat itself in the next generation. It’s always someone else in the family, who is given the chance.

  2. Neeraj says:

    This sounds like it could be about Twinkle _ Rinke Khanna as well

    • sweettooth01 says:

      but the clues given are clear– producer father and not superstar father ; younger sister broke up with a man recently (rinke lives in kolkata with her husband..she lives her life away from the limelight and seems to have a good married life) ; elder sister married into a filmy family (ajay devgans is a filmy family unlike akshya) ; younger sister’s affairs is another hint at tanisha considering big boss and even bfr tht thr wr rumors that ajay devgan sent kajol abroad to make sure tanisha is not dating some lame ass guy there..while rinke was never in news for affairs nor did she put her family in the news for wrong its a clear blind

  3. naughtytrini says:

    I always thought Tanisha was the best choice for Uday, the both of them wacky as always. Is the married business man came in the picture after Uday? If so I doubt Uday will ever look at her again. Not that he shouldn’t. Is not like girls running him down or maybe they are and he too blinded with running down Nargis to notice. At least he have money to his name and contacts for girls to be interested in him but of course Rani will block anybody who she thinks she wouldnt be able to handle to come into that family. It is no wonder she is such a sour puss. She could the fame of being the YR bahu and yet she aint happy since her lovey dovey private huzzy is romancing a younger chick. But back to the topic at hand, I agree Kajol needs to put her foot down, she does have her kids to think about and she will be needing lots of money to get work done on herself to try to keep her husband home. Poor thing. She is so loud and abnoxious, I really don’t like her much these days. She seems like such a different person from her earlier days, another sour puss I guess who can’t seem to handle aging too well.

    • Kali says:

      I don’t know if you realise this but Tanisha and Rani are cousins. They even have the same last name. The relationship between Rani and her cousins isn’t the best. In fact Rani did not invite them to her wedding.

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah… Even tanuja mentioned that their families are not close and was not expecting any invitation

      • naughtytrini says:

        Actually I knew Kajol and Rani are cousins, funny thing it didnt register that she and tanishaa too lol even though kajol and tanishaa are sisters…. sometimes the simplest things dont register but thats okay, I dont take these bollywood people seriously πŸ™‚

        • naughtytrini says:

          Anyway Rani is a hypocrite to not have allowed Kajol to attend her wedding if she really did so. When Rani was debuting it was Kajol’s name that was jumping up promoting her (as Kajol’s cousin). Yeah I know Aditya was the man who asked KJo to launch her (KKHH) even though the role of Tina was really written with Twinkle in mind, but did the audience knew private man Aditya to know what he was talking about? No, the audience only really knew her as Kajol’s cousin, and that movie really scored big because of Kajol and SRK. I always say, never forget the people who started you off even if you got started off by their name just being linked to yours. Is it no wonder she is suffering so much now? She craves attention from her husband who is a quiet person and doesnt want to be clicked, she craves for the spotlight again but her husband is too busy launching his mistress. I dont think Rani got to really enjoy her life in bollywood as much as she wished she had. And honestly those who wishes to down vote my comment go right ahead. It will just prove my point that your comments are usually based on your personal feelings about actors. Just like how I could so much down votes just because I posting something about Rani, Kajol and of course the gossip queen Bebo.

          Btw Admin did you saw the blind about somebody went into some popular ‘medicine man’ place of business and saw Kajol with a pipe up her butt? something to do with relieving stuffed somethings… oh gosh that was funny and weird if it is really true.

  4. Manisha says:

    Who was the married man that Tanisha was involved with? I don’t know too much about her affairs except maybe Uday Chopra years ago I think?

  5. Kali says:

    The reason why Tanuja (Kajol’s mom) sympathizes with Tanisha is because in this case: Kajol is Nutan and Tanishaa is Tanuja.

    Tanuja always played second fiddle to her much more successful and popular older sister, Nutan. It is said that Nutan and Tanuja were never really close because of their very contrasting personalities. One was an introvert and the other an extrovert. Nutan never really approved of anything that Tanuja did. The irony is that Nutan once took her mother to court for mismanaging her funds. Perhaps Tanuja sees Tanisha in the mirror.

    Anyway, I disagree with this idea that Kajol has to give away her inheritance because she is more successful. Kajol has worked hard since the age of 16, and she continues to work, though at a lesser degree. In the past, Kajol has already gone above and beyond for her sister by recommending her for YRF roles. Meanwhile Tanisha chooses to disgrace the family by carrying an affair with a married man and her stint in Bigg Boss.

    Kajol has two children. If half of the things reported about AD are true, it means that she should protect her financial stability. Tanisha should achieve something on her own two feet instead of depending on Papa’s money. It is not necessary for her to have a successful career in showbiz to be successful.

    • Amanda says:

      @kali, Agree to your comments…. Why should kajol give up her share of dad’s property… It’s her right as a daughter… Giving it to Tanisha or not is entirely her decision… Kajol has worked hard to gain the position she has… Tanisha needs to try her hand at other things apart from acting.. Maybe she will click in something if she puts efforts… I can’t sympathize with Tanisha… It was mean of her to ask her sister’s share as well…

      • sweettooth01 says:

        was she asking for her share or kajol’s share..?? im confused..

        either ways,well if one sibling is doing very well and the other one not much,it shudnt be sucha big deal to let go off a few crores maybe not all properties but a part of their share..
        although ajay cheats,he wont leave kajol and kids, even if he did kajol is intelligent enough to get shit loads of money as allimony..not a big deal..but i feel the problem here is tanisha is quite irresponsible..more than naive she comes across as desperate irritating and like somone without certain kind of rules and morals goals who will only end up wasting the money on useless things..if the younger sibling was even a bit responsible but seeing tough side in life,few or lots of crores when u have big money really shudnt matter..

        • Amanda says:

          Tanisha was asking Kajol’s share because she thinks Kajol is earning well and is well settled…. Tanisha has got her share of property…

        • Kali says:

          According to the BI it seems that the property was divided equally when Shomu died way back in 2008. Tanisha is now asking Kajol for her own personal share of the assets. IDK why she is even bothering because it is more than likely that Tanuja’s home & inheritance will go to her when she passes. Mother-daughter already live together in a large three-storey bungalow in Santa Cruz. Tanisha has aspirations of being a producer which is probably why she wants the finances.

  6. sharuna says:

    my god Admin, how does these kind of issues even come to the public domain, i really wonder. These should be done within the family not for public consumption. In other words maybe, one of the family members who could not keep their mouth shut went and blurted it out to some one in a party, drunk.

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