Blind Item – January 2018 9

The blind item below might be a bit misleading. While a lot of details were given, these clues don’t really match whatever is going on right now. If these clues are correct, it could be that these details were not made public. We know you might be thinking that it’s about this new movie that will be released this week, but we don’t think so as the clues don’t match at all.

We think it’s the other film, the less popular one, that will be released this week as well. See, the actress, who is complaining that not enough attention is being given to her, is not playing opposite the hero. In fact, we had no idea she even was in the film until there was some article about her losing weight for this role so…

Check out the blind item from IndianExpress.


Bollywood Blind Item

Blind Item – January 2018 9

Both the actresses are young, beautiful and talented. Not many know but they both made their debut in Bollywood around the same time and have been friends for some time now. They watched movies and partied together. They really enjoyed each other’s company. Everything was going well with our ladies. In fact, they worked on a movie together and we hear they had fun on the sets too. But all’s not well anymore. We know what you guys are thinking but let us break it to you – no, it’s not an actor who has created a rift between the ladies. In fact, it’s the movie promotions that is their bone of contention.

So we learnt from a close member of the film that our young actress (let’s call her A) was having a problem with the way the film was focusing only on the other actress (let’s call her B). She constantly felt that since someone close to actress B is promoting the film, she is getting more footage than our actress A. At first, Actress A felt that she is being not promoted well in the initial promotions of the film. On the other hand, Actress B seemed okay with the process as she was all over the media with some other news about her. Things were still manageable then but recently things got a tad bit ugly.

β€œThe two were always cordial before, but now they’ve stopped talking to each other and even avoid one another. Both the actresses were a part of a discussion of movie promotion strategy a few days ago where something was discussed. The two had a difference of opinion, which led to a small argument, and later on it escalated because of which the two are at loggerheads,” added the source who was present when the fiasco happened. Now the filmmaker and his crew are only worried about how they will get both the actresses together for any promotional events.

Well, girls, we all have to learn the art of agreeing to disagree with each other opinions. Business cannot get affected because of small tussles like these. You both are talented and pretty smart to let such minute disputes be the reason to end your friendship.


OSOP Guesses

Actress A: Pooja Chopra

Actress B: Rakul Preet

Film: Aiyaary

Blind Item – January 2018 9

Blind Item – January 2018 9


Who you might think it is:

Actress A: Radhika Apte

Actress B: Sonam Kapoor

FIlm: Padman ko Bajao

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11 Responses

  1. sefora says:

    Admin – Who is director / producer that Pooja latched on to? Vipul Shah?

  2. nefarious says:

    @Admin, any idea who this blind is about?

  3. Amanda says:

    I knew about Rakul being part of Aiyaary a month ago. A telugu friend of mine,showed me a news item mentioning Rakul’s bollywood film….. Rakul is pretty popular in telugu film industry.. I have seen a few articles there mentioning Aiyaary over there,but in bollywood, news items related to Siddharth were more than anyone else…. I got to know Pooja’s involvement in the film only a week back…

    Admin,why was that Sara Ali Khan related blind taken out? I can’t find it anymore……

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