Blind Item – January – Bollywood – 2018 5

Today’s blind item comes from PinkVilla. It’s about this senior actor, who has not been around for a while and is now making up for lost time. The blind item is a bit strange because we have not heard of this actor being like it says he is. He was always known to be one of the nicest guys around.

He has done films for his friends and used to give his friends money freely, something that his wife said she stopped him from doing as soon as they got married. As for the blind item below, it doesn’t sound like his fault. These days, no one goes to shoot a film without being thoroughly prepared and in their case, it doesn’t look like they are prepared at all.

Check out the blind item below for more details.



Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 5


This temperamental senior star on a whim has pushed back one of his movies by a year

The senior star came back to films after a hiatus but it seems his tantrum-throwing days are not yet over. In his heydays, he was known for his infamous temper, periodic walkouts from film shoots, throwing his weight around and being the quintessential bad boy of B-Town. It seems much hasn’t changed since then as the makers of one of his next films realized.

The actor began shooting for his next film, an action drama, amidst cold climes of a foreign country. He was joined by his family and everything seemed to be fine until one day the senior star started asking about the film’s budget. It seems everything was not fine as the budget seemed stretched. Locations were not what they had been planned earlier, costs were cut randomly and the shoot was not sailing as smoothly as it should have been. And to top it all everything was freezing all around. Apparently, they were so ill prepared for the chilly weather that the star had to buy some warm woollies and other accessories in the foreign country before they could start the shoot.

When he asked production about the budget he was told that there was no fixed budget – the unit would shoot as and when they got money. As the senior’s star jaw dropped in shock, other members of the film’s unit rushed to do damage control and tried explaining to him that everything was under control. But the furious star by then had enough of explanations. After a long time, people around had a taste of his infamous temper. He told his producers that he would shoot from next year January and added sarcastically that was the time frame because by then, they should be able to get a proper budget. As people tried coaxing him to listen and not walk out of the shoot like this, the star paid no heed. He bought a ticket to another foreign country where his family was holidaying and rushed into their open arms.

Strangely, the makers and the star, after returning to India, have taken care to show the world that everything is absolutely fine between them and the shoot will resume soon. We hope so too – a year is too long a time for a film to wait!


OSOP Guesses

Senior Actor: Sanjay Dutt

Film: Torbaaz

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 5

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 5

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5 Responses

  1. Kali says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Sanju’s choices in life, but I can’t help but think that the producers are at fault here. Regardless of his star power, it is a shit move for the producers to string him along with false promises regarding the budget and such an ill-prepared shoot.

  2. naughtytrini says:

    I guess he is now at that age where he needs to sit in his porch and shouts at the children playing in the road.

  3. Champak Bhoomia says:

    Sanju Baba should be grateful that he’s even getting work any more. He doesn’t even have the box office pull he had during his glory days, and his public image has taken a beating with all the crap he’s done and said. Such a pity he didn’t take after his parents, who I hear were absolute gems.

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