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The senior actress in the blind item below by IndianExpress has a very strange way of making people do what she wants. We still don’t understand how she gets to present at award shows and how in the world does she manage to make the managers let her present the Best Actor awards every year. The only time she didn’t get to present it was when this senior actor won it. You know, the same senior actor that she was once madly in love with.

It’s sad how she is mostly remembered for that instead of being remembered for her lustrous career and great plastic surgery procedures. The other thing that we have also wondered about is why in the world does she wear sindoor when she’s not married. Some say, she wears it because in her head, she is married to this senior actor while others say that she wears it because her husband died, which is true but we don’t know if she wears sindoor for that reason only. We do remember news being published that she shocked everyone at Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor’s wedding by walking in with sindoor on her forehead and that was right after the affair.

Anyways, check out the blind item below, which is something that recently happened. Like they say, once a diva always a diva!


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 4


A yesteryear actress was invited to this recently held awards function. A bit about this actress is that she loves to twist people around her little finger and those close to her say that this is common scenario at any award function or event that she attends. So coming back to this one, our diva wants someone to always escort her the moment she arrives at the venue and steps out of her vehicle.

This can’t be any random volunteer but the show’s organizer himself or herself. However, to her dismay, this function’s planners forgot to give heads up to the organizers on this and our diva stepped out of the car but guess what there was no one to receive her.

Surprised and angry, she sat back in her car thinking that there must be someone who will be coming for her and is running a bit late. But if one of the volunteers of the show is to be believed, then the organizer had no idea of this drill.

After a few minutes, a member from her staff went inside and informed the concerned security personnel to let the organizer know that our diva has arrived at the gate and he should be here to welcome her to their function.

The message was forwarded and the poor organiser rushed to the gate to welcome and escort our drama queen diva to the function. Onlookers saw her expressing her displeasure to the organizer about the waiting and his absence to greet her at the gate.

Whoa! Now that’s some drama lady. Sorry to be mean but she should be feeling really lucky as she passed her prime and but still is being invited for these functions because we know many young stars who aren’t invited at many award functions who actually are still working somewhere and can be seen some movies even now!

We hope this diva realizes that her tantrums will not be accepted for long and we wish she corrects her act soon.


OSOP Guess

Actress: Rekha

Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 4


Blind Item – January - Bollywood - 2018 4

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18 Responses

  1. adaora says:

    That article was a tad sexist why call Rekah past her time actress that was insulting, as for her not coming down from the car till the organizers came to greet her, I think she deserves it, if you wanted her to come they should accord her the utmost respect she deserves.

    I love Rekah but I am really bored with her mother India avatar.always dressed in Saris especially the gold ones. Her dressing should be more versatile I am really surprised at what she has morphed into, she was one time the biggest trendsetter in Bollywood back in the day..

  2. Rekha Rai says:

    Just because you’re a senior you shouldn’t be treated with respect or have VIP status? That makes no sense, sorry Admin. Statements like ” passed her prime” is regressive and ageist. I for one am always happy to see Rekha at an event in comparison to seeing Amitabh’s mouth half open as he stares at the stage through his giant spectacles look that he always sports loll, has anyone noticed that? Love Amitabh and Rekha both! I think based on the culture in India you are supposed to treat elders with more respect than you do the youngsters who can walk themselves to their seats with their posse!

  3. naughtytrini says:

    It is clearly stated that Rekha was one of the guests of honour. I really think that guests of honour are treated as vips and this blunder is really a fault of the organizer. How can you invite someone as a guest of honour and not be there to welcome them? Rekha have a right to be annoyed. Sometimes we have to wear the shoes to understand the situation.

  4. Hmmm says:

    I recently read Rekha’s unauthorised biography and it was engaging. Gives deep insight into her personality and scandals. She was treated awfully by many in Bollywood including Amitabh. Only Hema malini seemed to be nice to her. She chanelled all the negativity to become one of Bollywood’s most beautiful and respected actresses. She is not perfect but for someone who was abused in many different ways and bullied I totally admire her courage and self belief. She is also incredibly kind and supportive to junior actresses .

    This story doesn’t surprise me though because she is a diva so she would expect people to be fawning over her. As for her plastic surgery she clearly has had work done but looks more well preserved and not clownish unlike Sridevi, Katrina, Priyanka who all have taken it a step too far. Also some differences in her face are due to weight loss and her skill with makeup.

    • Amanda says:

      I hate Rekha’s ghost like makeup. Her face looks too whitish, that deep red lips and that garish eye makeup with easily spot-able artificial eyelashes make her look like a vampire… But I think that has become her trademark..

  5. suyash says:

    I heard somewere that she wears sindoor for Farzana as she looks AB in her and makes Farzna to dressup like him (her hairstyle n all). not sure though…

  6. goldengirl says:

    Admin. kindly tell how you come to such inside details? if these are really true (i have a firm believe that these stars have dual personalities :one for the public and the other is REAL them) so why you and other sites post it as a blind and not with stars name?

    • Admin says:

      The reason is simple. Journalists used to write what they wanted about the stars, no one was spared. Magazines like Stardust used to publish really explosive secrets about the stars and yet, these stars were still being interviewed by the same magazine, they really didn’t mind until some actor said they should all boycott this magazine.

      What has happened over the last 6 years was the birth of the people that handle the stars’ dirty work. These stars image is in their control and they know that the public will believe what the image they feed them. To do that, they need the help of journalists, websites, magazines and newspapers. It is a give and take relationship. Take for example, when PinkVilla published this blind item about RK and Aish, RK sent his people and then called PV, Sh!tVilla on camera. Then, there’s the other time when RK’s lawyers threatened Rajeev Masand after he published that blind item about RK being caught with drugs. Both BIs from both websites were taken down. As you see, PV and RM need stars to survive because they have already gone that way. Rajeev once said that PC didn’t talk to him for more than a year after he gave her performance in Krrish a bad review. Things are like that now, everything is programmed and then sent out to fool people; just like the award shows!

      • nefarious says:

        @Admin, was there any truth to RK and Aish blind? I cant really believe this one for some reason.

      • Amanda says:

        Admin, I am just wondering, how you are managing your safety.. I mean you might have been threatened by these stars for putting blinds and guesses.. I hope you stay safe πŸ™‚

      • Lisa says:

        So are you saying these blind items are not true? That they are work of PR?

  7. FanOfBlindItems says:

    didn’t know Rekha was this insecure.. she should have walked in on her own and that would have looked more graceful than having yes-people around her. don’t these Bollywood people realize that they are role models to a lot of people (most of them impressionable) and should put out their best and humble behavior in public.

    any idea of really humble and easy going celebs of our B-Town??

  8. Amanda says:

    Such behavior will only stop when the organizers say No to such requests.. If tantrums are ignored, the person automatically falls in line.. But they are heeded, then this will continue… I am happy that Mala sinha got filmfare award at last… I liked her in many films…

    • kats says:

      I don’t understand..what plastic surgery procedure did she go through? Rekha was always pretty..i thought she just lost weight later on for movies.

      • Amanda says:

        I think she has bleached her skin… not sure about other enhancements… She wasn’t pretty when she started… then suddenly she was in lot of glamorous roles and looked different..

        Only Admin can tell what cosmetic enhancements she has undergone….

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